Manny v. Pangilinan Ateneo Speech

Rumored sasy that MVP speech on the recently concluded Ateneo speaking engagement was just “borrowed”.
Here is the complete Speech of Manny V. Pangilinan.


School of Humanities & School of Social Sciences
Ateneo de Manila, Quezon City
4:00 p.m., Saturday, 27th March 2010

Magandang hapon sa inyong lahat. I want to thank Father Ben and the Ateneo community for the honor of this doctorate degree. And congratulations to our Law School for having 7 of the 11 – ten topnotchers – in the recent bar exams!

Father Nebres, Father Magadia, trustees, faculty and staff, parents and siblings, graduates of 2010 – many congratulations. Thank you so much for this gift of fellowship with the sesquicentennial class. You‘ve earned your diploma from a great learning institution, and you have every right to be proud. I have wracked my mind and heart with what I should say today. The weeks of fear and worry at the thought of giving this commencement address have made me lose weight, and sleep. And I‘ve asked myself, what I wish I had known at my own graduation day 44 years ago.

The sad truth is that I don‘t even remember who the speaker was at my graduation, or a single word that was said. So I begin these remarks with the expectation that I will soon be forgotten. I‘ve been cautioned that on an occasion as this, graduates are only thinking one of the following thoughts: one – I hope these ceremonies finish soon because I can‘t wait to take my vacation. Two – inspire me please. There aren‘t too many doing that these days. Three – If MVP stops talking before I stop listening, I‘ll give him a big applause. Four –If you hand out free tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert tonight, we‘d give you a standing ovation. Yes, I’m happy to say that Smart will be giving away four free tickets right after this ceremony! Now that you‘ve been sufficiently humored and bribed, let me earn my honorary degree, and turn thoughtful and traditional. More to do, more to achieve I come here today with the thought that despite what may seem to be the culmination of a successful life with this honorary degree, there‘s still much to do. I come to say that one‘s title, even an honor like this, says little about how well one‘s life has been led –that no matter how much you‘ve done, or how successful you‘ve been, there‘s always more to learn, more to do, more to accomplish. So I want to say to all of you, that despite your remarkable achievement, you too cannot rest on your laurels.

Some graduating classes in the past have marched into this place in times of peace and progress. In those easy times, we could have called on you to keep things merely going, and not screw things up. But we‘re gathered here at a time of trial and transition, not only for this country but also for the world. Our economy slowed down last year because of a global recession – the result, in part, of greed and irresponsibility that rippled out from Wall Street. We continue to spend beyond our means. We avoid making the tough, unpopular choices. And in 44 days, we will elect a new set of national and local leaders. For all of you, these challenges are felt now in more immediate and personal terms. You will soon be looking for a job – struggling to figure out which career makes sense in this economy of ours. Maybe you have loans, and are worried how you‘ll pay them down. Maybe you‘ve got a family to help. Maybe you‘re asking how your siblings can have an Ateneo education like you had. Against these issues, you may be tempted to fall back on the more visible markers of success — by chasing the usual brass rings. How much money you make, a fancy title or a nice car. Being on the roster of the ―rich and famous (or the ―most invited) guest list. But the choice of form over substance, fame over character, short-term gain over long-term goal is precisely what your generation needs to end.

Defining success

Coming from the Ateneo, I know that the pressure to succeed is immense. In fact, your biggest liability is the need to succeed. And your biggest fear must be the fear of failure. But first, let me define what success is. Let me tell you, money‘s pretty cool. I‘m not going to stand here and tell you that‘s it‘s not about money, because money is sweet. I like money. It‘s good for buying companies and things – and for putting up a few buildings here and there for Ateneo. But having a lot of money does not totally make you a successful person. What you want is both money and meaning. You want your life and your career to be meaningful. Because meaning is what brings real richness to your life, to be surrounded by people you can truly work with – because you trust and treasure them, and they cherish you in return. That‘s when you‘re really rich, that‘s when you really succeed.

Fear of failure

Let me now deal with failure. On this wonderful day when you stand on the threshold of what is called ―real life, it is – ironically – the best time to talk about failure. Nobody‘s life is seamless or smooth. We all stumble. We all have setbacks. If things go wrong, you hit a dead end – as you will, many times in your life – it‘s just life‘s way of saying – time to change course. Now I cannot tell you that failure is fun. Periods of failure in my life were dark ones. I‘ve had a lot of success. But I‘ve had a lot of failures. I‘ve looked good. I‘ve looked bad. I‘ve been praised and criticized. And it hurt like hell. But my mistakes have been necessary. I had no idea how far the tunnel of failure extended. And any light at the end of it seemed more hope than reality.

Now let me tell you about some of my biggest failures.

In 1995, first pacific invested in telecommunications in India at a time when the industry there was just getting started. Under the laws of India, foreign investors are allowed to own not more than 49% of a local telco. So we invited an Indian partner to hold the 51% majority. You all know how capital intensive the telco business is. To our utmost regret, our partner could not provide the counterpart capital. The relationship soured, and we had to sell the business. Since then, India‘s telecoms industry has grown exponentially. So we lost significant value by divesting. If we had managed to retain this business, I would not need to make a living giving graduation speeches. But I have had personal failures as well.

I will now let you in on a well-kept secret. I was in 4th year high school in San Beda College, and was in contention to be valedictorian that year. It was an open secret that majority of my classmates were cheating –changing answers from true to false, ironically, in our religion exams. I felt I had to do the same to protect my grades. Several of us were caught – pero ako ang pinag-initan. I knew I was wrong, and deserved to be punished. Indeed, San Beda stripped me of all my honors. Finally, with the suspicion about rampant cheating, I was asked by the principal to name names. I refused. I disappointed my parents deeply. It took many years for the pain and bitterness to heal. Several years ago, I thought it was time to free myself from the rancor and memory of that experience. What better proof of reconciliation with San Beda than the 3 NCAA championships for the Red Lions?

Failure taught me lessons about myself that I could have learned no other way. I discovered that I had a strong will, and more discipline than I had imagined: I also found out that I had parents whose value was truly priceless. The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you can be secure in your ability to survive. You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life, my career and, most importantly, my moral values. So graduates, always remember this – success is never final. Failure is never fatal. It is courage that counts. MVP‘s lessons for life as I come near the end of my remarks, let me wrap up with some old-fashioned, feel-good graduation advice:

First, hug and kiss those who helped get you to this day – parents, grandparents, friends, teachers. If you’re too shy or uptight to do that, please do the old fashioned handshake thing. But I recommend a hug and a kiss. Don’t let the sun go down today without saying thank you to someone.

Second, don’t forget that you have a body under your toga. Take good care of it. Engage in sports. It‘s fun, and it is a laboratory for victory and adversity. How an athlete celebrates his triumphs, or overcomes defeat or injury, how he deals with a hostile crowd or a critical media, reflects what life is all about. Indeed, sports offers a richness all its own – it is a metaphor for life.

Third, remember you have brains under that mortarboard. You‘ve been running it like crazy for four years, whining about all the books you’ve had to read, the papers you’ve had to write, the tests you’ve had to take. Yet thanks to that versatile, gigabyte hard-drive of yours, and a million Starbucks cups, you made it today.

Fourth, give one peso for every ten you earn. I saw my mother pass away 8 years ago, and she left this world without anything. Which means you’re not the owner of what you think you own – you’re only a steward, because everything‘s on loan. So pass some of it on. If you don’t, government will just take it anyway.


As today‘s door closes softly between us, those are my parting words. But there will be other partings and other last words in your lives. But today will not be complete without acknowledging what Father Ben has done for the Ateneo these past 17 years as the university‘s longest serving president – the new Loyola Schools, all the new buildings, the UAAP championships and the bonfires. It has been a pleasure working with him. Thank you so much Father Ben.

I do have one last word for you, if I may. This was a gift when I graduated at the age of 19 – the gift of friends with whom I sat on graduation day, who remain my friends for life. So today, I wish you nothing better than similar friendships. And tomorrow, I hope that even if you remember not a single word of mine, you will recall those of Seneca, one of the old Romans i met in search of ancient wisdom: ―as is a tale, so is life: not how long it is, but how good it is, is what matters. I will now let you go. Through God‘s providence, may each of you travel well that precious journey called life. And may your future be worthy of your dreams. My deepest thanks for the courtesy and honor you all have shared with me. Many congratulations. God bless you all. Good day and good life.



I might be outdated. Am I? Well i speak for the blackberry era. this is perhaps one of the most innovative technology mobile ever. We like to call it “The BlackBerry Zone”. And so they say, The BlackBerry family is rowing a lonely boat from the island of suit-wearing business types to the sweet shores of everyday consumers, and it’s making good headway. And as far as I am concern I would love to talk about my newest baby! The blackberry curve 8520. The 8520 should give its kin a boost, thanks to an entry-level price and a solid range of fun features that will tempt even the most die-hard suit-hater.

And before I proceed, My blackberry PIN is 21E50621. just so you wanted to add me. 🙂

To highlight the 8520’s fun-loving attitude, the phone comes in a few different colours though I really love black. They also had the purple version. The black version looks quite appealing. The purple model looks like baby puke.

I am so please with the navigator, Trackpad! The biggest difference between the 8520 and other devices on the BlackBerry bush is its trackpad, which replaces the trackball you may know and love. The trackpad is a flat surface that responds to your touch like a mouse pad on a laptop, but it’s insanely sensitive to make up for its tiny size.

The 8520’s real strength lies in its QWERTY keyboard and messaging features, which make it a great phone for social networkers. You can set up as many as 10 email accounts, and, because the phone supports “push” email, you’ll get messages as they arrive, rather than waiting for your inbox to update itself. I can get as many email as much as everyone wants to send me!

By the way, I got my Globe plan upgraded. You have to avail of the blacberry service data plan in order for you to fully enjoy the experience. Straight-up surfing the web in the browser is OK. It’s better than on a typical phone with a small screen and no trackpad, but worse than on a webmeister like the iPhone. Web pages look clear and accurate, but we hated having to zoom in to click on smaller links. For some pages, it added a couple of clicks where none were necessary.

Most phones rock quite similar user interfaces, but the BlackBerry evolved along its own branch of the phone family tree, so it can take some getting used to if you’re new to it. We found the 8520’s UI generally easy to navigate, although we have a few niggling complaints. For example, the default menu icons are hard to make out, and there will be too many options for some people to handle.

The screens on recent BlackBerry phones have been stunning, and the 8520’s didn’t disappoint either, despite having a lower resolution than the 8900’s — 320×240 pixels, compared to 480×360. Videos are very watchable and photos look good, although you won’t get spectacular snaps out of the 8520’s 2-megapixel camera. There’s no flash, but the camera does shoot video.

For me, I am very satisfied with how I am pleased with all its application. All I can say is, Once you get black, you can nver come back!


Last March 25, theres a big launch event for television that is the TV5. I am not really surprised if this is a star studded event consoidering a lot has been trying to secure a non exclusive or so but one thing is for sure, there are major television show launches that is about to happen in TV5. The TV5 team is now headed by President-CEO Ray Espinosa and EVP and COO Roberto V. Barreiro.

Here is the list of TV5’s new programs presented during the trade launch:

Pidol’s Wonderland – A family-oriented sitcom starring the King of Comedy Dolphy to air every Sunday at 6:30 p.m.

My Darling Aswang – Vic Sotto’s hit horror-comedy movie gets a TV spin-off with Daiana Menezes as the aswang to air every Sunday at 8:30 p.m.

House or Not – a new game show every Tuesday at 8 p.m. hosted by Joey de Leon.

Face To Face – first “Talak-serye” on Philippine TV with Amy Perez doing a la Jerry Springer. The show premiered last Monday and airs on weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.

Juicy – daily morning showbiz oriented talk show with Cristy Fermin joining Alex Gonzaga and IC Mendoza as main host.

5 Star Specials – A Monday primetime drama anthology program featuring Maricel Soriano, Ruffa Gutierrez, etc.

Midnight DJ – The high-rating horror/suspense series starring Oyo Boy Sotto will have more guests on its upcoming episodes.

Moomoo & Me – The TV sitcom starring John Prats, Yayo Aguila, William Martinez and BJ Forbes will air new episodes.

BFGF (Boyfriend, Girlfriend) – teen oriented show starring Chris Cayzer, Kean Cipriano of Callalily, Alex Gonzaga, Angelo Patrimonio, Zyrus “Poknat” Desamparado, JR de Guzman, Nico Ibaviosa, Asistio Sisters, Louise delos Reyes, Dianne Medina, John Manalo, Tuesday Vargas and Ramon Christopher. The show which will start airing on April 4 at 4 p.m. will be under the direction of Joyce Bernal.

Lokomoko U – A Wednesday night weekly gag show and a spin-off from Lokomoko High starring Alex Gonzaga, Pauleen Luna and JC de Vera. Directed by Al Tantay.

Talentadong Pinoy – The top-rating and first pinoy talent competition program hosted by Ryan Agoncillo now airs twice a week, every Saturday and Sunday.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire – More episodes for the Saturday night game show hosted by Vic Sotto.

Everybody Hapi – More episodes and more guests on the weekly sitcom starring John Estrada, Alex Gonzaga and Nova Villa.

P.O.5 – The Sunday noontime variety show hosted by Lucy Torres-Gomez, Ryan Agoncillo, John Estrada, JC de Vera, and Alex Gonzaga will give ASAP and Party Pilipinas a run for their money.

