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The AMANO PERSPECTIVE Premieres July 14 on ANC Channel.

A very handsome and amiable Adel Tamano charmed the press today, July 8, 2011 to talk about a brand new current affairs talk show, “Tamano Perspective,” which is set to debut this Thursday (July 14) at 7pm on ANC SkyCable channel 27.

ANC will also premiere the new season of “View from the Top,” anchored by David Celdran, on Monday (July 11), 9:30pm. I am excited to see him again not only for his views but to see how quick he answers question from media unconsciously.

Every week, Tamano will examine the latest news stories that can range from nationalism to family values and social media. But more than featuring a roundup of news, Tamano goes one step further by giving his opinion, as a lawyer and educator, on each story.

He also explained that “There’s no fence-sitting allowed in the program. I’m not a journalist, I’m a lawyer and an advocate and so the show will reflect my training as a person who takes stands on issues. We want to present a point of view, a concrete and definite perspective on an issue, and we do this to encourage the viewer to take one as well.”

A broadcasting greenhorn, Tamano said he sees his newest venture as a great way to learn new skills, expand his base of life experiences, and more importantly, to find new ways of being of service to the people.

“I’ve always valued intelligent public debate and discussion and I saw anchoring a TV program as a way to bring some of that to the Philippine public,” he said. Tamano, the first Filipino Muslim to graduate from Harvard Law School, is currently the Dean of the College of Law at the Liceo de Cagayan University. He is also a partner at the Kapunan, Tamano, Javier & Associates

Tamano said his knowledge and firsthand experience of campaign politics gives him an advantage in his new job. “I won’t be a naive anchor discussing matters that I haven’t seen or experienced. I’ve been given a rare peek into the inner workings of power at the very highest levels of government. In a way, I’m a veteran – though young in age – in political experience and I hope to be able to use that experience so that I can provide better insight and analysis for our viewers,” he said.

Meanwhile, one of ANC’s senior anchors David Celdran returns with another season of “View From the Top,” a 30-minute feature on personalities at the top of their game.

The show aims to raise the bar of excellence in every endeavor by highlighting the discipline and ethic of renowned leaders and icons. It also talks about the lighter side of living on the top, revealing how bigwigs spend their free time to what causes or advocacies they adopt or support.

This season, the 20-year-broadcasting veteran gets to interview some of the country’s icons like construction legend David Consunji of DMC Inc., advertising guru Emily Abrera, the chair emeritus of McCann Ericsson.

Me with Adel Tamano (Thanks to Jeman Villanueva for the photo)

Philippines, beauty doctor to the stars Dr. Vicki Belo of the Belo Medical Group, and Diosdado Banatao, the only Filipino major player in Silicon Valley. Celdran also anchors “Executive Class” on ANC and is the editor-in-chief of VAULT magazine, a luxury and lifestyle magazine for men.

Don’t miss “View From the Top” with David Celdran on Monday (July 11), 9:30 pm and the “Tamano Perspective” with Atty. Adel Tamano on Thursday (July 14) at 7pm on ANC SkyCable channel 27.


Now Ellen DeGeneres might not get back to the 10th Season.
Justin Timberlake and Elton John have turned down offers to fill Simon Cowell’s vacant judging seat on TV talent contest American Idol, according to online reports.

Cowell quit the show in May to focus on his new U.S. series “The X Factor,” which premieres in September, 2011. Recent reports suggested the SexyBack singer and the Rocket Man had emerged as Idol creator Simon Fuller’s favorites on a list of possible replacement judges, alongside Harry Connick Jr. and Chris Isaak.

However, both Timberlake and John’s reps have denied the claims. Timberlake is said to be concentrating on his film career and has no time for a regular TV gig, according to

Meanwhile, John’s publicist tells the website, “Elton’s got commitments right up until next year. As we stand at the moment, Elton has no plans to do the show.”

