This is the first time I added a certain page for a TV Series that caught me offguard. Aside from ALIAS which is my all time favorite, GLEE is one big event we dont wanna miss. So after that long hiatus jumping from cliff hanging SEASON 1, Let me give you the complete Episode Guide of Season 1!


The one-hour series follows an optimistic high school teacher as he tries to transform the school’s Glee Club and inspire a group of ragtag performers to make it to the biggest competition of them all: Nationals.

McKinley High School’s Glee Club used to be at the top of the show choir world, but years later, a series of scandals have turned it into a haven for misfits and social outcasts. Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison, Broadway’s “Hairspray”) has offered to take on the Herculean task of restoring the Glee Club to its former glory.

Even with the help of fellow teacher Emma Pillsburry (Jayma Mays, “Ugly Betty”), it won’t be easy since the “brightest stars” of the pitch-imperfect club include Kurt (Chris Colfer), a nerdy soprano with a flair for the dramatic; Mercedes (Amber Riley), a dynamic diva-in-training who refuses to sing back up; Arty (Kevin McHale, “True Blood”), a geeky guitarist who attracts more bullies than girls; and Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz, “Spring Awakening”), an awkward girl who needs to suppress her stutter before her center stage solo.

Will’s only hope lies with two true talents: Rachel (Lea Michele, “Spring Awakening”), a perfectionist firecracker who is convinced show choir is her ticket to stardom; and Finn (Cory Monteith, “Kyle XY”), the popular high school quarterback with movie star looks and a Motown voice who must protect his cool reputation with his holier-than-thou girlfriend, Quinn (Dianna Agron), and his arrogant teammate, Puck (Mark Salling).

Will is determined to do whatever it takes to make Glee great again, even though everyone around him thinks he’s nuts. He’s out to prove them all wrong-from his tough-as-nails wife Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig, “Nip/Tuck”) to McKinley’s cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch, “Best In Show,” “Role Models”) to an ber-hip world that thinks jazz hands and sequined tuxedos litter the road to infamy rather than pave the way to Hollywood dreams.

EPISODE 1: Pilot
McKinley High School’s Spanish teacher Will Schuester takes over “New Directions,” the school’s Glee Club, in hopes of restoring it to its former glory. His motley Glee crew consists of Rachel Berry, the overly ambitious and talented singer who is bullied by the cheerleaders (“Cheerios”) and football players; Kurt Hummel, a male soprano who is also bullied; Artie Abrams, a wheelchair-bound guitar player; Mercedes Jones, a blinged-out diva who refuses to sing back-up; and Tina Cohen-Chang, an Asian-American goth with a speech impediment. They can’t even get in sync, let alone consider the dream of competing in Regionals and Nationals.

Hoping to attract more members, Will recruits Finn Hudson by blackmailing him with detention. Finn, the star quarterback of the football team with a secret passion for singing, risks alienation from his popular girlfriend, Cheerio Quinn Fabray and football teammate Noah “Puck” Puckerman for his participation in Glee.
With moral support from friend and fellow colleague Emma Pillsbury and despite threats from “Cheerios” head Sue Sylvester, Will starts to get his Glee Club on track. Yet when his wife Terri finds out she is pregnant, Will is pressured to quit teaching and take on a better-paying job. The Glee Club vows to go on, and they work together to stage a number without a director. When Will sees them perform, he knows he has to come back to school and Glee. “It would kill me to watch you win Nationals without me,” he says.

EPISODE 2: Showmance

Will pushes the Glee Club to perform in front of the school for the first time at the assembly. He wants them to sing a disco number. They’d rather choose a song that will appeal to the rest of the students.
Rachel and Finn grow closer and they kiss. Finn pulls away because he has a girlfriend.

When Quinn realizes that Rachel has feelings for Finn, she agrees to be a part of the Glee Club in order to keep her man. Sue enlists Quinn and two other Cheerios to join Glee and spy on the enemy.

Terri tells Will that she is pregnant and guilts him into buying a new house that they can not afford. To make ends meet and satisfy his wife, Will takes a second job — as the McKinley High School night janitor. Emma, wanting to spend more time with Will, helps him out.
Terri is disappointed when she learns from her doctor that she isn’t carrying a child. It’s a “hysterical” pregnancy, but she keeps this a secret from Will. He still believes Terri is pregnant

EPISODE 3: Acafellas
Will battles with his lack of confidence when Rachel questions his ability to lead the glee club. He forms the Acafellas, an all-male acapella vocal group, as an outlet for his singing talent. Yet Will spends more time building his own confidence than he does with the glee club.