Paparazzi – A Sunday showbiz talk show with Ruffa Gutierrez, Cristy Fermin, Jon Santos, and Dolly Anne Carvajal as the hosts.

Totoo TV – A reality comedy program featuring the omical tandem of Ariel and Maverick.

Batibot – The internationally awarded Pinoy children show will make a grand comeback.

The News and Information set-up has also gone stronger with new shows and new faces on board. Among them are Cheryl Cosim, Erwin Tulfo, Shawn Yao, Chris Tiu, Ariel and Maverick and head for News and Information Luchi Cruz-Valdez. They now join familiar TV5 faces that include Paolo Bediones, Martin Andanar, Cheri Mercado, Jove Francisco, Lourd de Veyra and others. Some of the new “News and Information” shows are:

Ako Mismo – hosted by Chris Tiu which will tell some of the inspiring stories of modern Filipino icons.

Aksyon – the station’s primetime newscast anchored by Paolo Bediones and Cheryl Cosim, airs weeknights at 9 p.m.

Sapul! – features hot off the grill news, strong commentary, ang programang walang sinisino. Hosted by Erwin Tulfo, Martin Andanar, Lourd de Veyra and Shawn Yao. Sapul premieres on Monday, April 5, at 5:30 in the morning.

USI (Under Special Investigation) – anchored by Paolo Bediones, this new current affairs program which airs every Sunday at 5 p.m. , takes an in-depth look into controversial personalities and the latest hot-button political issues.

Tutok Tulfo – investigative program by Erwin Tulfo.

Timbangan – a new public affairs program.

Dokumentado, Lupet – A documentary program.

In just a matter of months and weeks, the Kapatid Network was able to convince stars like Maricel Soriano, Paolo Bediones, Ruffa Gutierrez, JC de Vera, John Prats, Rainier Castillo, and Comedy King Dolphy to sign up with them. The new recruits will complement the station’s previous batch of stars led by Vic Sotto, Joey De Leon, Lucy Torres-Gomez, and Ryan Agoncillo.

Other Kapatid roster of talents are John Estrada, Oyo Sotto, Pauleen Luna, Alex Gonzaga, Amy Perez, Vandolph, Daiana Menezes, Jeffery Quizon, Erwin Tulfo, poet and writer Lourd de Veyra, Ariel & Maverick, Tuesday Vargas, Mr. Fu, Valeen Montenegro, William Martinez, Yayo Aguila, Jon Avila, Nova Villa, Eric Quizon, IC Mendoza, Cristy Fermin, Carla Humpries, Jenny Miller, Apple Chiu, Jan Nieto, Chris Cayzer, and Edgar Allan Guzman.


Ricky martin’s website is down but thanks to some good friends, gave me this and ask me to blog about it. Just the statement and nothing else. Its his life. Not ours.

A message from Ricky Martin official website or blog:
A few months ago I decided to write my memoirs, a project I knew was going to bring me closer to an amazing turning point in my life. From the moment I wrote the first phrase I was sure the book was the tool that was going to help me free myself from things I was carrying within me for a long time. Things that were too heavy for me to keep inside. Writing this account of my life, I got very close to my truth. And thisis something worth celebrating.

For many years, there has been only one place where I am in touch with my emotions fearlessly and that’s the stage. Being on stage fills my soul in many ways, almost completely. It’s my vice. The music, the lights and the roar of the audience are elements that make me feel capable of anything. This rush of adrenaline is incredibly addictive. I don’t ever want to stop feeling these emotions. But it is serenity that brings me to where I’m at right now. An amazing emotional place of comprehension, reflection and enlightenment. At this moment I’m feeling the same freedom I usually feel only on stage, without a doubt, I need to share.

Many people told me: “Ricky it’s not important”, “it’s not worth it”, “all the years you’ve worked and everything you’ve built will collapse”, “many people in the world are not ready to accept your truth, your reality, your nature”. Because all this advice came from people who I love dearly, I decided to move on with my life not sharing with the world my entire truth. Allowing myself to be seduced by fear and insecurity became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sabotage. Today I take full responsibility for my decisions and my actions.

If someone asked me today, “Ricky, what are you afraid of?” I would answer “the blood that runs through the streets of countries at war…child slavery, terrorism…the cynicism of some people in positions of power, the misinterpretation of faith.” But fear of my truth? Not at all! On the contrary, It fills me with strength and courage. This is just what I need especially now that I am the father of two beautiful boys that are so full of light and who with their outlook teach me new things every day. To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where born with. Enough is enough. This has to change. This was not supposed to happen 5 or 10 years ago, it is supposed to happen now. Today is my day, this is my time, and this is my moment.

These years in silence and reflection made me stronger and reminded me that acceptance has to come from within and that this kind of truth gives me the power to conquer emotions I didn’t even know existed.

What will happen from now on? It doesn’t matter. I can only focus on what’s happening to me in this moment. The word “happiness” takes on a new meaning for me as of today. It has been a very intense process. Every word that I write in this letter is born out of love, acceptance, detachment and real contentment. Writing this is a solid step towards my inner peace and vital part of my evolution.

I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.



I got some nice conversation with a friend in ABS Publishing when our talk suddenly get to dethroning people. and there now its confirmed. Bb. Pilipinas winner dethroned.
Yes, Maria Venus Raj go will no longer compete in the Miss Universe.

The reasons were due to birth certificate of Venus, according to Jenny Inocencio Marcial, PR Manager of Bb. Pilipinas.

Accordingly, what they submitted is shes born here in Manila while they say they were born in Qatar. Venus, is a Half Indian Half Pinoy.

The Bb. Pilipinas Charities, Inc. released a statement regarding this matter:

“Today March 29, 2010, Bb. Pilipinas Charities, Inc. decided, with a heavy heart, to let Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2010 Maria Venus Raj go, after the organization discovered inconsistencies contained in her birth records, in contrast to her personal account of her birth.”

According to the rules of Bb. Pilipinas, when one titleholder gets dethroned the first runner-up will replace her. But the 1st runner-up, Dianne Necio, is only 17 years old. The Miss Universe pageant’s age limit is 18 to 26 years old. In this line that the second runner-up winner, Helen Henson, will then fill the vacated position.


The complete lyrics of ABSCBN 2010 SUMMER STATION ID is here. I got the chance to ask for a copy of the mp3 file. Let me know if you want a copy and I’ll send you one. The soundtrack is entitled ‘Summer ang Simula’ performed by Yeng Constantino and Kean of Calla Lily; words by Edsel Misenas; music by Jordan Constantino, Lloyd Corpuz, and Odon Aspiras; produced by Jonathan Manalo and directed by Paolo Ramos.


Ang Init init init mo, Nagaapoy ang puso
Ganda ganda ganda ng iyong nagagawa
Bigay na bigay na bigay na bigay lahat sumasabay
Bagay na bagay na bagay sa pag-ganda ng buhay
ibahin ang tingin sa mundo, pagtulin ng paligid mo
tibayan ang pagasa, ang summer ay simulan na, ahhh, ahhh

Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Tulong-tulong tayo-tayo, hot na hot ka Filipino
Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Summer ang simula ng lahat ng ito

Sama sama sama na sa summer ng kapamilya
enjoy na enjoy na enjoy na enjoy sa summer ng pinoy
bagong araw araw araw, bagong pagasa
bilib na bilib na bilib sa iyo, buo ang summer mo
ibahin ang tingin sa mundo araw na para magbago
nasa iyo ang pag-asa summer ay sumulan na, ahhh, ahhh


Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Tulong-tulong tayo-tayo, hot na hot ka Filipino
Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Summer ang simula ng lahat ng ito
Ang Init init init mo, Nagaapoy ang puso
Ganda ganda ganda ng iyong nagagawa

Bigay na bigay na bigay na bigay lahat sumasabay
Bagay na bagay na bagay sa pag-ganda ng buhay
ibahin ang tingin sa mundo, pagtulin ng paligid mo
tibayan ang pagasa, ang summer ay sumilan na…

Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Tulong-tulong tayo-tayo, hot na hot ka Filipino
Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Summer ang simula ng lahat ng ito

Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Tulong-tulong tayo-tayo, hot na hot ka Filipino
Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Summer ang simula ng lahat ng ito

Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago
Tulong-tulong tayo-tayo, hot na hot ka Filipino

Summer ng pagkakaisa, Araw ng pagbabago (hanggang kailan at kung paano, Ako ang tatapos sa pagsubok na’to)

Summer ang simula ng lahat ng ito (ako ang simula ng pagbabago, ako ang simula)

Summer ang simula, Summer ang simula, Summer ang simula ng lahat ng ito

Summer ang simula, Summer ang simula, Summer ang simula ng lahat ng ito.

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Alright, the BAR EXAM result fever is here again! Im not a lawyer but considering a lot of friends around took the bar, I kind of like excited. The 2009 Bar Examinations were held on September 6, 13, and 20; and October 4, 2009 at the De La Salle University in Taft Avenue, Manila.And the supreme court says that only 1,451 from 5,903 examinees or 24.58% passed the 2009 Bar examinations.

The Supreme Court said the list of successful Bar examinees simultaneously will be shown on three LCD monitors strategically set up at the court’s front yard. They can also simultaneously be viewed at, the official website of the Supreme Court.


San Beda College topped this year’s Bar exams, the results of which were released Friday night.

Reinier Paul R. Yebra obtained a grade of 84.80% to place No. 1 among the top ten Bar passers, followed by Charlene Mae C. Tapic, also of San Beda, with a grade of 84.60%.

A total of 1,451 out of 5,903 passed the Bar exams.

The rest of the top 10 are:

3rd Place
Lim, John Paul T.
Ateneo de Manila University
4th Place
Lagos, Caroline P.
University of the Philippines
5th Place
Tan, Eric David C.
Ateneo de Manila University
6th Place
Gonzalez, Yves-Randolph P.
Ateneo de Manila University
7th Place
To, Joan Mae S.
Ateneo de Manila University
8th Place
Bagro III, Herminio C.
University of the Philippines
9th Place
Lumauig, Timothy Joseph N.
Ateneo de Manila University
10th Place
Bainto, Naealla Rose M.
Go, Sheila Abigail O.
Ateneo de Manila University
Ateneo de Manila University

