Yesterday I recieved an email from the other team about these very creative witty shopping bags marked as “European Shopping Bag.” Take a look. Credits to



lifting while walking

Im bringing some beer alright?

Animal Cruelty, anyone?

Grand Pa smiling on his Execution. LOL!



I got the copy of my METRO SOCIETY’s LATEST ISSUE and it wasED WESTWICK or more popularly known as CHUCK BASS in his top rated series as the Cover. Check how Ed Westwick talks about fashion, his career and his character in its very exclusive interview with METRO MAGAZINE.



PRINCESS DIANA at the AGE of 50: NEWSWEEK July 4, 2011 Issue.

I havent seen the hard copy but I think its over age: Latest Newsweek cover contains a ghostly sight: a computer-generated image of a stylish Princess Diana, as she might look now, walking with Kate Middleton.

The article inside was written by Diana biographer and longtime provocateur Tina Brown. She’s also Newsweek’s editor-in-chief, having taken over after her online publication, the Daily Beast, merged late last year with the decades-old publication. The magazine’s new issue also features an imagined Diana Facebook page and a slideshow comparing the fashion styles of Diana and Middleton, who married Diana’s oldest child, Prince William, in April.

About the cover, a Los Angeles Times headline asked, “Shocking, brilliant or just plain cheap?” An Atlantic Wire headline added, “How Creepy Is Princess Diana’s Ghost on the Cover of Newsweek?”

Im scared!
what do you think of the photo?


Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival 2011

Im sort of a follower of Short films and Annual Film festival especially those of European and Other foreign countries’ Independent Film.

And this year, Philippines is proud to announce some 31 digital films in competition plus exhibits for the 2011 Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival on July 15-24, 2011. Tagged as “See the Unseen”, they coined the event as on of the highlights of the year for Independent Films.

Here are some of the list:

Bisperas (Eve) by Jeffrey Jeturian
Busong (Palawan Fate) by Auraeus Solito
Isda (Fable of the Fish) by Adolfo Alix Jr.
Patikul by Joel C. Lamangan.

Amok (Amok) by Lawrence Fajardo
Ang Babae sa Septic Tank (The Woman in the Septic Tank) by Marlon Rivera and Chris Martinez
Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa (The Dance of Two Left Feet) by Alemberg Ang and Alvin Yapan
Bahay Bata (Baby Factory) by Eduardo W. Roy, Jr. and Jerome Zamora
Cuchera by Joseph Israel M. Laban
I-libings: Your Loss, Our Luck (E-funerals) by Rommel Andreo Sales
Ligo Na U, Lapit Na Me by Noel Ferrer, Jerry Gracio, and Erick Salud
Nino by Loy Arcenas
Teoriya (Father’s Way) by Alistaire Christian E. Chan

Bisperas (Eve) by Jeffrey Jeturian
Busong (Palawan Fate) by Auraeus Solito
Isda (Fable of the Fish) by Adolfo Alix Jr.
Patikul by Joel C. Lamangan.

Debut by Pamela Llanes Reyes
Every Other Time by Gino M. Santos
Hanapbuhay (Source of Living) by Henry Frejas
Hazard by Mikhail Red
Immanuel by Gabriel “Gio” Puyat
Nino Bonito by Rommel “Milo” Tolentino
Oliver’s Apartment by Misha Balangue
Samarito (Samaritan) by Rafael L. Santos
Un Diutay Mundo (One Small World) by Ana Carlyn V. Lim
Walang Katapusang Kwarto (An Endless Room) by Emerson Reyes

Ticket price is at P150 per screening. But with discounts as well for students. CCP Box Office is willing to assist your queries. Call them at 832-3704. Also CCP Media Arts at 832-1125 loc. 1204/1205 or visit the CPP website at and


FLY TO INDONESIA? I’ll give you a (traumatic) CLUE.

My Traumatic Experience as an Alleged DRUG TRAFFICKER in Bali Indonesia
By Chyng Reyes

For first time readers, my name is Chyng Reyes.
I graduated with a degree of Electronics and Communications Engineering in a state university in Intramuros. I work in a BPO company in MoA complex as part of Systems Development team. I’m a blogger who frequently travels. And Im an individual who has never taken prohibited drugs.

My friend Dyanie and I planned an SG-Bali trip for our birthdays. We took Airphil’s Manila-SG flight last May 26, 2011.

Dyanie was held at Immigration simply because she couldn’t present her company ID. She was suspected na mag-paiwan sa SG to work, and never return to Pinas. This experience alone was heart pounding, though it’s only a matter of being approved and being declined to fly to SG. So what more if it’s a matter of life and death…

Last May 28, we flew from SG to Bali via Airasia.
Airasia’s airbus was full of different nationalities. But Dyanie and I were the only Filipinos on board. We landed in Denpasar airport at almost 11:40pm. We lined up at the X-ray machines for our luggage to be scanned.

