I DARE YOU! Premieres July 11 (TV)

Starting July 11, ABSCBN’s News and Current Affairs division and TV Entertainment Group will join force to give us a new reality show on Philippine TV, “I DARE YOU,” which is set to change the views and lives of famous and ordinary Kapamilya starting Monday (July 11).

A jampacked Press conference was held today, July 7 in Quezon City and is cosidered one of the most interesting Press conference of ABSCBN since most of the questions are about life experiences, challenges and as they call it, “Hamon ng Buhay”

Hosted by Award winning actor Jericho Rosales, Versatile host-actress Iya Villania and comedy Princess Melai Cantiveros, “I DARE YOU” will test the resilience and determination of Celebrity Kapamilya challengers, who will carry-out a series of challenges in order to help win a reward for ordinary Filipinos worthy of the title, “Bida Kapamilya.”

The “Bidang Kapamilya” are everyday Pinoys who bravely face life’s challenges no matter how hard they get. They are the market vendors, the teachers in far-flung areas, the laborers, stuntmen, garbage and junk collectors, farmers, senior citizens, people with disability, among others.
This is the first time the public gets to see Gab and Alessandra without the make-up, without their assistants and performing without any “cuts” or “take-twos.” Viewers will also hear Jericho’s inspiring rags-to-riches story, as told and demonstrated by the actor himself.

Iya added that the celebrity Kapamilya challengers aren’t the only ones who will get inspiration from the real-life and unscripted drama featured in the show. She said viewers will also learn from the experiences of the “Bidang Kapamilya” and the celebrities.

Jericho clarified that though the celebrities will have to dress down and work, it is not the goal of the program to deglamorize them. He said the stars are actually given the opportunity to show who they really are behind the camera and away from the limelight.

Jericho Rosalaes

Melai however is the sweetheart of this show. Jericho told the press. Melai credited Jericho for being so nice. “Hindi ko alam na sobrang bait kasama. Napakabait ni Jericho Rosales. Ovher!” Melai said.

In an interview with Push he explained, “Our program works both ways. The ordinary people get to see the real emotions of the artists, and the artists get to see how an ordinary person lives.”“I Dare You is here to inspire and challenge people to face their personal trials, just like what our Kapamilyas are doing no matter how difficult their lives are already,” she said.

Iya Villania

Meanwhile, although “I Dare You” is filled with heart-tugging stories, viewers can also expect light and funny moments courtesy of Melai, who will join her close friends Jericho and Iya in guiding celebrity Kapamilya challengers.

“I am the wacky, naughty, and less serious host in the show,” said the former Pinoy Big Brother Big Winner. Like Jericho and Iya, Melai said she appreciates the depth of this project.

“Our hosting here is full of heart and purpose,” she said.

Catch “I Dare You,” from Monday to Friday beginning July 11, before “Mula sa Puso” on ABS-CBN.



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