Idol bosses have insisted no decision is imminent, while the future of remaining judges Kara DioGuardi, Randy Jackson and Ellen DeGeneres hangs in the balance. Insiders expect a new judge to be named in September. (



Ok we got some interesting Item here now! Fox Channel just announced that the new fourth judge on “American Idol,” replacing Paula Abdul is no other than… drum roll! Ellen DeGeneres, beginning her role after a series of special guest fill-ins.

I personally like Ellen though Oprah is a bomb before all these popularities of the former. But Its an interesting season for AI.

“I’m thrilled to be the new judge on American Idol,” DeGeneres said in a Fox press release. “I’ve watched since the beginning, and I’ve always been a huge fan. So getting this job is a dream come true, and think of all the money I’ll save from not having to text in my vote.”
And in a taping for tomorrow’s episode of her syndicated talk show, DeGeneres told the studio audience, “I’m not leaving here. Don’t worry about that. I’m going to have a day job and a night job. The times we’re living… in we’re all doing that.

“Hopefully I’m the people’s point of view because I’m just like you,” she added. “I sit at home and I watch it and I don’t have that technical…I’m not looking at it in a critical way from the producer’s mind. I’m looking at it as a person who is going to buy the music and is going to relate to that person. So I’m hopefully going to be that voice of what we’re all doing at home.”
Actually, I think Ellen will be doing good in American Idol, As she is already big in TV screen I mean Ellen is Ellen, she loves “Idol” and understands how it works. Paula as we can never of course forget her, always provide the contestant a sort of a relief after a stressful number; And I think Ellen will be able to do the same while being vastly more coherent. It will be more fun I guess considering Ellen’s humor will put on the show.

Kara Dio Guardi, whose contract was renewed before Paula’s negotation to the idol happened already so I guess despite rumors that producers find the show overflowing judges will still consider 4 numbers to sit judges.

I hope that having four judges in the season again, will not hamper performances by the contestant as the TV started to cut time since everyone of them wants to say something as judges.

I can imagine how deliverations will file up on the set, being fun and witty Ellen I think the judging will have a very good conversation. I hope Simon Coward or Simon Cowell I should say will be nice to her hehe. From Ellen’s fan here in the Philippines, its a great development in the Television to have this kind of merging, or at the very least, FOX’ move to hire Ellen Degeneres.

Im looking forward to this season. I think this is the first time that im excited before any TV appearances of the season.


ITS FINAL! its Kris Allen!!!
It is very surprising result despite Adam Lambert’s charisma to the public. Danny Gokey, my favorite though eliminated was i think the reason why Kris Allen’s triumphant has succeeded.

The eighth season of American Idol began on January 13, 2009. Auditions began July 17. This season featured fewer drawn-out semifinal episodes.Mike Darnell, the president of alternative programming for Fox, stated that this season would focus more on the contestants’ reality and emotional state. Also, this season introduced a fourth judge on the panel: record producer, singer and songwriter Kara DioGuardi.[32]

After Fox and producers promised changes to the show, on August 4 showrunner and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe announced he was leaving “Idol” to focus on international versions of his other show So You Think You Can Dance.[33] It was also announced that Idol Gives Back would not return during the season due to the ongoing economic crisis and recession.[34] In addition, the Hollywood round was moved to the Kodak Theatre for 2009 and was also extended to two weeks.

This season featured for the first time 36 semifinalists with 12 different semifinalists performing every Tuesday. The male, female, and the next top vote getter with the highest number of America’s votes made it into the top 13. This season also featured the return of the Wild Card round, last used in season 3. The judges selected eight eliminated contestants. The plan was for them to select three of those to advance to the finals based on their singing on March 5. When the time came, they put through four instead of three. Another change in the Idol format, which was revealed on March 11, 2009, is that the judges are able to exercise a veto power on one eliminated contestant up until the top 5 of the competition and spare them from elimination. This is called the “Judge’s Save”. Executive producer Ken Warwick stated they tested it with the sixth season of Nouvelle Star.


danny gokey1
After Fantasia, Daughtry, Cook and Trias, Gokey has been my favorite for all the IDOL finalists, but he was eliminated last night.

Over 88 million votes came in and the Top 2 finalists were finally revealed.