The moment the officer saw my passport, he took my luggage. He asked me, “Is this yours?” I said yes.
What could be wrong with my luggage?

The officer scanned our hands too. We had any idea what for so we asked him. He answered “secret”.
After he scanned our hands with that stick, he looked at me and said “come and follow me.”
He looked to Dyan and said “you also.”

omg. what’s wrong?!

So in front of all passengers of Airasia that night (na malalaki ang katawan, at yung iba may tattoo, at sila pa yung mukhang harmful kesa samin), kami pa ni Dyan ang mukhang may drugs!
We followed the officer because we didn’t have a choice. We obeyed him, as if we already did something wrong.

All other passengers were staring at us.

syet.. anong meron sa bag ko? at anong marks ang nakita nya sa kamay namin? kinabahan ako. this isn’t just the usual immigration thing. this is something serious!

We entered the holding room. There were 3 officers inside: 2 males and a lady officer.
“Meet my Filipina friend. She was caught hiding packs of heroins in her luggage,” said the officer. Sabay turo sa picture frames sa wall nila. It seemed like a gallery of drug traffickers from all over the world.

He reminded me that DEATH is the PENALTY of those drug traffickers.
Paksyet. It’s matter of life and death in the hands of these Indonesian Police Officers.
They offered something to drink but we refused.

Yoko nga, baka dahil jan sa drinks na yan magkaron pa ng drugs substance sa katawan namin.

“Do you know her?” asked the officer as he was pointing to the girl in the picture frame.
—I answered no.

“Did you take drugs?”
—Of course not!

“Did you have drugs hidden in your body?”
—What?! Never!

nagpanting yung tenga ko. galit na galit ako. at the same time nalungkot. bakit ganun, tagged na ang pinoys as drug traffickers dahil sa kasalanan ng iilan.

“Let’s check your bag”.

The officer searched my things thoroughly. I was just looking at him. He checked every compartment of my luggage too.

Ang lakas ng kaba ng dibdib ko. I knew he could frame me. At wala na kong laban if that happens. Nasa teritoryo nila kami. Ansama sama ng loob ko. Dahil lang Pinoy kami, instant suspect na agad kami.
After he messed with all my things and found nothing, I asked the officer what could be wrong and why was he checking us. He just answered “because the 2 of you are beautiful girls.”

putangina mo, nakikipag-cooperate kami sa inyo. naabala at napahiya na kami kanina pa. kaya sana sumagot ka ng maayos kung may tinatanong kami.

For the 3rd time, we went outside the holding room to scan my luggage. I was really very nervous (and irritated). I could imagine him almost saying that he found something in my bag. Remember, he was holding my bag all the time. I never had the chance to touch it again.

you dont trust us. and we dont trust you either. the feeling is mutual. ang advantage lang, nasa Indonesia tayo. at kayo ang may authority.

Now they looked to Dyan. The lady officer asked her if she was hiding drugs in her belly. Of course she answered no.

The other officer ordered a body check on her.

As narrated by Dyan:
Gusto ko man magsabi ng ayoko ng body check, wala akong nagawa. Bansa nila yan. So sunod lang ako sa gusto nila.

Pumasok kami sa Body Check Room. Inikot ko yung mata ko to check if there are surveillance cameras. Tapos ni-lock ko yung pinto.

Tinanong ko si lady officer kung bakit namin to ginagawa. May 3 pinay daw na nahulihan ng drugs sa loob ng tyan nila.

Sympre di ko alam kung totoo nga yun. Pinahubad nya ko ng damit. As in HUBAD lahat.
The only body part na hinawakan nya ay ang tyan ko. Pero nakaka-harassed pa din. Wala naman siyang nakitang kakaiba.

no offense pero meron ba silang extensive training na by just touching a body part malalaman na kung may drugs dun? ang hirap maniwala. they cant even speak straight english to start with.
mayabang lang sila. pero wala silang masyadong alam.

Now back in the holding room, and I was with the other 2 male officers. They started bragging that they captured all of the drug traffickers in the picture frame. Im still not sure what will happen next as they never told us anything.

What now!? gusto nyo lang may mapatunayan kayo at may madagdag kayong picture jan sa wall nyo?!
Im so proud of Dyan. She went back in the room and still didnt breakdown. I knew I would start crying too if I see her terrified.

pero sa totoong buhay daw, sobrang takot na siya na masesetup kami.