1. ABANTE, Maria Evitha A.
2. ABAQUITA, Allan C.
3. ABARQUEZ, Leandro E.
4. ABARQUEZ, Paolo E.
5. ABDULLAH, Anzarullah Zhadradi A.
6. ABELLA, Harve B.
7. ABELLAR, Eleanor Agnes F.
8. ABENOJAR, Irene U.
9. ABIBICO, Mona Liza D.
10. ABIERA, Stephanie E.
11. ABLAÑA, Lindy Andre P.
12. ABOGANDA, Alexander D.
13. ABRASALDO, Wilson C.
14. ABRUGAR, Vanessa Q.
15. ABUEDO, May Flor C.
16. ABUTAN, Leah C.
17. ACAS, Althea Barbara E.
18. ACOSTA-QUIROS, Annemarie
19. ADAOAG, Janice M.
20. ADASA, William Chino T.
21. ADDUG, Fredelyne H.
22. ADEVA, III, Daniel A.
23. AGATON, Jonathan R.
24. AGNES, JR., Jerry P.
25. AGRAVIADOR, Karisma Ivee L.
26. AGUHAYON-ESCOLAR, Ghenee Rose C.
27. AGUIHAP, Beverly D.
28. AGUILA, Mildred R.
30. AGUIRRE, Leandro Angelo Y.
31. AHAJA, Yasmin Ayesha K.
32. ALABAN, Daniel B.
34. ALAGCAN, Angeli A.
35. ALARILLA, Jeffrey John S.
36. ALARILLA, Maria Angela I.
37. ALASKA, Hazel Mae A.
38. ALAZAS, Adrianne Marie C.
39. ALAZAS, Beatriz Irina Denise C.
40. ALBAN, Beethoven M.
41. ALBANO, Wyndel P.
42. ALBERTO, Ruby Ann Theresa L.
43. ALBORES, Melanie F.
44. ALCERA, Aimee Marie B.
45. ALDAY, Arlene D.
46. ALEGARBES, Augustus M.
47. ALEGRE, Adrian B.
48. ALEJANDRO, Eduardo Jerome T.
49. ALEJO, Judith Ann C.
50. ALESNA, Sheena A.
51. ALESON, Melanie F.
52. ALFECHE, Claribelle Jane A.
53. ALIBANG-SALUD, Jocelyn M.
54. ALICUMAN, Abelardo C.
55. ALINDATO, Diane Angela O.
56. ALIVIO, Kenneth O.
57. ALMAJOSE, Maricar C.
58. ALMERO, Leo Rey F.
59. ALMERO, Marie Beth S.
60. ALMOITE, Wilma M.
61. ALO, Jennifer Karen L.
62. ALPASAN, Roumelia B.
63. ALQUIROZ, Jason B.
64. ALQUISADA, Pamela Joy L.
65. ALURA, Maricris O.
66. ALVAREZ, Jeanette S.
67. ALVAREZ, Riza Gloria V.
68. ALVARICO, James Roulyn R.
69. ALZATE, Kimberley Joy T.
70. AMANO, Rachel O.
71. AMARGA, Lizanilla J.
72. AMARILLA, Romela T.
73. AME, Valentino Alvin C.
74. AMORANTO, Sarah Jane SJ.
75. AMORES, Luvim D.
76. ANCIADO, Pilar C.
77. ANCIANO, Frederick I.
78. ANDAL, Maria Bernadeth S.
79. ANDALIS, JR., Roberto C.
80. ANDAMAN, Margaret Raizza A.
81. ANDAMO, John Paul A.
82. ANDOLANA, Christ May V.
83. ANDRES, Paraluman D.
84. ANG, Anna Margarita G.
85. ANGELES, Francisco B.
86. ANGWAY, Cohleen Dianne SJ.
87. ANORE, Marlon DL.
88. ANSELMO, Duchess Veneru J.
89. ANTONIO-LADISLAO, Bianca Cecilia B.
90. APALING, Allen D.
91. APOLINAR, Anna Luisa P.
92. APOLINARIO, Floreida A.
93. APOLONIO, Joseph O.
94. AQUINO, Benedict Benigno A.
95. AQUINO, Mary Joy S.
96. AQUINO, III, Leopoldo D.
97. AQUINO, JR., Rodrigo F.
98. ARANDIA, Erwin F.
99. ARANETA, Henry O.
100. ARAOS, Tessa Mae L.
101. ARBOLADURA, Magelio S.
102. ARCEGA, Garnet Eneli Mae M.
103. ARDIENTE, Rochelle S.
104. ARDINA, Elmarie C.
105. ARENAS, Jose Lemuel S.
106. ARIAS, Alma Alyn O.
107. ARICAYOS, Crisale B.
108. ARIOLA, Reynaldo A.
109. ARLES, Maria Estelita B.
110. ARMECIN, Jhomel M.
111. ARNESTO, Tristan G.
112. AROMAS, Camille Khristine I.
113. ARPON, Renold C.
114. ARTIFICIO, Aileen R.
115. ASADON, Baltazar C.
116. ASTAÑO, Imelda L.
117. ASUNCION, Hirou Glenn A.
118. ATANACIO-FACUN, Mary Ann S.
119. ATIENZA, Shermaine M.
120. ATIENZA, JR., Edgardo P.
121. AUMAN, Evangeline C.
122. AUSTRIA, Mary Evangeline J.
123. AVENGOZA, Ma. Rhoda J.
124. AVILA, Mae Lizbeth I.
125. AVILA, Mark Gregory R.
126. AWKIT-BAN-EG, Alice L.
127. AYONG, Juris Iris M.
128. AYSON, Aldin C.
129. AYUYANG, Helga Anne Treasure L.
130. AZUCENA, Michael David B.
131. AZUR, Marita Lourdes S.
132. AÑOVER, Josephine Ann W.
133. BABALCON, Julius P.
134. BABIA, Jose Marcos A.
135. BACANI, Philip Jorge P.
136. BADDIRI, Jurmobin T.
137. BADILLA, Reynaldo R.
138. BAGASIN, Gladys Sarah R.
139. BAGRO, III, Herminio C.
140. BAGSAO-MANALANG, Liza Lorena C.
141. BAINTO, Naealla Rose M.
142. BALAGOT, Anthony Quin A.
143. BALAIS, Jason P.
144. BALANGKIG, Glynmar C.
145. BALBASTRE, Kristoffer Gil P.
146. BALBASTRE, III, Juanito H.
147. BALDERAMA, Gilberth D.
148. BALDOMAR, Ceezaye A.
149. BALDRIAS-SERRANO, Lorybeth R.
150. BALISACAN, Ryan Hartzell C.
151. BALIÑA, Elsa T.
152. BALLESTEROS, Danilo C.
153. BALSICAS, Noel D.
154. BALTAZAR, Ben Joshua A.
155. BANA, Aldous Januarius S.
156. BANDAY, Christine Joy B.
157. BANDERADO, Theodore P.
158. BANDILLA, Enrico G.
159. BANDONG, Therese Lynn R.
160. BANGUIS, Joseph L.
161. BANQUERIGO, Mark Christoffel L.
162. BAQUIAL, Cheryl L.
163. BAQUIANO, Randolph P.
164. BAQUIRAN, Giovani Gio G.
165. BARBA, Ria Karla A.
166. BARENG, Christian P.
167. BARENG, Jezer G.
168. BARIMBAO, Maria Rainelda L.
169. BARIT-CARIG, Ayn Marie Grace G.
170. BARLIS, Lanie Lee Marie A.
171. BARODI, Norhabib Bin Suod S.
172. BAROLA, Sherwin Gardner A.
173. BARROA, III, Guillermo B.
174. BARRON, E. Patrice Jamaine T.
175. BARTOLOME, Ryan Philipp L.
176. BARZAGA, Kristian G.
177. BASAR, Jamaloden A.
178. BATALA, Ngiyan P.
179. BATAN, Timothy John R.
180. BATHAN, Joseph Patrick Byron M.
181. BATHAN, Marygrace DC.
182. BATINGANA, Nicole R.
183. BATINGANA, Nikko R.
184. BATONAN, Elizabeth O.
185. BAUTISTA, Antonette L.
186. BAUTISTA, Deodar Lovell C.
187. BAUTISTA, Gino Marco P.
188. BAUTISTA, Jennifer L.
189. BAUTISTA, Ma. Carmencita P.
190. BAUTISTA, Roderick L.
191. BAUTISTA-ALDAVE, Maria Minerva T.
192. BAUZON, Edward R.
193. BAYHON, Margret D.
194. BAYOT, Armi Beatriz E.
195. BAÑAL, Gilemi L.
196. BAÑARES, Marcus Aurellius M.
197. BELENO, Efren B.
198. BELGICA, Jeremiah B.
199. BENIPAYO, Lourdes P.
200. BERANGO, Joan Abigail B.
201. BERNARDO, Arly Christine S.
202. BERNARDO, JR., Lester F.
203. BEROL, Ronald S.
204. BERONQUE, Al L.
205. BETITO, James Anthony D.
206. BILGERA, Ma. Corazon B.
207. BILLONES, Cherrie Lou H.
208. BINALDO, Julie M.
209. BINUYA, Mary Dian Grace N.
210. BLANCO, Janess A.
211. BOGACON, Melissa W.
212. BOGNEDON, Jado Rafael A.
213. BOLAÑO, Richie John D.
214. BOLAÑOS, Ma. Julie C.
215. BOLISAY, Bernard James S.
216. BONIFACIO, Gherwin S.
217. BORNAS, Renier Joy Nonito B.
218. BORRES, Mark D.
219. BORROMEO, Carlo C.
220. BORROMEO, Maria Lilia Gemmilyn M.
221. BORROMEO, II, Noel T.
222. BORROMEO-SY, Ruth G.
223. BOSI, Christine Joy D.
224. BOY, Allen Blair B.
225. BRAVO, Hanna Lee E.
226. BRIASA, Gerardo S.
227. BRILLANTE, JR., Bayani B.
228. BRION, Valery Joy A.
229. BRUAL, Johannes Angelo L.
230. BUENAFE, Roy L.
231. BUENVIAJE, Rickson M.
232. BUMAGAT-NACPIL, Journalyn S.
233. BURGOS, Aileen Grace H.
234. BUSLIG, Jenny Vi B.
235. BUTED, Kristine Angeline R.
236. CAABAY, Herminia E.
237. CABADING, III, Mauro Anthony B.
238. CABALONGA, Ella A.
239. CABANSAG, Jasmin S.
240. CABAYAN, Maria Theresa P.
241. CABEZA, April D.
242. CABIGAS, Chato A.
243. CABRAL, Fernan H.
244. CABRERA, Nathaniel G.
245. CABRIDO, Jorge Christian A.
246. CADIO, Joan O.
247. CAFE, Dominador
248. CAGAS, Den Ryan R.
249. CAGUIOA, Arvin M.
250. CAJARA, Marian L.
251. CAJARDO, Monique E.
252. CAJIPO, Karen C.
253. CALABIO, Garri T.
254. CALACAL, Roda K.
255. CALAOA, Elizabeth B.
256. CALDERON, Arnel T.
257. CALEJESAN, Roldan G.
258. CALLEJO, Marc Karlo N.
259. CAMAZO, Lawrence S.
260. CAMBA, John Rainier T.
261. CAMPILAN, Kristine Esther F.
262. CAMPOS, Maria Paz Geraldine J.
263. CAMTUGAN, II, Francis Rae G.
264. CANAPI-OTGALON, Marites A.
265. CANIOS, Charisma Eden N.
266. CANLAS, Jerome D.
267. CANO, Maricel D.
268. CANTO-HERNANDEZ, Rosalyn C.
270. CAPISTRANO, Armand P.
271. CARBO, Ramon Q.
272. CARDENAS, Marites G.
273. CARDENAS-EJERCITO, Aileen Mary S.
274. CARIÑO, Materno Marcos Ma. G.
275. CARO, Danna Wylene R.
276. CARPIO, May Flor C.
277. CARRANZA, Kamille Joyce E.
278. CARRASCO, Angeline Marie T.
279. CARRASCO-AZUCENA, Maria Bernadette R.
280. CARREON, Cresilda B.
281. CARTUJANO, Mariblithe A.
282. CASES, Katharina C.
283. CASIPIT, Jekereen Joy R.
284. CASTELLANO, Janice P.
285. CASTILLO, Chrisgene A.
286. CASTILLO, Dyann O.
289. CASTRO, Easter Princess U.
290. CASTRO, Meliecar R.
291. CATAHAN, Emmanuel D.
292. CATALAN, Kelly Eusebio P.
293. CATAMEO, Marizon C.
294. CATAPAT, Maria Nenita D.
295. CAYLAO, Christian Ferdinand R.
296. CAYOD-ONG, Ma. Angelica M.
297. CAÑARES, Marlon T.
298. CAÑAS, Vicente B.
299. CAÑERO, Marvin P.
300. CAÑETE, Maria Floren S.
301. CAÑETE, Vincent Ryan Y.
302. CEBUJANO, Ceasar Augustos E.
303. CENIZA, Deonhar M.
304. CEPILLO, Kenelyn DG.
305. CERVANTES, Maria Patricia R.
306. CHAM, Edward C.
307. CHAN, Rochelle T.
308. CHARCOS, Katheri Ann L.
309. CHAVEZ, Stephanie R.
310. CHING, Diane Madelyn C.
311. CHING, Wilbert H.
312. CHIONG, Chiole L.
313. CHU, Allan Christopher S.
314. CHUA, Joana Olivia L.
315. CHUA, Jose L.
316. CHUA, Robinita P.
317. CHUA, Sheryl Lyn T.
318. CIPRIANO, Ma. Dominique Christine S.
319. CLAR, Edgar Bonette B.
320. CLAVERIA, Kathleen Karinina R.
321. CLEDERA, Tristan Jiff B.
322. CLORIBEL, Michael P.
323. CLOSA, Felippe Mart E.
324. CO, Jillian Marie B.
325. CO, Maria Theresa C.
326. COLAGO, John Paul G.
327. COLIAMCO, Cherry C.
328. COLLADO, Jo Ellaine L.
329. COMPE, JR., Graciano C.
330. CONCEPCION, Haidee M.
331. CONCEPCION, Mark Nette E.
332. CONCEPCION, Rowena L.
333. CONDAT, Ariel B.
334. CONEJOS, Antonio Esteban G.
336. CONSTANTINO, Arturo Jose M.
337. CONSUL, Jurist Castrence R.
338. CORDERO, Antonette B.
339. CORDERO, JR., Jose I.
340. CORPUZ, Marichelle G.
341. CORRO, Arlyn T.
342. CORSIGA, Joachim Florencio Q.
343. CORTEZ, Elmo R.
344. CORTON, Gabriel P.
345. CREAG, Mary Joyce Roselle P.
346. CREER, Eleanor M.
347. CRISTALES, Inban Q.
348. CRUCIO, Gina A.
349. CRUZ, Mary Grace G.
350. CRUZ, Richard Leonard A.
351. CRUZ, JR., Jessie A.
352. CU, Lourdes Clarissa Donnatilla K.