In Will’s absence, the glee club decides to hire a well-known choreographer to help coach them to Nationals. Yet his style doesn’t quite fit in with New Directions.

With prodding from the Cheerios, Mercedes mistakes the friendliness of her BFF Kurt as something more. She develops a crush on him, but her feelings aren’t reciprocated.

When the Acafellas perform for the P.T.A., they get a surprise visit backstage from Josh Groban, who was invited by his biggest fan, Sandy. Yet Groban isn’t there as to hire the Acafellas for his tour — he only wants to warn Sandy to stop stalking him.

Terri helps Will realize that his passion is not performing. He really loves mentoring students

EPISODE 4: Preggers

Terri admits to her sister that she is hiding her fake pregnancy from Will because she’s afraid he will leave her.

While rehearsing a lip synch and dance with Tina and Brittany to Single Ladies, Kurt is startled when his macho father Burt catches him. He lies and says he’s wearing a unitard because he’s practicing for his job as place kicker on the football team. Kurt enlists Finn for help, and Kurt “auditions” for the team. Unfortunately, he can only do it in the middle of his choreography to Single Ladies. Coach Tanaka doesn’t care because Kurt is a place kicking prodigy.

Rachel is upset that a solo was given to Tina instead of her. This provides an opening for Sue, who blackmails Principal Figgins to hire Sandy Ryerson back at McKinley. She makes Sandy’s first order of business to cast Rachel in the new musical so that she will quit glee club. Rachel plans to balance both.

Quinn tells Finn that she is pregnant, even though they never had sex. She convinces him that his sperm swam in a hot tub while they were wearing swimsuits. Finn confides in Will about his dilemma.

After Will tells Terri about the teen’s pregnancy, Terri approaches Quinn. She wants to help the girl, but what are Terri’s ulterior motives?
Since Quinn wants to keep the baby, Finn needs a football scholarship. He has Will teach the football players how to dance to improve their coordination.

After Puck learns that Quinn is pregnant, he confronts her. Puck knows it’s his baby. The team’s new dancing skills and Kurt’s kicking help McKinley win the football game. Burt is proud of his son.
Finn offers his support to Quinn. He wants to be a good father to their child. Seeing the two lovebirds together makes Puck jealous.
Kurt comes out about being gay to his father. “I’ve known since you were three,” Burt confesses calmly. He tells Kurt he loves him.
Puck and two other football players join the glee club. Will refuses to give Rachel the solo he promised to Tina. So Rachel quits and turns to Sandy’s musical exclusively.

EPISODE 5: The Rhodes Not Taken

The members of the glee club are worried that they can no longer compete without Rachel. Thinking that the numbers need more of an edge, Will approaches his former classmate April Rhodes to join squad because she never graduated. She was the most talented singer at McKinley High and Will had a crush on her, but now she’s out of work and misses the spotlight.

April agrees to return to high school. Unfortunately, the glee club doesn’t warm up to her so Will asks her to make an effort. April wins them over one by one.

Rachel rehearses for the musical, but Sandy doesn’t treat her like the star she had expected to be. After some underhanded prodding by Emma, Finn takes it upon himself to flirt with Rachel in an effort to make her come back to glee. It doesn’t hurt that Rachel becomes jealous when she sees April take her place as the lead in their number.
Knowing that April’s inclusion isn’t helping, Emma tries to show Will that he really needs to get Rachel back instead. Yet Will still tries to work on April, and he asks her to sober up because she’s being a bad influence on the kids. April says she will do it.

With one last play upon Rachel’s heart and a lie about his relationship with Quinn, Finn gets Rachel to agree to leave the musical for glee club.

Although Will notices that Terri doesn’t have any morning sickness like Quinn, the other students start to realize that Quinn gets nauseous a little too much. Puck plants the idea that Quinn is pregnant by Finn. Rachel is shocked to learn that Finn lied to her about his feelings. She confronts Finn and quits glee again.