Dyan said I didn’t look scared at all too. I just look very irritated.
pero sa totoo lang, nafi-feel kong anytime sasabihin ng officers na may nakita sila sa bag namin.. at di na kami makakauwi ng Pinas.

After 1.5 hours
they finally let us go. Wala silang nakita.
They thanked us for being cooperative pero di ko pinansin yung hand shake offer nila. Galit na galit ako.

Pero alam ko bawal ako magsalita. Hindi rin sila nagsorry sa abala na ginawa nila. Para san pa, wala na kaming gana na pumasok ng Bali. Sirang sira yung bakasyon namin dahil sa ganitong pagwelcome nila sa Pinoy.

Sabagay their sorry won’t be enough. Kulang yan sa kahihiyan, sobrang takot, trauma, at paranoia na inabot namin dahil sa kanila. Ang sama sama ng loob ko. Putangina nyo!
We met the hotel driver who’d been waiting for us since 11:40PM. We finally went out of the airport at 1:30AM. I thanked the driver for waiting for us. He wasn’t surprised that we were the last to go out. Sabi nya, kapag Pinoy chinecheck daw muna.

Ah ganun.

Dahil lang may mga Pinoy na drug trafficker, lahat ng Pinoy drug traffickers na agad?!
Sa sobrang takot ni Dyanie, she cried to sleep that night. Tulala. Di nagsasalita.
Sa sobrang galit ko, di ako nakatulog. I started vomiting. Hinika din ako sa sama ng loob.
Wala pa kaming 2 oras sa Bali pero gustong gusto na namin umuwi ng Pinas. Sirang sira ang bakasyon namin.

Putangina nyo! Naging praning na kami everytime may police kaming makikita. Or everytime dadaan kaming xray, paulit ulit muna naming pinapagpag ang bawat damit namin – oras oras – just to check na walang naisingit na drugs sa gamit namin.

We’re so traumatized that we wont be planning to go out of the country anytime soon.

DEATH for DRUG TRAFFICKERS and it wont matter if the DRUGS found is really yours

“ako na ang praning”

We swore not to go back to Indonesia again. We already suffered a lot. We regret the day we entered this country.

And if you are planning to go to Bali too, well good luck. The next suspect could be you



I suggest people should read first the bill before reacting or just following the majority or what their idol is saying. Sections of the Bill covers the following:

SEC. 1. Title
SEC. 2. Declaration of Policy
SEC. 3. Guiding Principles
SEC. 4. Definition of Terms
SEC. 5. Midwives for Skilled Attendance
SEC. 6. Emergency Obstetric Care
SEC. 7. Access to Family Planning
SEC. 8. Maternal and Newborn Health Care in Crisis Situations
SEC. 9. Maternal Death Review
SEC. 10. Family Planning Supplies as Essential Medicines
SEC. 11. Procurement and Distribution of Family Planning Supplies
SEC. 12. Integration of Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Component in Anti-Poverty Programs
SEC. 13. Roles of Local Government in Family Planning Programs
SEC. 14. Benefits for Serious and Life-Threatening Reproductive Health Conditions
SEC. 15. Mobile Health Care Service
SEC. 16. Mandatory Age-Appropriate Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education
SEC. 17. Additional Duty of the Local Population Officer
SEC. 18. Certificate of Compliance
SEC. 19. Capability Building of Barangay Health Workers
SEC. 20. Ideal Family Size
SEC. 21. Employers’ Responsibilities
SEC. 22. Pro Bono Services for Indigent Women
SEC. 23. Sexual And Reproductive Health Programs For Persons With Disabilities (PWDs)
SEC. 24. Right to Reproductive Health Care Information
SEC. 25. Implementing Mechanisms
SEC. 26. Reporting Requirements
SEC. 27. Congressional Oversight Committee (COC)
SEC. 28. Prohibited Acts
SEC. 29. Penalties
SEC. 30. Appropriations
SEC. 31. Implementing Rules and Regulations
SEC. 32-34. Separability Clause, Repealing Clause, Effectivity




There were some surprises, and some expectant outcomes yet finally, here is the “American Idol” Top 13 of Season 10: With Thia Megia’s inclusion to the final list, Philippines is now again an IDOLeefics!

Scotty McCreery
Pia Toscano
Lauren Alaina
Karen Rodriguez
Jacob Lusk
Casey Abrams
Thia Megia >> Pinay! 🙂Thia Megia is only 15 years old. That’s hard to believe when you watch her on American Idol. Previously a hopeful on America’s Got Talent, Megia advanced to the quarterfinals on that show. She hails from Tracy, California and started singing at the age of four.