353. CUANSING, Edward Joseph C.
354. CUARTERO, Floritz G.
355. CUEVAS, Dolly Angeli M.
356. CUEVAS, Faith A.
357. CULIMA, Riza Ann Donalyn B.
358. CUNANAN, Earvene Jared S.
359. CUNANAN, Myron C.
360. CUNTAPAY, Ana Florence S.
361. DACAWI, Joseph-hans B.
362. DACPANO, Jeannette M.
363. DADIS, Joel P.
364. DALANGIN, Aysac V.
365. DALAWAMPU, Louie Mark M.
366. DALIGCON, Mumar T.
367. DAMASCO, Elmer P.
368. DANAO, JR., Camilo N.
369. DANGLI, Florimae L.
370. DAPULA, Katrina C.
371. DARBIN, Billy Joe Ivan D.
372. DARE, Katrina S.
373. DAUS, Christopher B.
374. DAVIDE, JR., Jorge S.
375. DAY, Tzadhi C.
376. DAYANGHIRANG, Rochelle A.
377. DAYAO, Vincent M.
378. DAYO, Jesus Frederick D.
379. DE CASTRO, Maureen B.
380. DE GRACIA, Elinor E.
381. DE GUIA, Eugenie Celie A.
382. DE GUZMAN, Cara Martha R.
383. DE GUZMAN, Jacquelyn L.
384. DE GUZMAN, Jason B.
385. DE GUZMAN-ALINAO, Kristina D.
386. DE JESUS, Allelu N.
387. DE JESUS, Darren M.
388. DE JESUS, Jennyvive L.
389. DE KEYSER, Evee Eunice P.
390. DE LEON, Cindy A.
391. DE LOS REYES, Maricor V.
392. DE VERA, Coney Rose M.
393. DE VERA, IV, Felipe Geoffrey K.
394. DE VILLA, Lezel E.
395. DECANO, Ronald John B.
396. DEGUIÑO, Aileen M.
397. DEKIRE, Samrollah M.
398. DEL ROSARIO, Katrina Elsa D.
399. DEL CASTILLO, Xavier Paolo R.
400. DEL PILAR, Jovill C.
401. DEL PUERTO, Laurence Edgardo A.
402. DEL ROSARIO, Maria Katrina G.
403. DEL ROSARIO, Rafael Celestino D.
404. DELA CALZADA, Jo Feliz Marie M.
405. DELA CRUZ, Lenielyn S.
406. DELA CRUZ, Roderick C.
407. DELA CRUZ, Walter Magnum D.
408. DELA FUENTE, Kim Ceasar P.
409. DELA PEÑA, Eleanor P.
410. DELA PEÑA, Nikki Rose L.
411. DELA ROSA, Arnel A.
412. DELANTAR, Eleanor S.
413. DELAS ALAS, Noel A.
414. DELEGIRO, Janet L.
415. DELES, Karla Grace J.
416. DELEÑA, Ryan B.
417. DELFIN, Diana Jane F.
418. DELFIN, Gerri Ann C.
419. DELOS SANTOS, Benito Jose L.
420. DEMAFELIS, Jo Anne S.
421. DEMANO, Mary Pauline R.
422. DENILLA, Resly Ann M.
423. DEPASUCAT, Hope Marey B.
424. DESINGAÑO, Ritchelle M.
425. DETICIO, Farid Eshwer C.
426. DEVELOS, V, Esperidion Augustus O.
427. DIAZ, Ana Charissa D.
428. DIAZ, Daniel L.
429. DIAZ, Ferdinand Arthur B.
430. DIAZ, Ma. Hiyasmin N.
431. DIAZ, Romano M.
432. DIAZ, JR., Honorio T.
433. DICHAVES, Kenny Roy S.
434. DICKPUS, Charisma Anne O.
435. DIESTRO-DESLATE, Gwendolyn
436. DIETA, Don G.
437. DILLA, Marlon A.
438. DIMARUCUT, Ivy C.
439. DIOKNO, Michael William T.
440. DIWA, Wilhelmina M.
441. DIZON, Betheena C.
442. DIZON, Jeifan-ira C.
443. DIZON, Mark Anthony P.
444. DIZON, Peter Michael G.
445. DOBLADA, Marife C.
446. DOBLE, Francis R.
447. DOFELIZ, Auxillador Avitus D.
448. DOGELIO, Jairus Anthony D.
449. DOLIGON, Daniel C.
450. DOMINGO, Katrina Frances M.
451. DOMOGAN, Janice Marie N.
452. DOOLANI, Sunita G.
453. DOQUILLA, Rubylin G.
454. DRILON, Catherine Marie D.
455. DUEÑAS, Odyssa A.
456. DUJUNCO, Raquel R.
457. DUKA, Annabelle B.
458. DULIG, Amethyst L.
459. DUMALIANG, Jana A.
460. DUMPIT, Donna Diana R.
461. DY, Samantha Paula G.
462. EBARLE, Emanuelle A.
463. ECLAR, Catherine M.
464. EDULAN, Charles Ceasar L.
465. ELBANBUENA, Kahlil Paolo O
466. ELTANAL, Karen Mae G.
468. ENAGE, Kim Boysie A.
469. ENCANTO, Melissa R.
470. ENCARNACION, Vincent Joseph T.
471. ENCINARES, Marife E.
472. ENERIA, Celeste E.
473. ENRILE, Christy Irene D.
474. ENRIQUEZ, Marizza P.
475. ENRIQUEZ, III, Juan Jose P.
476. ENTREDICHO, Delima S.
477. ESCALA, Lyndon D.
478. ESCALANTE, JR., Felix M.
479. ESCALANTE, JR., Vic T.
480. ESCANDER, Abdel Jalil A.
481. ESCIO, Madonna Gay L.
482. ESCOLANO, JR., Benjamin V.
483. ESCOLAR, Ahmad Clay C.
484. ESCUBIO, Jessica Guia E.
485. ESPALDON, Ruel H.
486. ESPARRAGO, Janice C.
487. ESPEJO, Bernadette B.
488. ESPEJO, Edwin M.
489. ESPEJON, Charisse B.
490. ESPERANTE, Jason C.
491. ESPINAS, Jeshiree D.
492. ESPINO, Franco P.
493. ESPINOSA, Kristine M.
494. ESPUELAS, Haide T.
495. ESTAÑO, Liza Jane B.
496. ESTEBAN, Sheena E.
497. ESTORNINOS, Jamil V.
498. ESTUR, Mark Julius C.
499. EUSTAQUIO, Karldon M.
500. EVANGELISTA, Anna Tricia P.
501. EVANGELISTA, Ma. Rebecca G.
502. EVANGELISTA, Roberto P.
503. FAJARDO, Juan Paolo F.
504. FALCON, Lyndon D.
505. FAMOR, Pacholo S.
506. FARAON, Redeemer B.
507. FAUNI, Peter Joseph L.
508. FELIX, Melchor M.
509. FERNANDEZ, Clint M.
510. FERNANDEZ, Dick F.
511. FERRER, Anthony G.
512. FETILO, Aires R.
513. FILARMEO, Charmaine Joy P.
514. FLORES, Divina M.
515. FLORES, Erickson A.
516. FLORES, Judith T.
517. FONTANILLA, Psyche Rizsavi B.
518. FORNOLLES, Angelo Vegie A.
519. FORTICH, Farrah N.
520. FRANCISCO, Valerie E.
521. FRIAS, Ma. Karla Denise M.
522. FUENTES-DUMLAO, Camille Rose D.
523. FUNTILA, Karla A.
524. GABATO, Vien Lawrence S.
525. GABINETE, John Warren P.
526. GABRILLO, Jenifer M.
527. GABUYA, Ademar A.
528. GAFFUD, Jovilyn M.
529. GALANG, Arman Jason M.
530. GALANG, Marianette A.
531. GALARRITA, Kathryn A.
532. GALIMA, III, Epifanio Delbert G.
533. GALLARDO, Jeffrey G.
534. GALURA, Maria Ofelia B.
535. GALVEZ, Grace A.
536. GAMALO, Castor A.
537. GAMAS, Godwin B.
538. GAMBOA, Jufran A.
539. GAMBOA, Mark Anthony M.
540. GAN, Hansen P.
541. GANAN, Mark Anthony N.
542. GANDAMRA, Khanini B.
543. GANDIONCO, Barbara Anne A.
544. GANZON, Leo Theodore A.
545. GARCE-MEJIA, Racquel F.
546. GARCELLANO, Anita B.
547. GARCIA, Andrea Lou J.
548. GARCIA, Charlie S.
549. GARCIA, Irvin L.
550. GARCIA, Leamor B.
551. GARCIA, Ronaldo M.
552. GARCIA, JR., Alberto C.
553. GARCIA, JR., Jose Melandro H.
554. GARCIANO, Suzette L.
555. GARIANDO, Cesar C.
556. GARRAEZ, Albert C.
557. GARRIDO, Maica C.
558. GATCHALIAN, Oliver R.
559. GATMAITAN, Rowena B.
560. GAUDIEL, IV, Bibiano Marc P.
561. GAVIOLA, Bryan O.
562. GAVIOLA, Maria Christina E.
563. GAVIOLA, Mark Anthony P.
564. GAYAGAY-APALING, Catherine B.
565. GEALAN, Noel Francis L.
566. GELLADO-CARREON, Maricon M.
567. GENCIANOS, Eden Rachel M.
568. GENERAL, Jose Martin O.
569. GENERAL, Maria Francina Louise O.
570. GENERAL, Marianne C.
571. GENOVA, Carmi Rose M.
572. GENOVESA, Katherine A.
573. GENTUGAYA, Norman Vincent O.
574. GEPOLONGCA, Josecor S.
575. GERONIMO, Krystine B.
576. GERONIMO, Maria Ilyn C.
577. GERONIMO, Michelle N.
578. GEROY, Mylen C.
579. GERSAVA, Socrates T.
580. GESMUNDO, Joseph Benedict G.
581. GEÑOSO, Al An E.
582. GIGANTONE, Alexander G.
583. GIGAWIN, Ma. Kristina R.
584. GINGO, Rowena G.
585. GITGANO, Lylani A.
586. GLORIA, Laila May A.
587. GO, Sheila Abigail O.
588. GOCHANGCO, Jose Marie V.
589. GODORNES, Janice A.
590. GOMEZ, Gian Franco R.
591. GOMEZ, Ma. Krizna S.
592. GONZALES, Antonio G.
593. GONZALES, Jesus Nathaniel Martin B.
594. GONZALES, Nichole D.
595. GONZALES, Ricel M.
596. GONZALES, Ulysses L.
597. GONZALES, III, Emilio R.
598. GONZALES-DIEGO, Maria Victoria M.
599. GONZALEZ, Yves-randolph P.
600. GOZE, Gilbert C.
601. GREGORIO, Carlo O.
602. GUALBERTO, Rhett Matthew S.
603. GUANZON, Kathlyn Joy M.
604. GUAZON, Rhea A.
605. GUELOS, Orchid Marie D.
606. GUERRA, Marvin Jasper B.
607. GUIAM, Joseph E.
608. GUIANG, Sandra Therese Christine C.
609. GUINOCOR, Rysan C.
610. GUIRAO, Nerissa G.
611. GUMALING, JR., Robert N.
612. GUTIERREZ, Alvin A.
613. GUTIERREZ, Chiara Feliz C.
614. GUTIERREZ, Melina Rose E.
615. GUTIERREZ, Rowena M.
616. GUZMAN, Carl Stephen A.
617. GUZMAN, Cristina Amelia R.
619. HALILI, Madonna F.
620. HAMOY, Jim A.
621. HERMOSO, Rosa Christina R.
622. HERMOSURA, Glenda V.
623. HERNAEZ, III, Rosendo Emilio R.
624. HERNANDEZ, Juan Carlo B.
625. HERNANDEZ, Katrina P.
626. HERNANDEZ, Mary Catherine T.
627. HERNANDEZ, Michael Gerard S.
628. HERNANDO, Harold Kim C.
629. HERRERA, Pamela Joy T.
630. HILADO, Jessica Kristine F.
631. HILARIO, Alen Fredd L.
632. HIPOL, Aurora Catalina M.
633. HIRANG, Gemelee G.
634. HOLLERO, Valerie Anne H.
636. HUMARANG, Michael John M.
637. IBAOC, Cherry P.
638. IBAÑEZ, III, Manuel Joseph B.
639. IGNACIO, Erik Donn
640. IGNACIO, Vanessa Grace M.
641. ILAGAN, Ma. Criselda D.
642. ILAHAN, Benjan B.
643. ILANO, Helen Grace O.
644. IMPERIAL, Jonas Luis P.
645. INES, Benedict Vincent L.
646. INFANTE, Philippe Lauren M.
647. INGUITO, Lora Mae T.
648. INVENTOR, Angelo T.
649. IPAC, Jay-R C.
650. IRASGA, Matthew N.
651. IRORITA, Jay M.
652. JACOBA, Anthony Raphael V.
653. JAGMIS, Richander G.
654. JALA, Gena B.
655. JALAD, Andrew S.
656. JAMBALOS, Johanna V.
657. JANIYA, Shalom P.
658. JARDELEZA, Maria Carmen L.
659. JARENCIO, Cherylle E.
660. JAVELLANA, Gerardo B.
661. JAVIER, Maureen Seymour D.
662. JAVIER, IV, Eugene C.
663. JAVIER-JIMENEZ, Cristina Marie Eugenie R.
664. JAVINAR, Donato B.
665. JIMENEZ, Arianne Vanessa Josephine T.
666. JIMENEZ, Jasmine M.
667. JIMENEZ, Thea Marie B.
668. JIMENO, Nikki Sarah V.
669. JORDAN, Roma Joy R.
670. JORNADA, Ryan Rene C.
671. JORVINA, Karmela H.
672. JOSON, Joanna Marie O.
673. JOVEN, Suzette C.
674. JUBAN, Rowell G.
675. JULIAN, Cherry Amor A.
676. JUNIO, Irene May I.
677. KABATAY, Rodrigo Jose A.
678. KANAPI, Erwin Bryan S.
679. KAPUNAN, Armina Dielle R.
680. KATALBAS, Jubert P.
681. KO, Kevin L.
682. LABADAN, Leah Theresa L.
683. LABANEN, Argyle Karen M.
684. LABAO, Daisy Jane L.
685. LABITAD, Tarcisio Z.
686. LABRO, JR., Edwin Valente Z.
687. LACANILAO, Redgeanald S.
688. LACUATA, Daniel Christian B.
689. LACUESTA, Andrea Patricia R.
690. LAGMAY, Nikko G.
691. LAGOS, Caroline P.
692. LAGUESMA, Gabriel Russel B.
693. LAGUINDAM, Arvin E.
694. LAINEZ, Marco Gregorio L.
695. LAITA, Rainier F.
696. LAMANILAO, Stephen A.
697. LAMAYAN, Gretchen D.
698. LAMBINO, Marie Claire Therese C.
699. LAMEYRA, Ericson D.