Rachel demands that Sue give her creative control over the musical instead of Sandy.New Directions performs at the Invitationals. Even though April is drunk, she wows the crowd. Rachel looks on from the audience. Emma guilts Will into firing April before the second number is about to start. The glee club panics when they think they have to cancel, but Rachel comes backstage to step in for April. She announces that she has quit the musical because she owes it to them — her friends — to stay in glee

Episode 6: Vitamin D
When the kids start to show complacency, Will instills some rivalry to fire them up. He divides the glee club into boys against girls for a mashup competition. Winner gets to choose the song for Sectionals.
Sue notices that Quinn’s leg has quivered in her cheerleading formation. Quinn claims that she’s tired from glee club. So Sue decides that she must destroy Will in order to get rid of the club. Sue tells Terri that Emma is after her husband, encouraging Terri to apply for the school nurse position even though she has no experience. Terri needs to keep an eye on Will.

With football practice, glee rehearsal, and a pregnant girlfriend, Finn is exhausted. Puck advises him to go to the school nurse for a nap. Terri, in her new job, gives Finn pseudoephedrine pills to wake him up. She explains that it’s like a vitamin. A wired Finn returns to the rehearsal room pumped up to work on the mashup. He gives his new “vitamins” to the other guys.

Rachel is insistent that the girls prepare for their mashup, but the others don’t feel they need to worry about beating the boys. The guys give an amazing and energized performance for the impartial judge, Emma. The girls suddenly start to worry about their mashup.
Ken confides in Terri that he thinks Emma is in love with Will. Desperate, Terri persuades him to propose to Emma. Ken does it.With the girls’ confidence low, Kurt lets them know that boys took pills to boost their get-up-and-go. To even the playing field, the girls take the same pills from Terri. They give a high-spirited mashup performance. Will is oblivious to their newfound energy.
Emma asks Will if she should marry Ken. Later, Terri warns Emma that she has no chance with Will. Emma accepts Ken’s proposal.Quinn agrees to give Terri her baby.

Rachel and Finn decide to nullify the mashup competition. When he learns about the pills, Principal Figgins fires Terri. Figgins also appoints Sue as co-director of the glee club.


While Will and Sue don’t agree on the direction of glee club, they both put on a happy face for Principal Figgins. Sue learns from her Cheerio spies that the minority students in glee don’t feel like they are being heard. This might be a way for her to divide and conquer.
Will goes along with Finn to Quinn’s first ultrasound appointment. She’s having a girl.

For Sectionals, Sue divides up the glee club so that she and Will each get to direct a number. Surprisingly, Sue takes Mercedes, Kurt, Artie, Tina and the other minority students. “Bigotry is no laughing matter,” she chides Will.

At home, Will is upset with Terri that he has no say in the planning for their baby son. Terri is stunned when Will demands that he come with her to the next doctor’s appointment.

When Jacob Ben Israel threatens to blog about Quinn being pregnant, Rachel offers up her panties as a bribe. Finn is appreciative when she stops the rumor. Sue appeals to her group with the chance to do an R&B song. Will suspects something is up when Sue burns his sheet music. Sue admits that her ultimate goal is to get him fired. Will stoops to her level, flunking most of the Cheerios so that they aren’t eligible for cheerleading squad. Sue’s even more furious when Figgins defends Will.

Quinn and Finn argue over what’s going on with her pregnancy. Finn wonders why she’s not more like Rachel. Quinn threatens him not to cheat on her with Rachel.

Will has Rachel and Finn perform solos for his group’s number, which annoys Quinn. With guidance from Sue, Quinn drops hints to the others that Will is discriminating. Puck and Brittany come to Sue, who offers to protect them against Will’s racism.

With half his squad defected, Will confronts Sue. She offers to give him back his singers if he passes her Cheerios. Will refuses.
Will books an appointment with Terri’s obstetrician, Dr. Wu. So Terri and her sister Kendra blackmail the doctor by threatening to sue him for Kendra’s three children being born red-headed and dumb.

Quinn “asks” Rachel to back off of Finn. Yet Rachel knows that Quinn is serving as Sue’s mole in glee. “If I were you, I’d recognize who my true friends are,” Rachel says because she knows Quinn needs glee club more than she’d care to admit.