Paul McDonald
Haley Reinhart
James Durbin
Ashton Jones
Stefano Langone
Naima Adedapo

Twitter me: @rodmagaru


NEED I SAY MORE? Its the night for Star Cinema yesterday December 26, 2010 as they got the major major awards for the 36th Metro Manila Film Festival. Here are the List:

Best Picture:
Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To! (Star Cinema)

2nd Best Picture:
Rosario (Cinemabuhay & Studio5)

3rd Best Picture:
RPG: Metanoia (Ambient Media & Star Cinema)

Best Actress:
Ai-Ai delas Alas (Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To!)

Best Actor:
Dolphy (Father Jejemon)

Gatpuno Antonio Villegas Cultural Award:

Best Director:
Wenn Deramas (Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To!)

Best Screenplay:
Mel del Rosario (Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To!)

Best Story:
Mel del Rosario (Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To!)

Best Supporting Actress:
Eugene Domingo (Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To!)

Best Supporting Actor:
Dolphy (Rosario)

Best Cinematography:
Carlo Mendoza (Rosario)

Best Editing:
John Wong (Rosario)

Best Production Design:
Joel Luna & Miki Hahn (Rosario)

Best Visual Effects:
Rico Guttierez & Co. (Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote)

Best Makeup:
Nestor Dayao & Co. (Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote)

Best Theme Song:
“Kaya Ko” (RPG: Metanioa)

Best Musical Score:
Jesse Lazaten (Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To!)

Best Sound Recording:
Super Inday and the Golden Bibe (Ditoy Aguila)
tied with RPG Metanoia (Ambient Media)

Best Child Performer:
Xyriel Manabat (Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To!)

Best Indie Film:
Presa by Adolf Alix, Jr.

Gender Sensitive Award:
Ang Tanging Ina Mo: Last Na ‘To!

Gender Sensitive Award (special citation for animation):RPG: Metanoia

Best Float:

Im not interested with the Face of the night or best dressed. Even the prodcution of the awards night are surreal flop!


President-elect Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is the cover of People Asia Magazine and has honored 16 Men Who Matter.

Here is the complete list:

John Lloyd Cruz – Actor, Film and TV

Derek Ramsay – Actor, Film and TV

James Yap – Basketball player, Sports

Brillante Mendoza – Director, Film

Ivan Mayrina – Media/Broadcast Journalist

Johnny Litton – TV Host/Columnist

Dr. Steve Mark Gan – Dental Implantologist of the Stars, Medicine

Aurelio “Gigi” Montinola – BPI President

Lorenzo Tan – RCBC President

Ronald “Ron” Logan – HSBC SVP

Victor Consunji – Photographer

John Patrick “Jason” Buensalido – Architect

Billy King – Iris Chef

Goran Aleksandrovski aka Goran Aleks – German-born Macedonian, Sofitel Philippine Plaza GM

Frank Hoefsmit – Belgian Photographer
Emerson Yao – Managing Director of Lucerne Group of Companies

The 2010 YES! Magazine 100 Most Beautiful List

Yes! Magazine released its list of Philippine showbiz’ 100 Most Beautiful Stars of 2010. Undoubtedly Kim Chiu leads the list.

The Most Beautiful Star

1. Kim Chiu

The A-Listers
2. Sarah Geronimo
3. John Lloyd Cruz
4. Angel Locsin
5. Judy Ann Santos
6. Marian Rivera
7. Dingdong Dantes
8. Piolo Pascual
9. Richard Gutierrez
10. Gerald Anderson

The Second Coming

11. Claudine Barretto
12. Jolina Magdangal


13. Armida Siguion-Reyna
14. Gina Pareño
15. Tessie Tomas

The Inimitables

16. Christopher de Leon
17. Albert Martinez

The Apprentices

18. Jason Abalos
19. Shaina Magdayao
20. John Prats
21. Lovi Poe


22. Jocas de Leon
23. Rhian Ramos
24. Anne Curtis

Masters of Ceremonies

25. Ryan Agoncillo
26. Vhong Navarro

The Noontime Sirens

27. Pauleen Luna
28. RR Enriquez

The Crooners

29. Chris Cayzer
30. Geoff Taylor
31. Jay-R

The Kid Contingent

32. Cha-cha Cañete
33. Izzy Canillo
34. Bugoy Cariño
35. Zaijian Jaranilla
36. Buboy Villar
37. Iking Maguindayao

The Tandems
38-39. Aljur Abrenica & Kris Bernal
40-41. Matt Evans & Melissa Ricks
42-43. Enchong Dee & Erich Gonzales
44-45. Billy Crawford & Nikki Gil