700. LAMINATO, Claryl-anne D.
701. LAPUZ, Anson T.
702. LAPUZ, Jesusa R.
703. LARON, Richard E.
704. LASAM, Ma. Katrina A.
705. LASSITER, Bryan A.
706. LASTIMOSO, Arthur J.
707. LATAWAN, Wade A.
708. LATO, Lesley Norreen G.
709. LAVA, Ma. Glaiza L.
710. LAYSON, Reinier B.
711. LAYUG, Marilet S.
712. LAZA, Rely D.
713. LAZARO, Paul Ernest M.
714. LEE, Everlene O.
715. LEE, Judith Z.
716. LEGASPI, Melvin I.
717. LEQUIGAN-PIOL, Milagros C.
718. LERIOS, Edmar D.
719. LEYNES, Jerome Christopher G.
720. LIANZA, Mellicent C.
721. LIBERATO, Allen A.
722. LIBUTAQUE, Jenny G.
723. LICAROS, Anna Theresa L.
724. LIGUTAN, Amando Virgil D.
725. LIM, Aldean Philip A.
726. LIM, Bernadette C.
727. LIM, Charmian D.
728. LIM, Dianne A.
729. LIM, Elnathan C.
730. LIM, Janette T.
731. LIM, John Paul T.
732. LIM, May Abigail T.
733. LIM, Shelly T.
734. LIMBONHAI, Katrina Anne T.
735. LIMPOT, Marcelina C.
736. LIN, Chin C.
737. LINDONGAN, Arnel A.
738. LIONG, Frederick G.
739. LIPORADA, Isagani S.
740. LIQUETE, John Henry C.
741. LIRA, Jimmy Lyn F.
742. LIZANO, Jennifer M.
743. LIZASO, Marina Elenita S.
744. LLAMEDO, Lecel R.
745. LLASOS, Ma. Paz A.
746. LLAVE, Jose Fernando G.
747. LLEDO, Precious Angela L.
748. LLESOL, Kristine Jolly S.
749. LLOSA, Ruben M.
750. LOBO, Allan C.
751. LOBO, Alvin C.
752. LOGRONIO, Nelson U.
753. LOMBOY, Alex Norman B.
754. LONTOK, Benito M.
755. LOPEZ, Jess Raymund M.
756. LOPEZ, Nastasja Karina J.
757. LOPEZ, Precious Czar A.
758. LOPEZ, Sarah Jane D.
759. LOPEZ, Welson M.
760. LORENZO, Rochelle V.
761. LORENZO, III, Andres D.
762. LOZANO, JR., Ernesto S.
763. LOZARE, Allan C.
764. LUBRIO, Maria Cristina L.
765. LUCERO, Arlene O.
766. LUCILA, Marguerite Therese L.
767. LUGO, Marylois C.
768. LUMAGUE, Ma. Cecille D.
769. LUMAUIG, Timothy Joseph N.
770. LUMAWAG, Joan O.
771. LUNA, Hans Roger S.
772. LUNA, Reymund F.
773. LUNDANG, Lynneth T.
775. LUZUNG, Fred C.
776. MABANSAG, Ulidia B.
777. MABUTE, Neddejohn L.
778. MACABATA, Michael S.
779. MACAGAAN, Sittie Aleah C.
780. MACALABO-ABDUL, T’hasmin P.
781. MACALINTAL, Ma. Jinel G.
782. MACAM, JR., Cezar A.
784. MACAPAYAG, Neliza N.
785. MACAPILI, Judelyn T.
786. MACASAET, Bhong Paulo A.
787. MACASAET, Julius Caesar Junior I.
788. MACLANG, Cisco Franz S.
789. MADARCOS, Rachelle G.
790. MADERAZO, Gail Stephanie C.
791. MADRID, Dianne Ricci DC.
792. MAGALLOSA, Jan Rey E.
793. MAGAT, Edward S.
794. MAGCAMIT, Eric Jay A.
795. MAGLANQUE, JR., Abelardo P.
796. MAGLASANG, Chevrolie E.
797. MAGLUNOG, Tiffany Kim R.
798. MAGMANLAC, Joysha D.
799. MAGSANO, Rexie May E.
800. MAGUGAT, Jenny Vi H.
801. MAGUIGAD, Vanessa Q.
802. MAILOM, Mariel A.
803. MAIQUEZ, Kristine Anne L.
804. MALABANAN, Melvin C.
805. MALALUAN, Joseph S.
806. MALANG, Kristine Margret M.
807. MALAPITAN, Elmar H.
808. MALINAO, Rose A.
809. MALLETE, Elbert R.
810. MALLILLIN, Bryan Joseph L.
811. MALLILLIN, Maria Rea A.
812. MALVEDA, Patrick John V.
813. MANAHAN, Elson B.
814. MANAHAN, Geline Joy C.
815. MANALANG, Jerry L.
816. MANALO, Eric N.
817. MANANES, Edward Martin M.
818. MANCOL, Creschic C.
819. MANDAP, Charity P.
820. MANGAMPO, Mark Philip C.
821. MANGUERA, Aris S.
822. MANGUERA, Erwin C.
823. MANINGAS, Peter Kate C.
824. MANLANGIT, Constantino U.
825. MANLAPAZ, Benedicto G.
826. MANLAPAZ, Raian Joy G.
827. MANTICAJON, Ian Vincent C.
828. MANZANO, Catherina N.
829. MAPULA, Paolo Marco R.
830. MAQUIRAYA, Mark Albert Gregory B.
831. MARAJAS, Camille Suzanne R.
832. MARALIT, Maricon Z.
833. MARASIGAN, Michael Jobert M.
834. MARASIGAN, Nicholas S.
835. MARAÑON, III, Emilio L.
836. MARIANO, Charlen Masha A.
837. MARIANO, Karmina A.
838. MARISTAZA, Ryan F.
839. MARISTAZA, JR., Romulo T.
841. MARQUEZ, Carlo B.
842. MARQUEZ, Jemil Christian B.
843. MARTIN, Marilou C.
844. MARTINEZ, Joseph L.
845. MARTINEZ, Ken Emery B.
846. MARTIZANO, Giuseppe G.
847. MARZAN, Kareen Silver P.
848. MAS, JR., Emmanuel N.
849. MATIAS, Michael Drake P.
850. MATIB, Erwin G.
851. MATOZA, Jason T.
852. MATULOY, Rhandell Alvin B.
853. MAUHAY, Gisela Cecilia A.
854. MAUNTING, Aisa (Bruneiry) G.
855. MAZO, Rosalie T.
856. MEDEL, Edward B.
857. MEDEZ, Rosanne Chriselle S.
858. MEDRANO, Ryan P.
859. MEER, Francis James E.
860. MELCHOR, Jennifer M.
861. MENCHAVEZ, Estrella G.
862. MENCHAVEZ, Llewelyn P.
863. MENDIGUARIN, Donna D.
864. MENDIOLA, Dana Paula B.
865. MENDOZA, Bernadette C.
866. MENDOZA, Felix Glenn C.
867. MENDOZA, Josephine Marie B.
868. MENDOZA, Julie Aylene DV.
869. MENDOZA, Marco T.
870. MENDOZA, Rizaldy L.
872. MERACAP, Charlemaigne L.
873. MERCADO, Aissa C.
874. MERCADO, Ronald Crisanto P.
875. MERIN, Iris Victoria U.
876. MESA, Reina L.
877. MESINA, Bridget Rose M.
878. MESINA, Rita Marie L.
879. MIGRIÑO, Joseph R.
880. MIGUEL, Filamer D.
881. MIJARES, Cecil Joy T.
882. MIMBALAWAG, Ibrahim M.
883. MINA, Marita Anna C.
884. MIRANDA, Francis E.
885. MIRANDA, Hazel May P.
886. MIRANDA, Maricel C.
887. MIRASOL, Rommel Jan T.
888. MOCNANGAN, Tom P.
889. MODESTO, Katherine Joy R.
890. MOHAMETANO, Gift S.
891. MOLDEZ, Maria Cecilia A.
892. MOLINA, Chenellyn S.
893. MOLINA, Mat J.
894. MOLINA, Rosana M.
895. MOLO, Junalit G.
896. MONCERA, Ana Marie N.
897. MONDEZ, Thomas Elliot A.
898. MONFERO, Deane Ruth S.
899. MONJE, Johannes S.
900. MONSOD, Eunice Zuleika N.
901. MONTEALTO, Beverly V.
902. MONTECILLO, Conchita D.
903. MONTEFALCON, Donna April G.
904. MONTEMAYOR, Patrick G.
905. MONTENEGRO, Nabi Karl Bayani O.
906. MONTERO, Froilan A.
907. MONTERO, II, Jose Voltaire B.
908. MONTESA, Cyrus Richard A.
909. MONTEZA, Evangeline C.
910. MONTIBON, Gemmini N.
911. MONTILLA, Aris R.
912. MORAL, Leah Marie A.
913. MORALDE, Ginalyn O.
914. MORALES, Maria Liberty D.
915. MORALES, Maria Teresa G.
916. MORALES, Rhea Joy M.
918. MOREÑO, J. Ricardo H.
919. MOSCARE, Daisy Lily O.
920. MOSQUERA, Joanne Lenny M.
921. MUAÑA, Cara S.
922. MUTIA, Rowena F.
923. MUÑIZ, Sheila DM.
924. MUÑOZ, Jo Ann Marie A.
925. NADUMA, Mat Kieven T.
926. NAMUAG, Maria Roana O.
927. NARIDO, Eleuterio C.
928. NATIVIDAD, Cynthia C.
929. NATIVIDAD, Peter Paul T.
930. NAVAL, Bodie Edward D.
931. NAVAL, Vanessa O.
932. NAVALLO, Michael Jobert I.
933. NAVARRO, Analissa V.
934. NAVARRO, F.J. Edmund Jensen S.
935. NAVARRO, Herbert C.
936. NAVERA, Angeline Z.
937. NEDIC, Riya Adelaida C.
938. NER, Alexander D.
939. NICANOR, Morgan R.
940. NICOLAS, Jeneline N.
941. NICOLAS, Jona Liza F.
942. NIERE, Sheila Simonet G.
943. NIERVA, Carmela B.
944. NOCOS, Gent Paul A.
945. NOLASCO, May Rachel S.
946. NUEVE, Thea Gicela C.
947. NUGUIT, Mark Anthony M.
948. NUÑEZ, Rene John V.
949. OANDASAN, Nelia O.
950. OASAY, Jenny F.
951. OBILES, Jayson
952. OBLIGACION, Romelyn A.
953. OBON, Maureen Rose T.
954. OBSUM, Shaun Hassen C.
955. OCAMPO, Analita E.
956. OCAMPO, Angelique Michelle Irene L.
957. OCAMPO, Kenneth Z.
958. OCAMPO, Lovereal Joy M.
959. OCAMPO, Ma. Sarah Kay N.
960. ODERO, Rhoda N.
961. OFENDA, Giovanni C.
962. OGOY-BERNARDO, Sherryl B.
963. OJEDA, Susana Grace L.
964. OLAN, Rodolfo M.
965. OLANO, Alisa Trena R.
966. OLERIANA, Caress L.
967. OLITOQUIT, Leila C.
968. ONA, Maricar L.
969. ONCOG-ALBANO, Rosa Theresa A.
970. ONG, Edward T.
971. ONG, Vic Ruskin M.
972. ONTALAN, Frances Mae Cherrie K.
973. OQUINDO-GONZAGA, Maria Karina B.
974. ORDONEZ, Lady May F.
975. ORILLA, Donna Marie G.
976. OROLA-ABAYGAR, Elnora J.
977. ORPIADA, Mary Jane N.
978. ORTEGA, Sarah T.
979. PAALA, Eumaida C.
980. PABALAN, Mary Grace A.
981. PABELLANO, Joycee M.
982. PABLEO, Ann Marie Teresa B.
983. PACHECO, Peter John Raymund B.
984. PACLEB, Kathleen Carisa C.
985. PADILLA, Agnes L.
986. PADILLA, Dexter V.
987. PADILLA, Patrick A.
988. PADILLA, Rafael Angelo M.
989. PADILLA, II, Victor Luis Q.
990. PADKIW, Appasan K.
991. PADULLO, JR., Macario C.
992. PAGAYANAN, Claire Eufracia P.
993. PAGUE, Kristine Jane B.
994. PAGUNSAN, Pampross J.
995. PALACAO-CONDAT, Cheryl M.
996. PALAD, Dennis M.
997. PALIC, Anabelle S.
998. PALLARCA, Cecilia S.
999. PALOMA, Eileen C.
1000. PAMINTUAN, III, Alberto D
1001. PANDOY, May R.
1002. PANES, Shirley S.
1003. PANGANIBAN, Jasmin P.
1004. PAPA, Ma. Leonila P.
1005. PARAS, Joyce D.
1006. PARCIA, Mark Anthony M.
1007. PARDUCHO, Nestle Lyn M.
1008. PAREDES, Annabel M.
1009. PAREDES, Mark Allen M.
1010. PARGAS, May Chrysaliz E.
1011. PARROCHA, Rodan G.
1012. PASAGUI, Ryan Rey L.
1013. PASAMONTE, Jan Philip O.
1014. PASANA-TURGANO, Princesita C.
1015. PASCO, Lyle Filomeo C.
1016. PASCO, Maria Rosario B.
1017. PASCUA, Elmer G.
1018. PASCUA, Sherwin P.
1019. PASCUAL, Kalvin Henson C.
1020. PASCUAL, Rafael Allan P.
1021. PASCUAL, Rosemary T.
1022. PASTOR, Mark Steven C.
1023. PASTOR-CORPUZ, Gizelle R.
1024. PASTORFIDE, Grace C.
1026. PATANGAN, Al-may Sair F.
1027. PATDU, Ivy D.
1028. PATRIARCA, Judith P.
1029. PAUDAC, Hasminah D.
1031. PAZ, Ma. Patricia B.
1032. PE LIM, Alfred John C.
1033. PEDROSA, Arnel M.
1034. PELAEZ, Joseph Paul B.
1035. PELAYO-ALUTAYA, Marlou
1036. PELEA, Emmanuel E.
1037. PENADOS, Faith C.
1038. PENSOY, Randolf C.
1039. PEPITO, Charisse Faith T.
1040. PEPITO, Isar O.
1041. PERALTA, Xandrix J.
1042. PERANDOS, Mitos Shiela J.
1043. PERDIGUERRA-MUÑOZ, Divina Lea A.
1044. PEROLA, Melissa Grace T.
1045. PETEROS, Rosarie A.
1046. PEYRA, JR., Monico L.
1047. PEÑA-MALLANAO, Ana May Concepcion C.
1048. PEÑAFLOR, Maria Christina P.
1049. PICAR, Rianne M.
1050. PICO-ELUMBA, April Joan B.
1051. PIJO, JR., Reynaldo M.
1052. PINATARA, Nadjer D.
1053. PITAHIN, Ferdinand Emmanuel C.
1054. PITPIT, Froilan B.
1055. PIZARRO, January C.
1056. PIZARRO, IV, Zacarias L.
1057. PLATA, Kristine C.
