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“Where do I begin.. To tell the story of how great a love can be.. The sweet love story that is older than the sea..” Just like the lines in the themsong, truth is I really don’t know how to begin the review as I’m still in awe on how the story made me Happy, and sad, and happy at the same time.

Written by Enrico santos, the story of In The Name Of Love is not your ordinary Pinoy love story that you will predict the story on its trailer itself. I’ve seen three different releases of the cinema trailer and I can say that I still have to ask insider of what the movie was all about. To no avail, it only get my curiosity that high that I have to rush with the Red Carpet Premiere Night to see it for myself.

Credits to Roxy Liquigan of Star Cinema for the Twitpic.

I know that Star Cinema has been the leader in producing not only quality films but box office record movies in the country. But this movie, it elevates the film outfit to the astral status of the Best Film outfit for the last two decades. Star Cinema is celebrating its 18th year Anniversary this 2011.

The Movie started with a very light scene as I can already seeing (Emman) Aga Muhlach in its modern hip moves. Then followed by a very intense situation that still give me clueless position of how the movie will narrate its form in a way that we can understand clearly. She met (Cedes) Angel Locsin in the midst of his career height overseas. Then something came up that leaves him no choice but to sacrifice a thing. (I would really want not to tell the plot here!) then jump to 7 years later where it shown how ordinary lives they had. Their paths crossed again. But it’s no longer the way it was before. He (Emman) is a dance instructor and he has to help/teach (Cedes) some dance steps in light of the upcoming Governor’s Ball. It’s too late for Emman and Cedes to reunite what they had before as situation calls it. Cedes has a boyfriend and about to marry (Jake Cuenca).

The Story tickens when they have to hide what happened in the past as they tried to forget everything. But the past needs to be confronted soon. And there are words and things that was left unsaid, situation that no one would want to get in. I don’t know If I make sense but that is only I can tell as long as the story is concerned. The feel of the movie is better in the movie house. You have to watch it soon so you would agree with the title itself.

I’m surprised that the story doesn’t unfold itself chronologically, kept me engaged until the last drop of the gap. Angel Locsin’s performance was impressive and incomparable to all of the movies she did in the past. She managed to introduce different age and attitude in the character. Forget about the pole dancing in the trailer as this was just a part of what she did. The story of her life in the story was deeper than I expected. It seems like she is delivering a good taste of Hollywood act. Her silence in some of the scenes speaks highly of what she is. And she is undoubtedly the hottest girl in town.

Paired with Aga Muhlach, who also equally gave his stellar piece as an actor. Emman (his name in the movie) has a love story that he didn’t find but arrived. Yet when he finally fell into the nest of relationship, his character will tell us that it’s not enough to just say you love the person, nor living on it, but also to emotionally die in the name of Love. His character does not try to make him younger or older, enough to make his nature perfect for the role.

And Jake Cuenca, who has always been the best supporting actor has an acceptable portrayal as a young man who still cling with his role as a young adult, trying to conquer the world of his family in politics. There are times that I find his performance lacking but his role demands for it as a nutty youngest son. Its writer Enrico Santos described the film as an “almost tragic love story,” thus differentiating it from the past Star Cinema movies. “It combines love and danger. Personally I witnessed how the film evolved to give a different passion among its characters. That’s its main difference. It is also a film project wherein you’d see how good its director is and also its actors,” he elaborated.

And why do I feel that the musical scoring fits absolutely. Everytime I hear the instrumental of Where do I begin, I would feel the sadness behind the main character’s life. I would feel the urge to hug the person. The Cinematography was on its perfect glance, it inserted the mood to every situation and story unfolds. The twist was timely yet unpredictable. Director Olivia Lamasan gave me goosebumps on how to comfort my own acceptance of the story as a tragic-happy ending. The rest of the casts are Dante Rivero, Leo Rialp, Smokey Manaloto, Ryan Eigenmann, Emilio Garcia, Kat Alano, Dimples Romana, Bobby Andrews, Michael Flores, Joshua Zamora, Nanding Josef, Maliksi Morales, Paul Salas and Carmi Martin.

The movie was applauded 7 times. And after the movie credit was rolled, everyone is in standing ovation giving their applauses to Lamasan, Muhlach and Locsin. This is the movie I will recommend to everyone. I may have been biased as Im a big fan of Star Cinema produced films in the fast. But this, is one film Im proud to say, the best of the year so far. Im giving the movie its Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best in Musical Score, Best Screenplay and the rest of Best Performance for the main characters.

In the Name of Love opens Today, May 11 in 100 theaters nationwide. It will also begin showing at the Alex Theater in Los Angeles on May 28 and on May 29 at the Fox Theater, San Francisco.

5 OUT of 5 STARS!!!!

STAR CINEMA’s 18th Anniversary official trailer and poster: In The Name Of Love

The much awaited come back of Angel Locsin to the big screen, Star Cinema’s offering for may and Aga Muhlach’s first team up with Angel Locsin, these are the description of Star Cinema movie IN THE NAME OF LOVE. Showing this May 11, 2011 in more than 100 Theaters, Star Cinema released its official movie trailer and teaser for the movie.

Topbilled by Aga Muhlach, Angel Locsin, and Jake Cuenca. The embers of its cast include Dante Rivero, Carmi Martin, Leo Rialp, Smokey Manaloto, Ryan Eigenmann, Emilio Garcia, Kat Alano, Dimples Romana, Bobby Andrews, Michael Flores, Joshua Zamora, Nanding Josef, Maliksi Morales and Paul Salas



In The Name of Love is an 18th Anniversary production of Star Cinema and its theme song, “Naaalala Ka” a remake of the Rey Valera hit, performed by Jericho Rosales.

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