The Tweeners

46. John Manalo
47. Barbie Forteza
48. Joshua Dionisio
49. Jake Vargas

The Peter Pans

50. Michael V
51. Ogie Alcasid

The Leads

52. Sam Milby
53. Derek Ramsay
54. Geoff Eigenmann

The Heroines

55. KC Concepcion
56. Kristine Hermosa
57. Angelica Panganiban
58. Cristine Reyes
59. Carla Abellana
60. Toni Gonzaga
61. Bea Alonzo
62. Heart Evangelista

The Breakthroughs

63. Coco Martin
64. Mercedes Cabral
65. Ina Feleo
66. Sid Lucero

The Newbies

67. Jackie Rice
68. Ron Morales
69. Rayver Cruz
70. Bangs Garcia
71. Andi Eigenmann
72. Paulo Avelino
73. Guji Lorenzana
74. Matteo Guidicelli

The Imports

75. Daiana Menezes
76. Akihiro Sato
77. Daniel Matsunaga

Grace Under Fire

78. Katrina Halili
79. Maricar Reyes

The Mothers

80. Vina Morales
81. Angelika de la Cruz


82. Sharon Cuneta
83. Vic Sotto

The Characters

84. Sunshine Dizon
85. Iza Calzado
86. Jodi Sta. Maria
87. Maja Salvador

The Sophisticates

88. Agot Isidro
89. Dawn Zulueta

The Survivors

90. Jean Garcia
91. Eula Valdez
92. Agot Isidro
93. Lorna Tolentino
94. Amy Austria
95. Lotlot de Leon

Ladies in Waiting

96. Alessandra de Rossi
97. Bianca King
98. Isabel Oli
99. Glaiza de Castro
100. Iya Villania

2010 Yes! Magazine 100 Most Beautiful Stars is out and available at all magazine stands and bookstores nationwide on June 22, 2010.


Election is over and yet the automated counting still in process. We might disagree on any other positions, but hey Senatorial fight is so unbelievable (I mean to some of us). But really the line up is quite disturbing that we thought we want change, yet we still elected the same people who owed as the past due changes that were waiting.

But respecting the result of the election is in order and we have to trust them with the mandate of the majority. So what we need to do is to help them, support them in any possible that we could. So how are we gonna help them? We believe that suggestions and voice of the mass, when heard, will be tantamount to a great opportunity to raise our concerns. So what we do is we created a Facebook fanpage dedicated to all the Senatoriables, to collect ideas on what change we really want. They might be doing the legislative roles but if we can give a voice to what we think is beneficial to us, let it be heard. We suggest that you visit the link to Facebook and search for DEAR SENATORS OF THE PHILIPPINES and become a member so you will able to say anything to them. Flood them with valid suggestions and recommendations, any possible laws and bills that we think should be reenacted. Its a free flowing walls so you can send anything you want. We will collate all your suggestions and we will send that to the Office of the Senate President and will give a copy to all of the Senator-elect.

So be heard!

check my TWITTER!


Maintain Fealty to the Rule of Law:
Let the Next President to Appoint the Next Chief Justice

Statement of Members of the Faculty
January 18, 2010

Essential to the existence of a democratic republic is its fealty to the Rule of Law. Any attempt to circumvent clear constitutional text must be justified on grounds of absolute necessity. The need to fill in a lacuna in constitutional text through interpretation must be made on the basis of real needs and not imagined scenarios.

We, the members of the UP College of Law Faculty, are of the firm conviction that the incumbent President cannot appoint the next Chief Justice when the present Chief Justice Reynato Puno retires on May 17, 2010. We do not see any reason why the constitutional provision for the President not to issue any “midnight appointment” in the twilight of her term should not be followed.

The President’s appointing power is limited by an express provision in article VII, section 15 of the Constitution, to wit:

Sec. 15. Two months immediately before the next presidential elections and up to the end of his term, a President or Acting President shall not make appointments, except temporary appointments to executive positions when continued vacancies therein will prejudice public service or endanger public safety.

This provision proscribes any “midnight” appointment made by the incumbent President of the Republic starting from March 10, 2010 to June 30, 2010. This prohibition was conceived to prevent the scandalous actuations of two past administrations whose acts had to be rectified by Supreme Court decisions.

The only exception is to make “temporary appointments” and only for “executive positions”. Even this exception is qualified by the phrase “when continued vacancies…will prejudice public service or endanger public safety.”

The position of Chief Justice is not an executive position. The appointment of a Chief Justice is not a temporary appointment. Whoever is appointed sits until her/his retirement at the age of 70 years old or sooner upon her/his resignation. The retirement of Chief Justice Puno, on the eve of May 17, 2010, is well within the period of the constitutional ban on appointment. The clearest textual reading of the Constitution is that the incumbent President cannot appoint the next chief justice.

