The MORNING RUSH (With Chico and DELAMAR) turns 15!

It was 1996 when they started in the Radio. Chico Garcia and Delamar are two of the funniest, intelligent and witty (Oops 3 adjective lang) Disk Jockey in the country. When they started in that year people started wondering who is this two freak DJs making people laugh every morning. From then on we called ourselves “Rushers”.

I made a very trying hard LOGO for them in fact to celebrate the Anniversary today.

I remember I started listening to them back in 1999 in KC FM. From 8,000 different Radio stations that they worked throughout the year, Chico and Delamar has been an epitome of modern “Laugh at you own risk” inflicted in all of us. And now that they are (we are!) celebrating its 15th year of unstoppable and Unkabogable broadcasting every morning, everyone is so looking forward to that “Announcement” these two radio Angels will say. As far as I know it was 2002 when the show was back in RX 931.

Chico and Delamar may not know me, or may not remember me. For how many tea Panty este Party I snubbed in the past. I tend not to join the Top Ten (formerly Hot Ten) nor submit their entries via SMS, Or maybe Im not that funny to be considered (tears fell). But the fact that they made me laugh every morning is an indication that, yeah they arrived. They got my attention.

In 2005, Brad Turvey and Sarah join the crazy tandem. Brad Turvey joins every Mondays and Wednesdays while Sarah joins in between those days. And in 2007, They were joined by Karen.

Truth is, I felt very bad when KC FM dissolved themselves (dissolved themselves? LOL) rather bid goodbye. That I had to call my college classmate just to say “Anu ba yun, badtrip wala nang KCFM.” and my classmate was like, “anong sagot mo sa number 4 sa Cost Accounting?” Malaking DEADMA cya noon. Then theres a lot of contests in the show that I won, and one thing I remember was the MEMO contest where I won a pair of pants by just saying MEMO is the best blah blah blah of the Blah blah blah to the blah blah blah!!! in as fast as i could. Then I won.

Chico and Delamar delivers a kind of comedy that is distinct from different radio shows. You may find yourself laughing alone, being late in the class, bought a phone with a radio, pudpud your finger in the telephone but who cares, its about finding your way a good start every morning, and that is being with CHICO AND DELAMAR.

To Chico and Del, Happy 15th year Anniversary to you, to us and to all of the rushers. Please dont leave the radio, You are the angels in every morning rush, in every traffic in the metro, in every single soul in the van.

Join the Morning Rush 15th Anniversary Grand EB this Saturday, July 9, 2011, at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Ortigas Park from 6am-12nn!



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I am a writer, singer, debater, dancer, poet, declaimer, artist, narrator, and actor and recently I discover, I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I never say no when people experiment my capacity to do things that others can do. I give the superb congregation of expectation to people who doubted what I couldn’t do and I always win on convincing them I could.. follow me on twitter

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