1058. PLOTEÑA, Vivian T.
1059. PONCE, Rebecca Carla M.
1060. PONIO, IV, Amelia S.
1061. POSIO, Jake Patrick P.
1062. POZON, Ira Paulo A.
1063. PRADAS, Liza D.
1064. PRESTOZA, Anthony G.
1065. PUA, Maricris Connie B.
1066. PUACHE, Melojean M.
1067. PUERTO, Ofelia R.
1068. PULICAY, Rey B.
1069. PUNAY, Arceli C.
1070. PUNO, Vincent I.
1071. PUNSALAN, Enjl D.
1072. PURGANAN, Anthony J.
1073. PUSPUS, Archie B.
1074. PUZON, Dominique Jose S.
1075. PUZON, Jocelyn V.
1076. QUEROL, Marah Victoria S.
1077. QUEVENCO, Jesus Ramon M.
1078. QUIJANO, Mia Antonette M.
1079. QUILAQUIGA, Sharina C.
1080. QUIMPO, Nancy Aurora D.
1081. QUINIO, Patrick Joseph M.
1082. QUINTANILLA, Czarina G.
1083. QUINTON, Larry M.
1084. QUIOC, Marina Luz P.
1085. QUIOGUE, Marie Antonette B.
1086. QUIPSE, Isabel Milagros L.
1087. QUIRANTE, Aileen L.
1088. QUIÑONES, Charlie A.
1089. RABANAL, Diana F.
1090. RACOMA, Monica Rose B.
1091. RAFOLS, Jeanny Mae H.
1092. RAGOJOS, Michael A.
1093. RAMIREZ-CAÑETE, Margaux Angeli R.
1094. RAMIRO, Tanya Faye O.
1095. RAMOS, Frances Lynn C.
1096. RAMOS, Kristian Lorenz B.
1097. RAMOS, Lanie B.
1098. RAMOS-TEJADA, Elsiemarie B.
1099. RANCES, Katherine May N.
1100. RAPATAN, Neil Jerome A.
1101. RAVANERA, Ilya Kristine R.
1102. RAYOS DEL SOL, Juan Fermin D.
1103. REANTASO, Maria Celeste A.
1104. REBADOMIA, Venice Cyrus M.
1105. REBUGIO, Dani Jay G.
1106. RECTO, Rolando R.
1107. REDOBLADO, Bea Carla C.
1108. REDOBLE, Luisito D.
1109. REGALA-PAVIA, Alma Renee C.
1110. REGALADO, John Christian Joy A.
1111. RELAMPAGOS, Janris Jay G.
1112. REMIGIO, Frederick Jay E.
1113. REQUIÑO, II, Claudio G.
1114. RESARI, Steve G.
1115. REVAMONTE, Vanessa G.
1116. REY, Mark Ryan B.
1117. REYES, Cherrie Lynne May P.
1118. REYES, Irene Mischele B.
1119. REYES, Jennylyn V.
1120. REYES, John Philip L.
1121. REYES, Julius Christian L.
1122. REYES, Leslie Ann A.
1123. REYES, Mariflor V.
1124. REYES, Mark Anthony P.
1125. REYES, Mary Kristine C.
1126. REYES, Mary Ann H.
1127. REYES, Remus Romano A.
1128. REYES, JR., Arsenio C.
1129. REYNOSO, Jay Paolo A.
1130. RICABLANCA-PARGAS, Sonia Philipa M.
1131. RIMANDO, Rhiza Lee D.
1132. RISMA, Ace Victor F.
1133. RIVAS, Amy S.
1134. RIVERA, Lordaliza R.
1135. RIZON, Maria Theresa V.
1136. ROBINO, Leif John L.
1137. ROBLES, Margarita Angela B.
1138. ROBREDILLO, Jose Ruther P.
1139. ROCAMORA, Timothy John G.
1140. RODAS, Carlo D.
1141. RODENAS, Jason G.
1142. RODRIGUEZ, Jay Y.
1143. ROJAS, Aileez C.
1144. ROJO, Alejandro N.
1145. ROLDAN, Maria Theresa A.
1146. ROMERO, Anna Leah T.
1147. ROMERO, Ginalin Joy C.
1148. ROMERO, Maria Paula G.
1149. ROMERO, Ryan V.
1150. RONDARIO, Christina Eden M.
1151. RONULO, Jonathan B.
1152. ROQUE, Patricia Marie Regina V.
1153. ROSACIA, Diane Christie A.
1154. ROSALES, Rose Anne P.
1155. ROSOS, Mya Analene D.
1156. ROXAS, JR., Almario H.
1157. RUBINOS, Danielle-anne O.
1158. RUBIO, Ophelia Pilar E.
1159. RUEDAS, Ronald P.
1160. RUFO, Ivy G.
1161. RUFON, III, Jose Athanasius S.
1162. RUIZ, Kathleen Joy M.
1163. RUSELL, Rosemarie A.
1164. SABADO, Kathryn S.
1165. SABINO, Sheila May S.
1166. SAC, Abbiegail D.
1167. SACAY-HWANG, Emmeline A.
1168. SACLOLO, Sharon N.
1169. SACRAMENTO, Allan M.
1170. SAGADAL, Darius L.
1171. SAGCAL, Michael Arthur C.
1172. SAID, Johaira B.
1173. SALADA, Mary Ann T.
1174. SALAMAT, Aimee Abigail E.
1175. SALANGA, Yolanda A.
1177. SALCEDO, R Epicurus Charlo S.
1178. SALCEDO, Vera Shayne G.
1179. SALES, Rodante A.
1180. SALIGUMBA, Dyan Kristine R.
1181. SALLIDAO, Debie K.
1182. SALONGA, Rowena Fatima M.
1183. SALUD, Jose Victorniño L.
1184. SALVA, JR., Nelson C.
1185. SALVADOR, Christopher Sam S.
1186. SALVADOR, Jana Rebekah A.
1188. SALVE, Maria Edbiesa B.
1189. SAMPER, Yvette H.
1190. SAN DIEGO, Larina DG.
1191. SAN DIEGO-QUIJANO, Celine Muriel C.
1192. SAN JUAN, Leika P.
1193. SAN MIGUEL, Melisa L.
1194. SAN PEDRO, Fraulein B.
1195. SAN PEDRO, Kristin C.
1196. SANA, Elias Omar A.
1197. SANCHEZ, Angelo Albert T.
1198. SANCHEZ, Jennifer DL.
1199. SANCHEZ, Maruli Ali G.
1200. SANCHEZ, Olive B.
1201. SANCHEZ, Reinhard C.
1202. SANCHEZ, Richard P.
1203. SANCHEZ, JR., Jacinto C.
1204. SANCHEZ-LLORITO, Livian May
1205. SANDALO, Winlove Apple R.
1206. SANDOVAL, Edouard Y.
1207. SANGALANG, Ela A.
1208. SANIDAD, Dick R.
1209. SANIDAD, JR., Pablito F.
1210. SANTIAGO, Evangeline A.
1211. SANTIAGO, Glendale R.
1212. SANTIAGO, Marco P.
1213. SANTIAGO, Ronacyn P.
1214. SANTIAGO, JR., Eugenio M.
1215. SANTO, Carissa E.
1216. SANTOS, Ayesa Theresa S.
1217. SANTOS, Darwin B.
1218. SANTOS, Deborah B.
1219. SANTOS, Lea D.
1220. SANTOS, Nikki Neil R.
1221. SANTOS, Ryan V.
1222. SANTOS, Sheila A.
1223. SANTOS, Verna Kate B.
1225. SAPALO, Ignacio A.
1226. SAQUING, Claudette Michelle T.
1227. SARMIENTO, Frances Jeanne L.
1228. SAROMINES, Jonathan L.
1229. SARONA, Jazzie M.
1230. SARZA, Maneeka A.
1231. SAURA, III, Ramon A.
1232. SAYAS, Gerard M.
1233. SAYAT, Jenny H.
1234. SAYSON, Frances Lynette V.
1235. SEARES, Raphael Joseph B.
1236. SEDILLA, Jasmin P.
1237. SEGUERRA, Candy P.
1238. SENCIO, Suzanne Margaret T.
1239. SEREDRICA, Rodolfo M.
1240. SERGIO, Oliver Jhones R.
1241. SERILO, Rowena L.
1242. SERRANO, Jennifer J.
1243. SEVILLA, Hanniyah P.
1244. SEÑA, Raymund B.
1245. SIAO, Ronaldo Horacio B.
1246. SILONGAN, Sahara Alia J.
1247. SILVA, Hector C.
1248. SIMUNDAC, Maria Concepcion P.
1249. SINGSON, Wellah R.
1250. SINSON, Katherine G.
1251. SIOSANA, Minerva V.
1252. SISTOZA, Cristian Paulinne H.
1253. SO, Jim Roy D.
1254. SOBREVEGA, Mary Jean Q.
1255. SOLIDEO, Shin Kenneth A.
1256. SOLIMAN, Maria Aurora M.
1257. SOLIS, Rochelle Marie R.
1258. SOLIVEN, Victor Ariel G.
1259. SOLON, JR., Edgardo C.
1260. SOMERA, Aimie D.
1261. SOMERA, Quennie Agnes C.
1262. SONGCO, Christine Dianne V.
1263. SORIANO, Al L.
1264. SORIANO, Octavius G.
1265. SORIANO-AFALLA, Brenda Lyn S.
1266. SOTO, Katherine L.
1267. STA. ANA, Florences G.
1268. STA. ANA, Freznel B.
1269. STA. MARIA, Cicero L.
1270. STA. MARIA, Eunice M.
1271. STA. TERESA, Maria Luz S.
1272. SUAREZ, Marvin C.
1273. SUGANOB, Lynie C.
1274. SULIT, Jam Tristan L.
1275. SULTAN, Abdinsa S.
1276. SUMAGIT, Michael B.
1277. SUMAYOD, Jhoana Marie P.
1278. SUMILE, Barry C.
1279. SURALTA, Maria Doris B.
1280. SUSA, Jose B.
1281. SY, Catherine C.
1282. SY, Khristopher M.
1283. SY, Rachelle T.
1284. SY, Sherwin S.
1285. TABANAY, Ryan D.
1286. TABANDA, Roy Patrick C.
1287. TABERNERO-BUNAG, Vanessa P.
1288. TABIOS, Anna Leah A.
1289. TABIQUE, Katrina C.
1290. TABUNDA, Rod Patrick A.
1291. TACLA, Russell E.
1292. TADEO, Alexie Jane C.
1293. TADEO, Yasmine Lee R.
1294. TADINA-PASIA, Melody F.
1295. TAGALOGUIN, Fritz Z.
1296. TAHIR, Sharina I.
1297. TAJAN, Joy Stephanie C.
1298. TALLUNGAN, Brigida Jeanne T.
1299. TALUCAD, Tatiana Dolores F.
1300. TAMALA, Kenneth O.
1301. TAMAYO, Catherine E.
1302. TAMAYO, Ma. Yvette M.
1303. TAMONDONG, Juan Carlos S.
1304. TAN, Annie U.
1305. TAN, Art Lynson A.
1306. TAN, Eric David C.
1307. TAN, Joyce Melcar T.
1308. TAN, Maria Cristina A.
1309. TAN, Mhedora B.
1310. TAN, Stephanie Michelle C.
1311. TAN, JR., David P.
1312. TANKIANG, III, Eduardo Martin A.
1313. TANQUIENG, Paula Mae B.
1314. TAPALES, Patrick Joseph S.
1315. TAPIC, Charlene Mae C.
1316. TAPIRE, Helen Paulette D.
1317. TAQUED, Gamaliel S.
1318. TAVANLAR, Tomi L.
1319. TAÑGAN, Margret Faye G.
1320. TAÑOLA, Mc Ferlin P.
1321. TE, Meiji Hanna Z.
1322. TEH, Roselle P.
1323. TEMPLORA, Imerson L.
1324. TENAJA, Darwin A.
1325. TENTATIVA, June G.
1326. TERRADO, Marlon C.
1327. TIBAYAN, Irish Kirbee V.
1328. TIOJANCO, Bryan Dennis G.
1329. TIU, Jiecel S.
1330. TO, Joan Mae S.
1331. TOBES, Giselle Jill D.
1332. TOLEDO, Maria Joy O.
1333. TOLENTINO, Lovely V.
1334. TOLOSA, Gretchel L.
1335. TOMAS, Rudolfh M.
1336. TOMBO, Peter Paul M.
1337. TONGCUA, Paulette V.
1338. TORIO, John Ryan P.
1339. TORMON, Alvin A.
1340. TORREMOCHA, Edric P.
1341. TORRES, Ivy Grace O.
1342. TORRES, Maria Melissa G.
1343. TORREVILLAS, Juan Alfonso P.
1344. TRABAJO, III, Aureliano Marcus C.
1345. TRINIDAD, Carlos Vincent C.
1346. TRINIDAD, Chloe Hope B.
1347. TRIVIÑO, Diana Cecilia E.
1348. TRUMPO, Magno T.
1349. TUADLES, Leticia R.
1350. TUAZON, Cecilia M.
1351. TUBILLEJA, Liza T.
1352. TUGADO, Judie Rose P.
1353. TUMALIUAN, Gliricidia C.
1354. TURANO, Earlene Lirio R.
1355. TURANO II, Earl Ligorio R.
1356. TURINGAN, Norman Paul A.
1357. UEDA, Eric O.
1358. UMALI, Ma. Flerida Ruth B.
1359. UNCIANO, Rodel C.
1360. UNTALAN, Maria Rhodora P.
1361. UNTAYAO, Dictador V.
1362. URBANO, Mary Grace M.
1363. URBIZTONDO, Maria Cassandra M.
1364. USON, Anthony B.
1365. UY, Diana Grace L.
1366. UY, Karl Jordan D.
1367. UY, Kenneth T.
1368. UY, Lancaster L.
1369. UY, Michael Dionisio
1370. UY, Rachelle E.
1371. UY, Vismarck S.
1372. VALDEAVILLA, Maria Ermina V.
1373. VALDEZ, Joey N.
1374. VALDEZ, V, Francesco Manuel P.
1375. VALENCIA, Daisy Jane H.
1376. VALENZUELA, Ida Kristina Z.
1377. VALERA, Karla Regina D.
1378. VALERIO, Cristiellane T.
1379. VALEZA, Carlo T.
1380. VALLEJO, Maria Johanna N.
1381. VALMORES, Christopher Rey P.
1382. VARGAS, Michael George Andrew R.
1383. VASQUEZ, Ian Albert M.
1384. VECINA, Leilani P.
1385. VELASCO, Adrian Jay-R A.
1386. VELASCO, Diana A.
1387. VELASCO, Resurrection Florimae C.
1388. VELASCO-LAO, Francesca Marie R.
1389. VELMONTE, Rovelson R.
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1400. VILLACASTIN, Dandel Rose P.
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1449. ZARAGOZA, Ma. Edelyn A.
1450. ZERRUDO, John Paul C.
1451. ZULUETA, Amber June M.


