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De La Salle University Outdoor Club

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Outdoor Club – DLSU
Rod Magaru Jr.

“We are the only org you’ll ever want to pack with!” That is how the Outdoor Club (OC) of DLSU tagged their group as they invite all the outdoor enthusiasts the opportunity to discover themselves and their environment through communion with nature. Outdoor club is a group of dynamic, young and adventurous Lasallians who aim to satisfy their interest for the outdoors and at the same time, to share a positive impact on the restoration and conservation of the environment. Aside from having fun in the outside world of the campus, OC members believe in the nature’s intrinsic worth and also provide recreational opportunity, spiritual renewal, socio-civic purpose, and ecological and economic health for the country.

Join the club!
OC recruits new member annually during the Annual Recruitment week where everyone is invited to join. Aisa Dela Cruz, DLSU OC President says, “Unlike other outdoor groups who require their members to undergo training, we simply embrace everyone who’s up for a different kind of college adventure even including faculty and employees.”

For the last 12 months, OC has an unlimited Outdoor experience. Unlike other college org, they don’t just focus on mountaineering. For this school year, members are more inclined to water sports and the group had exciting activities such as Surfing and Wakeboarding at Anilao, Batangas. They also had a Clean Up Drive tagged as Taal Clean Up Last July. OC also exemplified Tree Planting in Laguna and Caliraya and mountaineering at Mt. Maculot last September.

Snorkel! Snorkel!
Another important endeavor the OC conducted was the Reef Check Seminar. Sponsored by ReefCheck Philippines, an NGO whose main goal was to partner and train with a Philippine student organization in order to promote and teach more students in understanding the ecosystem of the coral reefs, the effects of human intervention and so on. The lecture was conducted off-site and snorkeling training was also done off-site at a facility outside the university. This meant that the new trainees would spend their entire time on-site just doing reef check. This also meant the efficient use of the transportation, lodging, and equipment resources for the trainees. It will be an ongoing program where they will teach members to snorkel, identify and count fishes and so on.

Hung Like Spidey
OC also had an encounter with the wall! But considering the extreme hazards associated with actual rock face climbing, the OC decided to take it indoors in the Heart of Market! Market! Despite being an introductory activity, some participants displayed their skill and experience. The OC is open to the possibility of having another wall climbing event that may also be preparation for the real thing outdoors.

OC also became a part of Siento por Siento, a project where DLSU headed by the President, Bro. Armin Luistro FSC, gave and planted 100 trees to UP Diliman as gift in celebration of the campus’ centennial celebration.

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