All that’s left in Will’s squad is Rachel, Finn and Quinn. Sue stops their performance short and Will yells her. In the argument, Sue ridicules glee club. The students all walk out in protest of them both.
Dr. Wu blocks Will from observing his examination of Terri. He is only pretending to give her an ultrasound. Dr. Wu lies that they are actually having a girl. Will sobs with joy at the sight of his “baby” on the sonogram. Sue decides to step down as co-head of glee. As they tell the whole group, Sue announces that she knows Quinn is pregnant. It will be on the blogosphere so that everyone else will know too. When Rachel confronts Jacob Ben Israel, he says that Sue made him do it when she found Rachel’s panties in his locker. Sue was upset that Quinn didn’t turn to her first.
The glee club performs together as a united front with Quinn


The Slushie War has commenced at McKinley High, but for the first time, Finn and Quinn are on the receiving end. Now that they are in glee club and their pregnancy secret is out, their status has dropped.
Emma and Ken ask Will to give them dance lessons to a mash-up of their two varied song choices for the first dance at their wedding. In Emma’s private lesson, she falls on top of Will in her long train.
The football team refuses to follow Finn’s lead on the field. Yet Coach Ken is mad that Puck is skipping practice to work on something with glee club, so he schedules more football practice so that it coincides with glee.

Meanwhile, Puck works with Rachel on a song in her bedroom but he cuts it short to make out with her. He pursued Rachel because his mother asked him to date a Jewish girl. Yet, while kissing him, Rachel imagines that Puck is Finn. She makes up an excuse that she wouldn’t date anyone who wasn’t able to sing lead. The next day at rehearsal, Puck performs a solo and Finn notices that he is singing to Rachel. Yet he doesn’t see that Quinn is clearly smitten with Puck.throwing slushies on Finn and Quinn, the football team threatens him to quit glee for football. After one date with local anchorman Rod, Sue is in love. When he tells her that he likes to swing, Sue asks Will for a swing dance lesson. The rift between her and Will seems to have faded.
Ken admits to Will that he’s making his football players choose his team over glee because he knows that Emma is still in love with him. Will agrees to not lead on Emma, but Ken refuses to change his extra practice.

With Rachel now on his arm in front of the school, Puck is on the receiving end of the slushie. Puck hates the humiliation, so he chooses football over glee and ends his relationship with her.
Most of the guys choose glee over football, except Finn. Puck returns for Rachel. Finn shows up in the halls with a slushie but he’s unable to throw it on any of the glee kids even though his teammates will kick the crap out of him. Yet Curt “takes one for the team” by doing it to himself. Curt shows Finn that his football buddies wouldn’t have done that for him.

Sue shows up at the news studio in a zoot suit to find Rod kissing his co-anchor, whom he took to the swing competition the previous year. Rod explains that he’s not exclusive. This doesn’t sit well with Sue.
Rachel breaks up with Puck. She knows he’s in love with Quinn, and he knows she’s not over Finn. Rachel had hoped to make Finn jealous.
Finn tells Coach Ken that he wants to do both football and glee, and Ken agrees to cancel the extra practice.
Sue returns to take her anger out on Will. She also fires Quinn from the Cheerios.

Will tells Emma that he cannot mash-up her and Ken’s songs because they don’t blend together. She understands.
Finn rejoins glee, but Quinn is devastated that she’s no longer a cheerio.

With Quinn’s baby bills mounting, Finn promises to get a job to support her. Glee also needs money for a bus that can transport Artie’s wheelchair to Sectionals. Will proposes they hold a bake sale, but no one wants to participate. Artie is dejected, so Will forces the rest of the squad to use a wheelchair for the week so that they will all know what it’s like to live in Artie’s shoes.

Will automatically assigns the lead for “Defying Gravity” to Rachel. Kurt requests to audition as well but Will turns him down. Kurt admits to his father Wade about his disappointment. Wade appeals to Principal Figgins, and Will agrees to let Kurt audition. The rest of the glee club will pick between Kurt and Rachel in a “Diva-Off.”

Puck tries to give Quinn money for their baby, but she refuses. They share a moment, which is caught by Finn. Puck and Finn get into a fist fight when Puck accuses him of whining over his fatherly responsibilities. Quinn threatens to break up with Finn if he doesn’t come up with money.