MTRCB suspends showtime again!
. According to the board, this is an executory decision.SHOWTIME will not be allowed to replace the show with MAGPASIKAT or any other talent show with a different name. on the decision, its says that SHOWTIME will not be allowed to replace the show with MAGPASIKAT or any other talent show with a different name.

what is surprising is, The “showtime” suspension is the decision on the previous Rosanna Roces incident. There was a comitte hearing decision came out today.

follow me on twitter for more superfresh updates of everything.

CHRSTIAN LIFE PROGRAM at Quezon City North Area!

All singles from Quezon City North area! We are inviting everyone to join us and feel a one of a kind experience life as it matters. The CFC-SFC North B2A will launch a new CLP program happens this coming saturday, March 13, 2010 at Palace of the Rock, St. Peter Parish Commonwealth Avenue., Quezon City at 6:00 pm. We encourage you to invite all your friends to come with you!

See you there!
For more details kindly contact: Mike Laxina 0927 6534569 or Jovie Malato 0929 6589753


The bazaartoday multiply account is now up and running! Visit to check out new books on sale including FICTIONS AND SELFHELP!! PLEASE SEE BELOW FICTION PAPERBACK AND HARDBOUND BOOKS FOR SALE THIS VACATION!

The bazaartoday multiply account is now up and running! Visit to check out new books on sale including FICTIONS AND SELFHELP!! BELOW ARE THE SELF HELP BOOKS FOR SALE!


For those who are looking for an apartment to stay in makati, we are still looking for 2 (Male) housemates this February. The apartment is a two-storey building. The second floor compose of two separate room, the other one will be vacated this Feb 15 and if you are interested or you know someone who wants to rent please let us know. The apartment is 11,000k (two person per room) and ideally four housemates are sharing the whole apartment for only 2,750k each only, exclusive of electricity. It is near Makati City hall and 15 minutes going to ayala Avenue and just a ride to MRT or LRT. It’s in Pililia Street along JP Rizal. For those interested you may contact me Rod (09178836871)

g/f living room and kitchen

stairs in between two rooms upstairs.

Comfort room at the ground floor. with shower



What the Shell Tax issue is all about

Recently, the public has heard of the issue regarding alleged non-payment by Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) of excise taxes for imports of Catalytic Cracked Gasoline (CCG) and light catalytic cracked gasoline (LCCG), amounting to Php 7.35 billion for the years 2004-09. To correct the misleading, inaccurate and wrong statements that have been made regarding this case, PSPC would like to provide the public the facts of the case:

1. “Other Petroleum Firms are paying their excise tax, but not Shell” – This is not true. Shell, like all other petroleum firms, pays excise taxes on all its finished products to the government. From 2004-2009, Shell has paid over P37 billion in excise taxes for its finished products. On the other hand, finished product importers like Chevron, Total, and other independent players pay excise taxes to the Bureau of Customs (BOC) upon importation, but do not pay Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) excise tax on the same finished products before they are sold to the public. The difference then is when and to whom the tax payment is made to, and not the amount. Shell does not pay excise tax to the BOC on CCG/LCCG because like crude oil, these are intermediate or raw materials. However, Shell pays to the BIR excise taxes on all finished products that are produced from the raw materials, before the finished products are sold. There is, therefore no revenue losses to the government. Finished product importers pay excise tax to BOC, while refiners pay excise tax to BIR.

2. “The position of BOC is that LCCG and CCG is a finished product and that’s why (Shell) should resolve and not muddle the issue” – As tested and certified by the Department of Energy (DOE), the agency with the technical expertise to determine whether a product is a raw material or a finished product, as early as 2003, LCCG/CCG is an intermediate or raw gasoline component that is blended to produce PSPC’s gasolines to comply with the Clean Air Act (CAA). The Product National Standards (PNS) specifications will also show that LCCG/CCG do not meet the product specifications requirements, and therefore, cannot be sold as finished products. Even the BOC’s Verification Committee admitted that Shell has not sold LCCG/CCG to the public but instead uses it as blending component.

3. “There is fraud on the part of Shell since when they imported the product, they listed them at BOC as gasoline, but when Shell goes to BIR it is declaring the imports as raw material” – This is not true. There is no fraud as we have always stated that CCG/LCCG is a kind of gasoline, but which cannot be used in its current specification and has to be blended with other components to meet the Clean Air Act and PNS standards for gasoline. It is therefore an intermediate or raw material.

4. “Shell is blackmailing the government by threatening to stop importing, shut down their refinery and claiming there will be shortages if BOC seize their importations” – Shell is not blackmailing the government. We are simply stating the fact that if BOC seizes our importations, we will have no raw materials to run the refinery and no products to sell. As Shell supplies 30% of the market, it will not be easy for the other oil companies to step into the void. We do not want this to happen but for purposes of transparency, we have to let the public and government know the consequences of the BOC’s arbitrary action. In fact, even before the 60-day TRO issued by the CTA expired, Batangas Customs Collector Juan Tan attempted to unlawfully use Section 1508 of the Tariff Code to seize PSPC’s goods, despite the fact that the shipments of crude oil, CCG and gas oil were already in the possession of PSPC and all taxes have been paid to Customs. Section 1508 does not authorize Customs to seize property or assets of PSPC, but only incoming importations, yet BOC Collector Tan attempted to unlawfully confiscate PSPC’s property forcing PSPC to obtain judicial relief from the Regional Trial Court of Batangas.

5. “Shell is getting special treatment by getting tax exemption as a result of the BIR ruling in 2003” – This is not true. As discussed in item 1 above, Shell has been paying all the excise taxes on its finished products. In fact, as a result of BIR Commissioner Joel Tan-Torres’ reversal, Shell is now the only oil company paying excise taxes twice starting January 2010! The House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, the lead congressional committee for tax legislation, has issued an official report last January 27, 2010, that found that the Tan-Torres reversal is an imposition of an impermissible act of double taxation on Shell’s imports of Catalytic Cracked Gasoline (CCG) and Light Catalytic Cracked Gasoline (LCCG) since it “in effect levies an excise tax twice on CCG and LCCG, first as raw materials upon withdrawal from the port of entry and second as components of a finished product upon withdrawal from PSPC’s refinery.” The Committee held that the imposition of the said double taxation is “a naked, arbitrary, and whimsical abuse of administrative power by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and a usurpation of the power to tax solely vested in Congress by the Constitution.”

We express grave concern on the actions by the BOC and the BIR for the following reasons:

1. The Tan-Torres reversal results in double taxation (the imposition of excise tax on the both the imported raw materials used and in the finished products), which not only puts PSPC in an uneven playing field compared to other oil players, but more importantly:

§ A. reflects instability in government policies (with dangerous precedent set due to retroactive application); and

§ B. results in a policy implication of discouraging manufacturing investments in the country, destroying the higher value added that the industry contributes.

2. The issue similarly reflects abuse of seizure power against importers on contested tax assessments. Furthermore, BOC insists that even if the case is still being heard in court, that Shell provides CASH payment in protest and does not want to accept bonds as security!

Shell’s Business Principles have for many years been fundamental to how we conduct our business and we have always believed that living by them is crucial to our continued success. We believe that our reputation, which we have built and protected for so many decades, will be upheld if we act in accordance with the law and these business principles.

As above, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation maintains that we have paid all taxes on CCG, and that there are no factual and legal bases for saying otherwise. Shell has consistently been in the Top 10 Taxpayers list of the government and over the last 5 years, our annual tax payments has averaged about P 26 billion per year.

Shell will continue to exhaust all available legal remedies for the immediate resolution of this important issue. This issue is important for us, and as part of our business principles, it is also our duty to provide the public with accurate and truthful information, in the spirit of fairness and transparency.

The public deserves to know.

THE 17TH Singles for Christ International Conference (ICON) is coming!

The LONG WAIT IS OVER!!! Davao City will be hosting the 17th Singles For Christ International Conference (ICON). The venue will be at Riverfront Corporate City, Davao City, Philippines on February 19-22, 2010. Last year’s ICON was held at Cebu City.

Experience the biggest Gathering of more than 7,000 SFC members from the Philippines and other countries at no other than the City of smiles! Keep the fire burning as we validate our love, faith and belief to our only one way and redeemer.

SFC ICON runs just like the YFC-ILC. It is an event that is full of joy and God’s love. Competitions, Workshops, PraiseFest, Talks, and The Holy Eucharist is just few of the many that you should expect on this year’s SFC ICON.

SFC Icon updates:
* Registration has been extended. Visit your nearest CFC Center of for more details!!

Among the chapters worldwide that is expected to come are SFC Makati Chapter that houses inspiring and motivational leaders of today! Everyone is excited to experience son of God’s reunion!


(My friend just repost this information. Lets help them disseminate)

Dear Friends,

One of our kind readers is missing.
Leo Allen Pangilinan has been missing since yesterday, 5:00PM.
He was last seen leaving his house at Baesa, QC for work, but he never arrived at his workplace at Ortigas.

He was wearing khaki pants and a red striped short-sleeved polo shirt.
He is 22 years old, around 5’4″ to 5’5″ tall and 120-130lbs.

If you have any information on his whereabouts, please contact these numbers ASAP:

Rea Carpio 09163992674.
Bea Tabuñar 09173260415
Rose Tan 09178297673

Please help find Leo and by reposting in your blogs, sites, and Twitters.
Prayers for his safety are much appreciated.
Thanks and God bless.


Local TV networks are now expressing different views on the RECENTLY reeanacted rules from Malacanang that prevents artists to endorse any political aspirant during the campaign period. In line with this, GMA-7 issued a statement reminding all its talents to cease from campaigning for the candidates or political parties. It also prevents the election-related materials to feature celebrities even if they were shot before the campaign period. Below is the Kapuso network’s directive:

“GMA Network is advising its talents that they have to take a leave of absence if they continue to campaign for or endorse candidates or political parties during the campaign period, even if the taping of their participation in the promotion or plug of the candidate was done before the campaign period.

“GMA Network’s talents, who appeared in political ads or advocacy plugs before February 9, are advised to notify the candidates concerned or those responsible for placing these political plugs not to air them during the campaign period.”