Here’s the recap of last night’s American Idol Season 8 elimination night:

The show started with Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert’s last Ford music video which was based on the song “Ain’t Nothin’ Gonna Break My Stride”.

Alicia Keys then came on the stage together with a Rwandan child named Noah who sang an English song “I’m the World’s Greatest” that he learned in one week. In this line, Alicia asked for donations to help prevent AIDS in Africa.

Ryan Seacrest called Danny Gokey on centerstage and talked about the song choices from last night. He told Danny to have a seat on the couch and he will get back to him in a few minutes. Ryan called Kris Allen afterwards and took the audience on his journey home this past week. To hold the suspense, Ryan sent back Kris to the sofa to sit with Danny.

American Idol Sixth season winner Jordin Sparks came out next and sang her hit single “Battle Field”.

After Jordin Sparks’ number, Ryan Seacrest called Adam Lambert on center stage. Just like with Danny and Kris, he showed Adam’s homecoming the past week. He also talked about Adam’s song choices and sent the rocker to the couch together with Kris and Danny.

Katy Perry came out and performed her latest song “Waking Up In Vegas”. Katy was wearing a cape with Adam’s name on it…her way of showing America how she adored Adam. This is actually the first time a guest artist has openly campaigned for a contestant on the show.

Ryan Seacrest then announced the first person competing next week in the finale…surprisingly, it was Kris Allen. The second name announced to go head to head with Kris in the finale is Simon’s favorite Adam Lambert.

American Idol Finals

American idol still suspense me in terms of reality show. this one is totally a hit.

 Danny GokeyDance Little Sister Dance by Terence Trent D’Arby

 Randy Jackson: The way to jump it off tonight. Sounded good. That was dope for me.

Kara DioGuardi: This keeps you in his money spot but the dancing was a little to gyrating for me.

Paula Abdul: I think you did really good. You let that magic part of your voice carry on.
Simon Cowell: Vocally very very good. My problem was the toy saxophone solo in the middle. I think it was the wrong song.
Kris AllenApologize by OneRepublic


Randy Jackson: I know that right now it is about who is going to win this thing. This is the kind of artist you can be. Nice, very nice.
Kara DioGuardi: It was a confident performance but at this stage you have to be hitting it out of the park. I wanted you to make it more your own. Take more chances.
Paula Abdul: That song sits in the right place with your voice. There was a bum note there that was loud but I am proud of you.
Simon Cowell: It was the original but not quite as good.


Adam LambertOne by U2


Randy Jackson: You are still in the zone. You have been hot since day 1. Unbelievable vocals. You are a really talented guy.
Kara DioGuardi: You are an amazing strategist. You can change up the melodies and make it unbelievable. You did your own version.
Paula Abdul: It was one brilliant song and one brilliant performance.
Simon Cowell: I thought that was a brilliant song choice. You worked out what you wanted to do with it and it was a brilliant performance.


Danny GokeyYou Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker


Randy Jackson: You showed you are here because you can really really sing. Mad vocals.
Kara DioGuardi: Everything you didn’t do in the first performance you did here. Stunning.
Paula Abdul: You left all of us breathless. You infused your own thing into it. You nailed it.
Simon Cowell: I wouldn’t have done the same arrangement. This is a singing competition and I would call that a vocal masterclass.


Kris AllenHeartless by Kanye West


Randy Jackson: This is gonna be one of the toughest voting nights. I like that version better than the original. You are in it to win it.
Kara DioGuardi: Why didn’t you do that with Apologize. That was brave. Perfect, the tone, the pitch.
Paula Abdul: You sang a song about Simon Cowell. This is what keeps you relevant.
Simon Cowell: I had written you out of the competition but that has changed after that performance.


Adam LambertCryin by Aerosmith


Randy Jackson: You are one of the best we have ever had on this stage. You should make a rock album. You are a rock star.
Kara DioGuardi: Amazing. We will see you at the finals.
Paula Abdul: You set the bar so high in the sky. We will be seeing you next week and many years after that.
Simon Cowell: It is very easy to assume you will sail through to the final.
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