Figgins is inspired by Will’s wheelchair experiment and forces Sue to hold open tryouts for Quinn’s replacement in Cheerios. A Down Syndrome student named Becky attempts a feeble routine with a jump rope. Surprisingly, Sue accepts Becky for the team. Will is suspicious.
Wade gets an anonymous phone call disparaging his son. Wade is hurt, but doesn’t want this to affect Kurt’s dreams.
With the bake sale a bust, Puck buys marijuana from Sandy and bakes it into the cupcakes. They start to fly off the table in the bake sale.
Will spies Sue overly pushing Becky at jump rope practice. He condemns her for bullying the girl. Sue claims that she isn’t treating Becky any differently from the rest of her Cheerios. Yet Will is convinced Sue is up to something.
At the “Diva-Off,” Kurt does not hit the high F note and loses the lead to Rachel. Puck steals the bake sake money and brings it to Quinn, with the hope to buy her a house for their impending family. Although she is touched, Quinn orders him to give it back. Finn gets a job pretending to be in a wheelchair, and Quinn gladly accepts his offer of money for their child. With profits from the bake sale for the new bus, Artie votes to instead use the money for a ramp in the auditorium. Yet Figgins informs Will that Sue gave him a check for the ramp. The bake sale money can go toward the bus. Will does not know what Sue’s underhanded motive is. Meanwhile, Sue goes to visit her mentally handicapped sister in a home. Sue is sweet and kind and caring as she reads her sister a story. Tina kisses Artie on their first date, and then confesses that she’s been faking her stutter. She pretended because she was shy and wanted people to leave her alone. Artie is sad because he thought they had something in common. She doesn’t really have a handicap, but he’s still stuck in his chair.
Kurt discloses to his father that he threw the audition on purpose in order to protect him. Kurt accepts his own oddness, but knows it will be hard for Wade to live with a son who is different.

Will has the glee pair off to learn to express emotions through ballads. He’s uncomfortable when Rachel draws his name and chooses the romantic “Endless Love” as their duet. As she sings, Rachel starts to realize how “super, super cute” her teacher is. Yet Will recognizes the look on her face…

When Quinn’s Chastity Ball dress is too tight, her mother Judy quickly fends it off to her quitting Cheerios. Rachel gifts Will with a gold star-flecked tie to make him think of her. Will confides in Emma that this is similar to a crush by his former student, Suzy Pepper. She too gave him a tie to remember her by. Yet when Will confronted Suzy, she ate a hot pepper in despair that put her into a coma. Will is now worried that Rachel will be too fragile to let down. Emma advises him to sing his feelings to her in his ballad.
Wrapped up in with own problems, Finn cannot perform with his partner Kurt, who harbors a secret crush on Finn. Kurt suggests express his frustrations about the baby through song. That night, Finn’s mother catches him singing to a sonogram video. He breaks down and tells her the truth about Quinn’s pregnancy.
The next morning, when Quinn argues with Finn about this, Kurt comes to Finn’s aide. He thinks Finn’s issues have to do with girls. “It’s enough to want to give up women all together,” Kurt subtly hints. His goal is to help Finn so that he will later cry on Kurt’s “shoulder pads.”
Emma accompanies Will to rehearsal with Rachel. He sings a mash-up about schoolgirl crushes on teachers, but Rachel doesn’t hear the obvious subtext. Watching Will’s performance, Emma is just as smitten as the student. She’s no help in his sending Rachel a clear message.
Will returns home to find Rachel there. Teri is exploiting Rachel’s crush to get the girl to do housework. The next day, Suzy Pepper threatens Rachel to stay away from Will.
Puck confesses to his ballad partner Mercedes that he’s really the father of Quinn’s baby. She tells him to back off since Quinn chose Finn over him.
At the Fabray house for dinner, Finn starts to panic. He retreats to the bathroom and calls Kurt for moral support. Finn psyches himself up and sings his ballad “(You’re) Having My Baby” to Quinn in front of her shocked parents. Quinn accuses her mother Judy of pretending she didn’t know. Despite Quinn’s pleas, her father Russell won’t forgive her and throws her out of the house. Finn brings Quinn home, and his mother allows her to stay as long as she needs.
Suzy Pepper warns Rachel that she won’t find her self-esteem in Will. Will confronts Rachel about her inappropriate actions. She agrees and apologizes in tears. Will assures her that someday she will find a boy who loves her.
The glee club surprises Finn and Quinn with “Lean on Me” as their group ballad dedicated to the couple

