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As promised yesterday, I will have a list of people/prediction in mind that I have for some Philippine Showbiz personalities’ “kapalaran” for 2011. This idea was rooted when a certain show on a certain channel released their “La Ocean Deep”, or known as lists of personalities that will be forgotten in 2011. I had a fair share of disagreement/opinion and strong conviction for their lists as many did not agree with their own conclusion.

Upon blabbing about it, one follower or maybe someone in twitter who read something about my disagreement, twitted me on why not come up with my own set of list. It was really his intention to make “gulo”. But seeing the things positively I asked myself “why not?” So without further ado, here it is.

(This is my own opinion’s list of celebrities that I think needs career revamp for 2011.)

1. CLAUDINE BARRETO -No Offensement but when the opening salvo of 2010 for local TV and seen the GMA7’s teaser for the year with Claudine Barreto as finale throwing a dialogue “See you 2010, kapuso”, I dont understand but I felt sad about her, moving to GMA7 but still wishing she will reign in that network since she is already an established actress of our country. But after the year ended I havent seen any development or break even in her career status. She got even involved in controversies that ended her on the losing end when Star Magic had their stand on CLUADINE ANGELICA RIFT. She needs to have a very good TV Project in PRIMETIME or a GMA FILMS-produced movie that will cross the 100 million gross, or better yet get back to ABSCBN the soonest, before ma UMAY-YANG KAY GANDA MGA TAO with her stat.

2. AGA MUHLACH – He is transferring to TV5 this year. Aga Muhlach is by far one of the respected actors and one of the gems of ABSCBN, and is now on the height of reviving his TV career. His last TV Appearance/show was M3, (topbilled by The Comedy Concert/Box office Queen Aiai Delas Alas) is not as impressive as Oki Doki Dok and his previous TV projects. If TV5 will not treat him as one of the KING or PRINCE per se, He will not get the comeback he needs to revive. His StarCinema movie with Angel Locsin Im sure will be a success but after this project, He will no longer be seen in ABSCBN where multimedia-large audience target can see. I still hope a good project for him on TV5.

3. MARIAN RIVERA – What else does she need to do in order to elevate herself as a serious actress? According to some showbiz writers she has a new project called AMAYA, another fantasy or I dont know. For the Love of Gosh! Philippine TV is sooo tired of magic, costume filled TV production. “Ibigay na lang nya to sa mga baguhan” She should have been enjoying the queen of GMA7 since Angel Locsin left the network. she should have a stellar acting opportunity, good Movie project, a good TV event. But why the network kept giving her telefantasya? why? Why?

4. CRISTINE REYES – I may be biased on her, me being a vocal Sarah Geronimo fan of my own. But If Viva entertainment will pull her out of ABSCBN (That is by what pinoygossipboy DM me on twitter) this year, I do hope she will have another Eva Fonda or Martha Cecilia Project. she’s been in the business for quite sometime and what she need is a good movie break (We havent tested her in a motion picture). From GMA7’s Marimar project, moving to ABSCBN is a good career move for her that landed her a BANANA SPLIT, EVAN FONDA and KRISTINE. Again if rumors are true that she’ll be transferring to TV5 this year, what will she be doing there? sitcom? sexy? come on. She is already a bida for serious project. Ooops did I mention her attitude problem percieved by majority? Nah.

Theres still a lot of my list like Pia Guanio, Kbrosas, Cesar Montano and the like but I think they have plans for their career.

(This is my list of people that i think career will continue to bloom.)

1. ANNE CURTIS – With the much awaited ABSCBN series, GREEN ROSE to be released this quarter, Im sure Anne Curtis is one of the star that will shine this year. She already started taping for another film, WHO IS THAT GIRL for VIVA FILMS. Her stint in SHOWTIME as a host, witty highnote-ters, will keep the audience remember her.

2. TONI GONZAGA – After the Box office success of her latest Star Cinema movie MY AMNESIA GIRL, she will be hailed as the Gullermo Mendoza Award as Box Office Queen. Her Buzz TV exposure as a host continue to prove her hosting prowess, not to mention the upcoming PINOY BIG BROTHER Season 4 this year. She also has a rewarding Movie Project with no Less than VIC SOTTO with Zaijan Jaranilla.

Same with this part, There are many of them who will shine or continue to shine this year like Jennylyn Mercado, Alex gonzaga, Jessy Mendiola, Sarah Geronimo, Dingdong Dantes and Dennis Trillo and I wish their TV Networks and Manager will make the best decisions for them. There I said it.

  1. How to watch Showtime in studio? Whose contact person? please email me your comment, Thank you. πŸ™‚

  2. Hello Sir, can I ask question about showtime po? According to ur post, the promo is only valid until April 2011. Sir, how can I watch showtime live?and the schedule is nextweek. hope u’ll reply.

  3. hi am always readeng yuor pgoram

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