Royal Dutch Shell CEO graced the Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2011:

At the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Asia’s most fuel-efficient cars built by students are flagged off in a bid to set a new record at Shell Eco-marathon Asia 2011 – a challenge for the youth to design, build and run a vehicle that can travel the farthest distance using the least amount of fuel.

Royal Dutch Shell Chief Executive Officer Peter Voser led the ceremonies today where 10 of the best vehicle entries from 12 countries paraded on the track. “Their passion and enthusiasm to push the boundaries on fuel efficiency is inspiring and infectious. Every time I watch these young people at work, it gives me renewed hope for the future,” said Mr. Voser, commending the Asian students’ creativity in their vehicle designs. He urged the participants not to keep up their efforts to drive the future of mobility.

Joining Mr. Voser in the ceremony is Datuk Fadillah Yusof, Malaysian Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, as well as ambassadors, High Commissioners, business leaders and guests from Malaysia and around the region, who came to witness the inventive solutions of the youth in solving the world’s growing energy challenges in transport.

“Although this is the second year of this regional competition, I understand the level of innovation and technical excellence on display amongst the students gathered here is already high,” says Datuk Fadillah as he observed the cars on parade.

The 2nd edition of Shell Eco-marathon Asia saw the students applying a wide range of technology in order to make their cars fuel-efficient.

Under the electric mobility class – introduced this year – De La Salle University of the Philippines has designed a “thinking vehicle” for their prototype car DLSU 100, equipped with cruise control programme which automatically maintains the vehicle’s speed while optimising energy consumption.“We designed our vehicle to have its own mind. It is a thinking vehicle programmed to sense its ideal speed, automatically adjusting its acceleration to use just the right amount of power required to achieve optimal energy efficiency,” explained Xian Jian Liao of Team DLSU 100, who designed the vehicle’s cruise control programme.

While the cars were innovative, the students paid attention to aesthetics as well, incorporating elements from the countries they represent. Team Sadewa from Indonesia designed their vehicle with a purple batik print. “This is part of our culture. We want to tell people that this is our culture, and that we are from Indonesia,” shares Team Leader Fitra Didik Nugroho.

Earlier in the day, Mr. Voser engaged various key stakeholders from government, academe and other energy-concerned citizens in an exchange of ideas on Future Energy, Smarter Mobility. The dialogue discussed how future energy and smarter mobility, leading towards building smarter cities is approached in Asia. Mr. Voser explained why the world will need to draw on a range of different energy sources to meet the region’s growing demand for energy.

“Our challenge is a triple one: We need to produce more energy for a world with more people, where millions are shaking off energy poverty and climbing up the energy ladder, while also building a more sustainable energy system for the future,” he said. “But human ingenuity has faced many big challenges like this in the past, and surmounted them. This gives me confidence the world will be able to meet its future energy challenge.”

Following the flag off ceremony, students took turns on the track to make attempts for their best efficiency performance, ahead of the closing and prize giving to be held the following day.

The Sepang International Circuit will be open for the events from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily from 7th to 9th July. Visitors should enter via Paddock Club Entrance and can watch the event from Paddock Club (PC) 1.

For more information on the Shell Eco-marathon, please visit



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