EPISODE 11: Hairography

As the “Fine Arts Administrator or something,” Sue asks Will for the set list for Sectionals. Then when Sue requests the names of the participating schools, Will suspects that she is leaking information to the competition. He pays a visit to Grace Hitchens at the Jane Addams Academy and asks her point blank if Sue gave her their setlist. Hitchens denies this, but is confident her girls will win anyway. Feeling guilty, Will offers Hitchens’ team the use of McKinley’s auditorium for a glee scrimmage.
After the Jane Addams squad performs a sexy version of “Bootylicious,” Rachel assures a worried Will that they were merely using “hairography” — whipping their hair around to mask their weak vocals and choreography. Yet Will still wants the group to do a song from “Hair” complete with wigs.
Quinn wonders whether Puck might be a better father than Finn, so she decides to take him on a “test drive.” She enlists Kurt to divert Rachel with a makeover under the guise that it will help sway Sectional judges.
That night, Terri rejects Will’s intimate advances for fear he will realize that her baby bump is fake. She decides to sidetrack him by buying his old high school car to refinish.
Rachel confesses to Kurt that she has a thing for Finn. This triggers his own jealous crush, and Kurt makes her over into a slut. The next day, Finn is shell shocked to see Rachel all glammed up. He agrees to go to her house to rehearse that weekend.
When another Sectional competitor, Haverbrook School for The Deaf, learns that Will loaned out his auditorium to Jane Addams, Mr. Rumba from Haverbrook demands that his glee squad also be invited to a scrimmage.
Spying the glee club practicing hairography, Sue accuses Will of having no confidence in his numbers. She reassigns herself as co-director of glee to keep tabs on him.
Terri is upset when Quinn chooses to keep the baby. Terri’s sister Kendra proposes they change her mind with the reality of her situation. They make her babysit Kendra’s sons in order to turn her off motherhood. Quinn invites Puck to come along and they distract the rowdy kids by performing a song. Terri is worried when she and Kendra return to find the boys contently sleeping after their bath. Her plan isn’t working. Yet Puck tells Quinn this is proof that they can be parents.
In her bedroom, Rachel saunters in tight spandex like Sandy at the end of “Grease.” Finn admits that she looks like a “sad, clown hooker” and not herself. He likes girls that are more natural. The next day, Rachel confronts Kurt about setting her up. She realizes that Kurt also has a crush on Finn. He says that they are both mere distractions because Finn is having a baby with Quinn. Neither of them can compete.
In the scrimmage with Haverbrook, New Directions performs their number wearing wigs and new choreography with lots of hair-flipping. The deaf students can only laugh. They get up to sing and sign a simple version of “Imagine.” Inspired, the McKinley students sing alongside the Haverbrook team as one group, learning all their signed lyrics.
Santana orders Quinn to stay away from her man, Puck. She claims to have been “sexting” him while he was babysitting. Quinn sees Santana’s texts on Puck’s phone, and he explains that he still has needs. Puck won’t stop being himself when he’s a dad. This coerces Quinn to give Terri the baby because Will is going to be a great father. Will shows Terri that he traded the sports car for a minivan.
Finn confesses to Quinn that he went to Rachel’s house. Yet he only wants to be with Quinn. Rachel and Kurt sadly watch as the couple shows their love to each other.
Will apologizes to Sue for not listening to her warnings about the song choices. He gives her the new setlist. Later, Sue convinces Miss Hutchens and Mr. Rumba to take McKinley’s setlist. “Never let anything distract you from winning,” she emphasizes.


While discussing yearbook picture day at lunch, Will finds out that Emma and Ken’s wedding is the same day as Sectionals. As he digests this information, Sue joins them and drops the bomb that the glee club will not have a picture in the school’s yearbook, the Thunderclap, since the picture is always vandalized.
At glee, Kurt proposes to the group that they would be better off not taking a yearbook photo anyway since it can only lead to pain, humiliation, and/or a horrible future. Mr. Shue, however, embroiled by Sue, assures the kids that they’ll get their yearbook photo.
Will storms Figgins’ office and demands that the glee club get a photo. Figgins says fine, but it will cost over $300 and only two of the kids can be in it. Terri forbids Will to pay for the yearbook ad, but he does anyway and tells the kids they must vote on which two will represent glee.
The kids unanimously elect Rachel to be the sole captain for the picture since they want no part of it. Will seeks advice from Emma on how to get the other kids in the picture, but she tells him to just let them handle it. Will tells her he thinks Ken scheduled their wedding the same day as Sectionals on purpose, and Emma says that Ken may have problems, but he’s full of compassion and that’s why she’s marrying him.
Will puts Rachel in charge of finding a co-captain for the picture, but no one will be in it with her. Finally Finn agrees, but when he’s harassed by the football team he flakes on Rachel and the glee photo. After posing without Finn, Rachel gets the glee club their big break as stars in a local TV commercial for a mattress store.
Will discovers Teri’s fake pregnancy belly and confronts her. She says that it started as a hysterical pregnancy, but she continued the lie to save their marriage because he’s changed ever since he started the glee club. He storms out and spends the night in his office on one of the mattresses the kids got as compensation for the commercial.
Sue sees the commercial on TV and convinces Figgins to disqualify the glee club for performing for payment, therefore negating their amateur status.
Will takes the fall for the kids and is kicked off the team instead. Quinn, angry at Sue for not letting her rejoin the Cheerios, blackmails Sue into giving the glee club one of the Cheerios’ pages in the Thunderclap. The kids take a group picture, smiling even though they know it will be vandalized because they’re proud to be in glee.


