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Bumubula–bula. Umaaalon alon. Kumukokak kokak. Sino sya?

That is Pura Buraot from the MOVIE the Adventures of Pureza: Queen Of the Riles. She plays the comedic role of a bubbly, caring, kind-hearted, very hardworking “dakilang ate” who wants nothing but only the best for her one and only beloved brother, Ulam (Martin Del rosario) who is very hot in one of the scenes, and uplift their dismal life.

Directed by one Soxy Topacio, The Adventures of Pureza: Queen of the Riles must be one of the funniest local movie today. The fact that Melai is not aware that she is funny, unconscious of how she made other people laugh, is a comedy itself. Melai’s role here looks like Ina of Tanging Ina movies where she will do everything to raise her family. In all her endeavors, Pura’s best friend, Ruben (Jason Francisco), has always been by her side. Pura and Ruben then stumbles into a one-time big time opportunity to usher a Brazilian model (Bianca Manalo) who manages to escape them. With this unfortunate turn of event, Pura steps into the role literally. She is now the model Pureza Mayriles! Basking in the promise of a better fortune plus a serendipitous love, little did Pura know that she has dragged herself into a life-threatening mess.

I would have to admit that there are some scenes that Im waiting for a punch line. Especially if Melai is not present in the scenario. But Gina Pareno, in her most colorful role as a mother of an alleged syndicate is a big plus. She is literally the “Angry bird” one can play in their cellphones with her unique choices of color including that of the feathers of the bird. Jason on the other hand reprises his role as a sweet guy. Always trying to understand his friend Pura. He is amiably cute in this movie. His real life character is quite similar to his role as a silent machismo type individual.

The movie is produced by Star Cinema and Cine Screen which Ive heard was handled by Enrico Santos during the invitational celebrity screening held last Tuesday at The Podium.

The first time I heard of the Melason Project early this year was like, Wow Im excited to see them on big screen. And it happened. From PBB Primetime to Melason In love, I guess i have been a big fan of Melai and Jason. Their tandem i might say is one of the geniune, if not surreal reflection of ordinary people in showbiz today. This movie has proven that a very masa and witty can prove that she can make the audience laugh in as simple as she is. Exactly the way she is!

Im not sure If i have seen any works from Topacio in the past but I dont know what is lacking in his direction. I think he was persuaded by the fact that Melai is obviously funny that he didnt make the best out of her. I have been a fan of Local movies especially that of Star Cinema since Home Along Da Riles. This is not the typical Star Cinema comedy I would say. The movie is very funny. But I can still distinguish previous comedy projects made by Star. The dubbing is good however I find Bentong and the taller guy’s different voice not necessary, but still funny. Technically, cinematography has been StarCinema’s masterpiece. The official trailer might not as big as previous movies, but it was undeniably funny. I think I want to see more of Topacio’s project in the near future with Star Cinema to decide and tell the difference.

The plot is a typical story but the challenges of Pura in achieving the dreams of her brother Ulam, including those of her experiences are worth watching. I think the funniest was when she pretends to be a model. Everything, including Ruben (Jason) trying to cover her up is funny. I love the scene when Pura was lying on the bed of the hotel and Jason was just looking at her, reminiscing their childhood. That is one sweet scene. There’s a point where they almost kissed lying on the bed but yeah I was like, “Nabitin.” But they have something at the end of the movie that moviegoers should watch. Pokwang also made a very interesting participation in the movie as well. All in all, I felt more kilig and laughing at the same time. Its a funny movie, a stress reliever one would like to check. MELAI is undisputedly the Queen of Masa, Queen of the Riles.
I recommend this movie should be given a chance. Its a riot movie! And check out the bloopers too! You dont wanna miss how Melai and Jason screwed in their dialogues. Very funny!

Sobrang Nakakatawa si Melai!

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