It has been suggested that the absence of a Chief Justice might trigger a constitutional crises because it is the Chief Justice that presides over the Presidential Electoral Tribunal and that s/he presides over the entire Supreme Court.

This argument is pure speculation in the light of settled practice that an Acting Chief Justice may be appointed from among the incumbent justices of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court also does not cease to function simply because it has less than fifteen justices.

The appointment of a permanent Chief Justice by the incumbent President causes more concern. She has appointed all 14 of the other justices of the Supreme Court. If the sitting Chief Justice will be her appointee, the maintenance of the independence of the judiciary may be seriously jeopardized.

It is also argued that the Constitution requires that any vacancy in the Supreme Court must be filled within a period of ninety days. This is not clear from the second paragraph of section 9, article VIII of the Constitution. Even assuming but without conceding this to be true, the next President will have until August 15, 2010 or a month and a half to select the next associate justice. A month and a half is also sufficient time to reflect on who can be chosen as the next Chief Justice. All presidential candidates must by now be considering their own choices of who might become Chief Justice. The Chief Justice is traditionally chosen from among the most senior justices of the Supreme Court.

We therefore find no overriding, logical and imminent reason that would require that the plain meaning of the Constitution as ratified by our people be violated. There are more serious repercussions to the rule of law as well as the independence of the judiciary if the Judicial and Bar Council transmits a list of nominees for the Chief Justice and if the incumbent President actually makes an appointment. It is this threatened unconstitutional act that will cause a true constitutional crises.

Thus we, members of the faculty of the UP College of Law,

(1) Urge the Judicial and Bar Council not to transmit the names of the nominees for the position of Chief Justice until after a new President shall have assumed office on June 30, 2010;

(2) call on the incumbent President to exercise restraint for the sake of judicial independence and respect for the Rule of Law and therefore refrain from appointing the next Chief Justice; and

(3) call on our colleagues in various law faculties, law students and our alumni to make their voices be heard on this very important issue.
































bagyong ondoy
Manny villar group giveaway relief pack of lunch.

My officemate just got here, Shes from Montalban rizal and shares what happened to her, The rest was history but what really shocked me most was her story about relief goods. They receive a relief from Manny Villar and guess whats inside the pack? 2 pcs of Fudgee bar, One mineral water and a hard boiled egg. This is the relief good? And the staff according to her, they let other people beg from a moving van. Ginagawa nilang patay gutom ang mga tao sa Montalban Rizal? Paging Manny Villar, Do you know any of these?

She is actually thankful to the food that they got from Mr. Villar, But WTF?? this is not even a food for anyone to survive.


(This is worth reading guys. Keep reading here. Credit to Wilson Lee Flores for these.)

Not everyone should be an entrepreneur, but all must save money & insure

By Wilson Lee Flores Updated May 18, 2009 12:00 AM

He that has a penny in his purse, is worth a penny: Have and you shall be esteemed. — Petronius

Interest works night and day in fair weather and in foul. — Henry Ward Beecher

Make all you can, save all you can, give all you can. — John Wesley

Not all people should be or are destined to be entrepreneurs, but I strongly believe that all of us — professionals, housewives, entrepreneurs, overseas Filipino workers and students — should develop the habit of saving money through traditional bank deposits, real estate investments (if local realty prices go down this year, this would be the ideal time for the public to invest in real estate) or life insurance.

PLDT/Smart boss Manuel “Manny” Pangilinan is one inspiring example of a non-entrepreneur whose exceptional hard work, professional excellence and lifelong savings ethic have turned him into a self-made billionaire. Another example of a non-entrepreneur who’s now mega-rich is hardworking and disciplined boxer Manny Pacquiao; hope he and his mom Aling Dionisia learn to save their big bucks so as not to become a future Mike Tyson or Michael Jackson. By the way, is Manny Pacquiao adequately insured?

Everyone can be a millionaire via lifelong savings and hard work. Comedian Vic Sotto, who’s the new host of TV5’s Who Wants to be a Millionaire game show, told me he “saved” his earnings in the early 1980s by buying a P2.2 million house in Valle Verde 5, Pasig City, on terms. I told Vic that his strategy paid off and that house is at least a thousand percent higher in value now if we just conservatively valued it at P22 million.

Due to the numerous questions sent by readers to this writer via e-mail or on Facebook (please continue e-mailing), plus the positive feedback on our earlier “Question & Answer” series with the Philippines’ largest and oldest homegrown life insurance giant, Insular Life, The Philippine STAR and Insular Life again partnered for another series to help enlighten the public about life insurance.