On the other Hand, Kris Aquino, TV Host and actress express her sentiments on Commission on Elections (Comelec) . She says that the Comelec wants artists who are actively participating in the campaign to take a leave or be jailed. Since when has it been wrong to make a stand for what you believe? What is so wrong in wanting to take an active role in our democratic process?”

She was referring to a provision in the Fair Election Act or Republic Act 9006, which was enacted to “enhance the holding of free, orderly, honest, and credible elections through fair election practices.”

here is the full scribed of the REPUBLIC ACT 9006:

REPUBLIC ACT 9006 February 12, 2001


Section 1. Short Title.- This Act shall be known as the “Fair Election Act.”

Section 2. Declaration of Principles. – The Senate shall, during the election period, supervise or regulate the enjoyment or utilization of all franchises or permits for the operation of media of communication or information to guarantee or ensure equal opportunity for public service, including access to media time and space, and the equitable right to reply, for public information campaigns and for a among candidates and assure free, orderly, honest, peaceful and credible elections.

The State shall ensure that bona fide candidates for any public office shall be free from any form of harassment and discrimination.

Section 3. Lawful Election Propaganda. – Election propaganda, whether on television, cable television, radio, newspapers or any other medium is hereby allowed for all registered political parties, national, regional, sectoral parties or organizations participating under the party list elections and for all bona fide candidates seeking national and local elective positions subject to the limitation on authorized expenses of candidates and political parties, observance of truth in advertising and to the supervision and regulation by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC).

For the purpose of this Act, lawful election propaganda shall include:

3.1. Pamphlets, leaflets, cards, decals, stickers or other written or printed materials the size of which does not exceed eight and one half inches in width and fourteen inches in length;

3.2. Handwritten or printed letters urging voters to vote for or against any particular political party or candidate for public office;

3.3. Cloth, paper or cardboard posters, whether framed or posted, with an area not exceeding two (2) feet by three (3) feet, except that, at the site and on the occasion of a public meeting or rally, or in announcing the holding of said meeting or rally, streamers not exceeding three (3) feet by eight (8) feet in size, shall be allowed: Provided, That said streamers may be displayed five (5) days before the date of the meeting or rally and shall be removed within twenty-four (24) hours after said meeting or rally;

3.4. Paid advertisements in print or broadcast media: Provided, That the advertisements shall follow the requirements set forth in Section 4 of this Act; and

3.5. All other forms of election propaganda not prohibited by the Omnibus Election Code or this Act.

Section 4. Requirements for Published or Printed and Broadcast Election Propaganda. – 4.1. Any newspaper, newsletter, newsweekly, gazette or magazine advertising, posters, pamphlets, comic books, circulars, handbills, bumper stickers, streamers, sample list of candidates or any published or printed political matter and any broadcast of election propaganda by television or radio for or against a candidate or group of candidates to any public office shall bear and be identified by the reasonably legible or audible words “political advertisement paid for,” followed by the true and correct name and address of the candidate or party for whose benefit the election propaganda was printed or aired.

4.2. If the broadcast is given free of charge by the radio or television station, it shall be identified by the words “airtime for this broadcast was provided free of charge by” followed by the true and correct name and address of the broadcast entity.

4.3. Print, broadcast or outdoor advertisements donated to the candidate or political party shall not be printed, published, broadcast, or exhibited without the written acceptance by the said candidate or political party. Such written acceptance shall be attached to the advertising contract and shall be submitted to the COMELEC as provided in Subsection 6.3. hereof.

Section 5. Election Surveys. – 5.1. Election surveys refer to the measurement of opinions and perceptions of the voters as regards a candidate’s popularity, qualifications, platforms or a matter of public discussion in relation to the election, including voters’ preference for candidates or publicly discussed issues during the campaign period (hereafter referred to as “Survey”).

5.2. During the election period, any person, natural as well as juridical, candidate or organization who publishes a survey must likewise publish the following information:

(a) The name of the person, candidate, party or organization who commissioned or paid for the survey;

(b) The name of the person, polling firm or survey organization who conducted the survey;

(c) The period during which the survey was conducted, the methodology used, including the number of individual respondents and the areas from which they were selected, and the specific questions asked;

(d) The margin o error of the survey;

(e) For each question for which the margin of error is greater than that reported under paragraph (d), the margin of error for that question; and

(f) A mailing address and telephone number, indicating it as an address or telephone number at which the sponsor can be contacted to obtain a written report regarding the survey in accordance with Subsection 5.3.

5.3. The survey together with raw data gathered to support its conclusions shall be available for inspection, copying and verification by the COMELEC or by a registered political party or a bona fide candidate or by any COMELEC-accredited citizen’s arm. A reasonable fee sufficient to cover the costs of inspection, copying and verification may be charged.

5.4. Surveys affecting national candidates shall not be published fifteen (15) days before an election and surveys affecting local candidates shall not be published seven (7) days before an election.

5.5. Exit polls may only be taken subject to the following requirements:

(a) Pollsters shall not conduct their surveys within fifty (50) meters from the polling place, whether said survey is taken in a home, dwelling place and other places;

(b) Pollsters shall wear distinctive clothing;

(c) Pollsters shall inform the voters that they may refuse to answer; and

(d) The result of the exit polls may be announced after the closing of the polls on election day, and must clearly identify the total number of respondents, and the places where they were taken. Said announcement shall state that the same is unofficial and does not represent a trend.

Section 6. Equal Access to Media Time and Space. – All registered parties and bona fide candidates shall have equal access to media time and space. The following guidelines may be amplified on by the COMELEC.

6.1. Print advertisements shall not exceed one-fourth (1/4) page, in broad sheet and one-half (1/2) page in tabloids thrice a week per newspaper, magazine or other publications, during the campaign period.

6.2. (a) Each bona fide candidate or registered political party for a nationally elective office shall be entitled to not more than one hundred twenty (120) minutes of television advertisement and one hundred eighty (180) minutes of radio advertisement whether by purchase or donation.

(b) Each bona fide candidate or registered political party for a locally elective office shall be entitled to not more than sixty (60) minutes of television advertisement and ninety (90) minutes of radio advertisement whether by purchase or

For this purpose, the COMELEC shall require any broadcast station or entity to submit to the COMELEC a copy of its broadcast logs and certificates of performance for the review and verification of the frequency, date, time and duration of advertisements broadcast for any candidate or political party.

6.3. All mass media entities shall furnish the COMELEC with a copy of all contracts for advertising, promoting or opposing any political party or the candidacy of any person for public office within five (5) days after its signing. In every case, it shall be signed by the donor, the candidate concerned or by the duly authorized representative of the political party.

6.4. No franchise or permit to operate a radio or television stations shall be granted or issued, suspended or cancelled during the election period.

In all instances, the COMELEC shall supervise the use and employment of press, radio and television facilities insofar or the placement of political advertisements is concerned to ensure that candidates are given equal opportunities under equal circumstances to make known their qualifications and their stand on public issues within the limits set forth in the Omnibus Election Code and Republic Act No. 7166 on election spending.

The COMELEC shall ensure that radio or television or cable television broadcasting entities shall not allow the scheduling of any program or permit any sponsor to manifestly favor or oppose any candidate or political party by unduly or repeatedly referring to or including said candidate and/or political party in such program respecting, however, in all instances the right of said broadcast entities to air accounts of significant news or news worthy events and views on matters of public interest.

6.5. All members of media, television, radio or print, shall scrupulously report and interpret the news, taking care not to suppress essential facts nor to distort the truth by omission or improper emphasis. They shall recognize the duty to air the other side and the duty to correct substantive errors promptly.

6.6. Any mass media columnist, commentator, announcer, reporter, on-air correspondent or personality who is a candidate for any elective public office or is a campaign volunteer for or employed or retained in any capacity by any candidate or political party shall be deemed resigned, if so required by their employer, or shall take a leave of absence from his/her work as such during the campaign period: Provided, That any media practitioner who is an official of a political party or a member of the campaign staff of a candidate or political party shall not use his/her time or space to favor any candidate or political party.

6.7. No movie, cinematograph or documentary portraying the life or biography of a candidate shall be publicly exhibited in a theater, television station or any public forum during the campaign period.

6.8. No movie, cinematograph or documentary portrayed by an actor or media personality who is himself a candidate shall be publicly exhibited in a theater, television station or any public forum during the campaign period.

Section 7. Affirmative Action by the COMELEC. – 7.1. Pursuant to Sections 90 and 92 of the Omnibus Election Code (Batas Pambansa Bldg. 881), the COMELEC shall procure the print space upon payment of just compensation from at least three (3) national newspapers of general circulation wherein candidates for national office can announce their candidacies. Such space shall be allocated free of charge equally and impartially among all the candidates for national office on three (3) different calendar days: the first day within the first week of the campaign period; the second day within the fifth week of the campaign period; and the third day within the tenth week of the campaign period.

7.2. The COMELEC shall also procure free airtime from at least three (3) national television networks and three(3) national radio networks, which shall also be allocated free of charge equally and impartially among all candidates for national office. Such free time shall be allocated on three (3) different calendar days; the first day within the first week of the campaign period; the second day within the fifth week of the campaign period; and the third day within the tenth weeks of the campaign period.

7.3. The COMELEC may require national television and radio networks to sponsor at least three (3) national debates among presidential candidates and at least one (1) national debate among vice presidential candidates. The debates among presidential candidates shall be scheduled on three (3) different calendar days; the first debate shall be scheduled within the first and second week of the campaign period; the second debate within the fifth and sixth week of the campaign period; and the third debate shall be scheduled within the tenth and eleventh week of the campaign period.

The sponsoring television or radio network may sell air-time for commercials and advertisements to interested advertisers and sponsors. The COMELEC shall promulgate rules and regulations for the holding of such debates.

Section 8. COMELEC Space and Time. – The COMELEC shall procure shall in at least one (1) newspaper of general circulation and air time in at least one (1) major broadcasting station or entity in every province or city: Provided, however, That in the absence of said newspaper, publication shall be done in any other magazine or periodical in said province or city, which shall be known as “COMELEC Space”: Provided, further, That in the absence of said broadcasting station or entity, broadcasting shall be done in any radio or television station in said province or city, which shall be known as “COMELEC Time”. Said time shall be allocated to the COMELEC free of charge, while said space shall be allocated to the COMELEC upon payment of just compensation. The COMELEC time and space shall be utilized exclusively by the COMELEC for public information dissemination on election-related concerns.

Section 9. Posting of Campaign Materials. – The COMELEC may authorize political parties and party-list groups to erect common poster areas for their candidates in not more than ten (1) public places such as plazas, markets, barangay centers and the like, wherein candidates can post, display or exhibit election propaganda: Provided, That the size of the poster areas shall not exceed twelve (12) by sixteen (16) feet or its equivalent.

Independent candidates with no political parties may likewise be authorized to erect common poster areas in not more than ten (10) public places, the size of which shall not exceed four (4) by six (6) feet or its equivalent.

Candidates may post any lawful propaganda material in private places with the consent of the owner thereof, and in public places or property which shall be allocated equitably and impartially among the candidates.

Section 10. Right to Reply. – All registered parties and bona fide candidates shall be have the right to reply to charges published against them. The reply shall be given publicity by the newspaper, television and/or radio station which first printed or aired the charges with the same prominence or in the same page or section or in the same time slot as the first statement.

Section 11. Rates for Political Propaganda. – During the election period, media outlets shall charge registered political parties and bona fide candidates a discounted rate of thirty percent (30%) for television, twenty percent (20%) for radio and ten (10%) for print over the average rates charged during the first three quarters of the calendar year preceding the elections.

Section 12. Substitution of Candidates. – In case of valid substitutions after the official ballots have been printed, the votes cast for the substituted candidates shall be considered as stray votes but shall not invalidate the whole ballot. For this purpose, the official ballots shall provide spaces where the voters may write the name of the substitute candidates if they are voting for the latter: Provided, however, That if the substitute candidate of the same family name, this provision shall not apply.

Section 13. Authority of the COMELEC to Promulgate Rules; Election Offenses. – The COMELEC shall promulgate and furnish all political parties and candidates and the mass media entities the rules and regulations for the implementation of this Act, consistent with the criteria established in Article IX-C, Section 4 of the Constitution and Section 86 of the Omnibus Election Code (Batas Pambansa Bldg. 881).

Rules and regulations promulgated by the COMELEC under and by authority of this Section shall take effect on the seventh day after their publication in at least two (2) daily newspapers of general circulation. Prior to effectivity of said rules and regulations, no political advertisement or propaganda for or against any candidate or political party shall be published or broadcast through mass media.

Violation of this Act and the rules and regulations of the COMELEC issued to implement this Act shall be an election offense punishable under the first and second paragraphs of Section 264 of the Omnibus Election Code (Batas Pambansa Bldg. 881).

Section 14. Repealing Clause. – Section 67 and 85 of the Omnibus Election Code (Batas Pambansa Bldg. 881) and Sections 10 and 11 of Republic Act No. 6646 are hereby repealed. As a consequence, the first proviso in the third paragraph of Section 11 of Republic Act No. 8436 is rendered ineffective. All laws, presidential decrees, executive orders, rules and regulations, or any part thereof inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed or modified or amended accordingly.

Section 15. Separability Clause. – If any provision or part hereof is held invalid or unconstitutional, the remainder of this Act not otherwise affected shall remain in full force and effect.

Section 16. Effectivity. – This Act shall take effect immediately upon its approval.

Approved: February 12, 2001


President of the Philippines

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