Rachel, on a mission to tell Finn that he is not the father of Quinn’s baby, tries to hint to the glee kids that Puck is actually the father with the hope that they’ll tell Finn, but they already know and conspire to keep Rachel from telling Finn. Rachel tells Quinn that babies of Jewish parentage are at risk for a horrible genetic disorder, with the hope that Quinn will talk to Puck about it.
Will introduces Emma as the new Glee supervisor and receives an underwhelming response from the kids, who must now come up with their set list for Sectionals on their own.
Rachel offers to do the ballad, but Mercedes says she’s sick of Rachel hogging the spotlight when Mercedes works just as hard as her. Mercedes proceeds to perform “And I’m Telling You”, absolutely killing it, and Rachel concedes that Mercedes should perform the ballad.
After class, Finn tells Rachel that if they win Sectionals everything will be good for awhile. Rachel agrees – then proceeds to tell Finn that Puck is the father of Quinn’s baby. Finn, livid, attacks Puck, breaks up with Quinn and quits glee.
Rachel apologizes to Quinn and says that she just wanted Finn to be hers. Quinn says she’s not mad, but wants everyone to leave her alone, including Puck who confesses he wants to be with her and raise the baby.
The kids – minus Finn – arrive at Sectionals and are shocked when the other two teams perform all of their numbers. Will confronts Sue about leaking the set list and she laughs that this is the end of glee once and for all.
The kids scramble to put together a new routine, and are saved when Finn shows up with a song for the final number. Rachel begins with a show-stopping rendition of “Don’t Rain on My Parade”, followed by the entirety of New Directions performing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.
While the not-so-qualified judges deliberate, the Jane Addams squad coach confesses to cheating and apologizes to the kids. However, it’s too late the judges have already made their decision.
When Will goes home to change for Emma and Ken’s wedding, Teri confronts him and says that she knows that she made a mistake and she’s getting help. Will says it’s too little too late and leaves her.
Will arrives at the wedding reception to find Emma sitting alone in her dress. She tells him that her postponing the wedding for glee Sectionals was the last straw and he dumped her. Will apologizes, but Emma says that Ken’s right, she was settling for him because she couldn’t have Will. She also sent in her resignation to Figgins and will be leaving McKinley because it’s too hard to be around him. Will tells her he just left his wife, but Emma feels like it’s just too late.
Figgins meets with Sue and fires her from the Cheerios for sabotaging glee. She concedes this round to Will, but promises to come back in fighting form.
The glee kids show Will their winning trophy and perform “My Life Would Suck Without You” for him since he couldn’t see them perform at Sectionals. Will confronts Emma and kisses her.


Sue returns following her suspension, and enlists cheerleaders Santana and Brittany to seduce Finn and destroy his new relationship with Rachel. Rachel catches the eye of Jesse St. James, the lead singer of New Directions’ rival glee club, Vocal Adrenaline. Will and Emma attempt to begin dating, however Will also kisses the coach of Vocal Adrenaline (Idina Menzel).

Mr. Schuester is concerned that the girls in the glee club are being disrespected and bullied by the guys. Looking to Madonna and her musical message of equality as inspiration, he challenges the entire team to choose Madonna songs as their next assignment in the hopes that the girls embrace her strength, independence and confidence and that the guys will see the error of their misogynistic ways. The glee club takes the assignment to heart as they perform some of Madonna’s greatest hits, including “Express Yourself” and “Like A Prayer.” Meanwhile, Kurt and Mercedes give Sue a vote of confidence with a makeover that is definitely in “Vogue”

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