Congratulations to Insular Life on their 2008 net income of P 2.1 billion and revenues of P12.4 billion, which amazingly defied the global recession. Next year is their 100th-anniversary celebration, a testament to their staying power and great success.

And many thanks to the top executives of Insular Life for supporting our advocacy to promote a national culture of savings in the Philippines through this Q&A series, and for agreeing to answer all your questions. Here they are:

I am Jimmy Thai, CEO of the Primer Group-Uniglobe Travelware Co., which owns the Travel Club and retails North Face, Kickers, Samsonite and Sledgers in the Philippines. Your series on life insurance and the importance of savings is very interesting. Here are some of my questions. Thank you.

1. Do I need life insurance when I religiously, on a periodical basis, contribute to an earning fund?

Jimmy, you should be commended for having the discipline to regularly contribute part of your income to an earning fund. This will surely help you achieve financial security and independence. I believe, however, that life insurance is still necessary for the uncertainties and risks of life. All of us can accumulate enough money for our needs if we save regularly, make the right investment choices, and, most of all, have sufficient time to amass and preserve wealth. But what if that time is disrupted by circumstances beyond our control? Common-sense risk management makes us realize that we should have life insurance for the financial protection of our families so our plans will continue. After all, dreams don’t have to die when people do. Life insurance enables widows to continue sending their children to school, provides funds to set up an income-generating business when the breadwinner is no longer around, and pays for retirement and medical needs in old age. And if you have both — money saved and invested to earn as well as sufficient life insurance coverage for income protection — your total assets are worth so much more whether time is sufficient or proves to be short.

Jesus Alfonso G. Hofileña

Executive Vice President & Head

Sales & Marketing Group

2. Considering the current debacle of America’s AIG, what is my assurance that the insurance policy I take out today will be worth the amount promised when the time of need comes?

To answer this question sensibly, some reality check is needed. The current economic crisis has revealed there is no such thing as a perfect guarantee. Bigness and lineage no longer count for much, especially when even sovereign nations (e.g., Iceland) could become bankrupt due to flawed economic policies and unsound investments. At the end of the day, one should realize that choosing a good insurance carrier should be based on the following: quality of the company’s assets, capitalization, prudent management, good governance and investment practices including transparency and disclosure, proper product pricing, efficiency of business operations, and record of benefit payments. Having a strong balance sheet must not be interpreted as simply having the highest asset values. Rather, one must examine as well the liability and capital values as well. Product pricing assumptions drive the liabilities while capital usage and deployment dictate solvency margins, business expansion and future business direction. At Insular Life, we pride ourselves on our conservative business practices which have served us well for almost 100 years now.

Wilfredo M. Llanto

Senior Vice President & Head

Finance & Investment Group

What happened to AIG was truly disturbing, if not tragic. From media disclosures and analysts we have learned that the principal cause of AIG’s financial misfortune was its extremely large exposure to Credit Default Swaps (CDS) — a very sophisticated and specialized product that made AIG financially liable for the defaults of sub-prime mortgage loans. In the Philippines there is no such product. Moreover, the Philippine Insurance Commission has publicly declared that no insurance company here has any exposure to the toxic investment instruments found in the US. Thus, our situation here is completely different from that prevailing today in the United States. Having said that, let me add that there may be no absolute guarantees in life (just like no one expected the financial meltdown to happen to the most powerful economy in the world), but that should never stop us from acquiring financial security for ourselves and our loved ones. I have always believed that life insurance is essential to my family’s welfare simply because we live in a world of unavoidable risks and I can never know what may happen to me tomorrow.

Jesus Alfonso G. Hofileña

3. Bank deposits are insured by the PDIC to the extent of P500,000 per account. Are insurance payments also insured to the same extent? Assuming an insurance company collapses, what is my assurance that I can at least get my money back?

Generally speaking, if any company goes out of business, its creditors have a right to claim against the assets of the company. In the 33 years thus far I have been in the life insurance business, this has not yet happened. Our insurance industry is properly regulated and there are many safeguards protecting the interests of policyholders, such as your concern. If it does happen, the Insurance Commission will oversee an orderly and equitable distribution of the assets of a failed insurer, and will certainly give due importance as well as priority to insurance policy claims. But insurance companies do engage in sound business practices to manage their financial risks. For example, a lot of policies are reinsured once the coverage reaches a certain amount. Reinsurance is the practice of spreading the financial risk by letting other insurers have a portion of the coverage. Finally, whatever principles are observed by the PDIC to provide deposit insurance coverage are also the same principles used by other insurance companies. If you are confident therefore that the PDIC will not fail in its obligations, you should likewise grant the same sense of comfort to the rest of the insurance industry.

Jesus Alfonso G. Hofileña

4. How do I compute the costs of various insurance schemes available in the market, e.g., pay life, endowment, or term?

The cost of any insurance product is normally presented per thousand of coverage. You can simply ask the company of the agent what is the premium rate per thousand of the product you are interested in, multiply that by the amount of coverage you want (in thousands), add the policy charges and you will know the cost. All these can usually be found in a premium rate book or table for the product. In general, term insurance policies would have the lowest cost because they are designed to provide only death benefits. Whole life policies come next because they also provide cash values and other non-forfeiture benefits. Whole life policies come in two types: one is payable continuously for life, while the other is payable over a limited period of only, like, five, 10 or 20 years. Limited whole life policy premiums would be higher than continuous payment whole life policies, because you end up completing the payments sooner. Finally, endowment policies would be the highest-priced because they have protection as well as living benefits. They pay if something happens to you and will also pay the coverage amount if nothing happens until the policy matures. Request your agent to show you all these computations. You can also call us and we can not only discuss costs, but, more importantly, the overall value of our different products as well as the cost-benefit assessment for each of them.

Jesus Alfonso G. Hofileña

5. Am I protected against inflation by investing in a life insurance policy?

Inflation erodes purchasing power. Given this premise, life insurance purchased years ago that seemed sufficient then may no longer be adequate to answer one’s needs, current or future. Hence, life insurance coverage is good protection against inflation if it is periodically reviewed and upgraded. The aim is to ensure that its maturity value would be sufficient to answer for one’s future needs.

Vera Victoria C. Morales

Assistant Vice President & Deputy Head,

Investment Management Staff

6. Will there be premium adjustments in the event of extraordinary economic events like hyperinflation?

Once an individual policy has been issued, the premiums payable on that policy shall be as indicated in the policy. Thus, for policies already issued and in force, there will be no premium adjustments in the event of extra-ordinary economic events.

Mona Lisa B. De La Cruz Senior Vice President, Chief Actuary & Head,

Administrative Operations Group

7. How do I choose an insurance company? Will I have to go through financial statements? How can the ordinary layman, who may not know how to read financial statements, gauge financial soundness and stability?

Please refer to our reply to question No. 2 above. Reading the financial statements will not be enough to guide a layman’s decision. Assuming a short list of equally good insurance companies is arrived at, one should still consider the following factors: fitness of the product’s benefits to his needs, reasonable investment returns, and policyholder dividend payments that lower the cost of insurance coverage. You may ask for this information from your insurance agent or directly from the insurance company. Because of space limitations, we cannot fully discuss all factors that should guide your decision making. We would be happy to give you further information if you write to us at

Wilfredo M. Llanto

I am Jose “Pepe” Rodriguez from Instituto Cervantes, a Spanish journalist. How can life insurance companies and society as a whole make the need for life insurance protection more widely accepted, popular and affordable to the ordinary people?

I believe nothing less than a collaborative effort by insurance companies, the industry, government and socio-civic groups would be needed to, first and foremost, make the citizenry aware of the value and need for life insurance for their financial security. Surely the insurance companies and industry would have to take the lead in this information and financial education campaign. Government also plays a big role in promoting discipline and consciousness in personal money management through the school system in the country, among others, or by offering incentives like tax benefits for people to insure. As more and more Filipinos get insured, this will enable insurance companies not only to develop more products but also more affordable ones.

Jesus Alfonso G. Hofileña

I’m Ruben Bangayan, a businessman here in Davao City who always reads The Philippine STAR. How stable is the life insurance industry in the Philippines now, especially in relation to the US crisis and global recession?

Insurance Commissioner Atty. Eduardo Malinis has publicly declared that Philippine life insurance companies have no exposure to the toxic securities that caused the downfall and financial woes of prominent US financial institutions, including AIG, because life insurers operating in the Philippines are not allowed to make overseas investments. Moreover, under pertinent laws and regulations governing the conduct of business of insurance companies here, there are very stringent requirements even for local investments. Insurance companies invest mostly in fixed-income government securities whose yields surpass the interest rates assumed in the pricing of their products. Moreover, being long-term instruments, their values have not been eroded because they can be held until maturity. As for capitalization, insurance companies are mandated to continuously increase their capital in order to ensure their capability to meet future obligations. Presently the minimum paid-up capital for insurance companies stands at P75 million, with annual tests for risk-based capital adequacy performed by the Insurance Commission. You can always check with the Insurance Commission (IC) directly on the financial worthiness of insurance firms or view published statements and annual reports in the IC website.

Jesus Alfonso G. Hofileña


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