My Movie Review of FOREVER AND A DAY (Star Cinema)

MY Movie review of FOREVER AND A DAY.

“Kaya mo bang mahalin ang isang taong alam mong mawawala rin sa’yo?”KC Concepcion as Raffy Salvador.

“It took me a day to fall in love… and it will take me forever to say goodbye” Sam Milby as Eugene Servero.

I’ve been hearing this line since last week and I actually have my answers ready. Initially one would say “YES, I can”. But after watching the movie, I had a different perspective on how I look at it.

Directed by one of the box office directors in our country Cathy Garcia Molina, the story of Forever and a Day is not just about pairing a love team, tackling a love story nor finding the kilig among the leads. This is one of the Star Cinema’s most realistic stories ever made since Tanging yaman in 2000. A star studded Premiere night last Tuesday at Megamall cinema 10 made an impression that fans are really anticipating the first team up of Sam Milby and KC Concepcion.

KC Concepcion

The story is about a man who pushes himself to the limits, a man who is always up for the challenge. He is proud. He only lives from himself. He then meets a woman one day, a woman who is more cautious in life, a woman who teaches him to embrace and appreciate life, love and all its smallest blessings.

I have seen KC concepcion’s movie “For the First Time, Til I met you and I’ll be there. And I must say that KC is a revelation in this movie. She made me feel like I’m looking at Raffy Salvador (her character in the movie) and not the KC concepcion. A woman who struggle for life and accepting her fate. I guess I have proven what Direk Cathy is saying during the presscon, “The KC we never knew.” Her acting is so real but not too pushy.

Sam Milby

The movie started with the introduction of Sam’s character. An Established guy who has a very rewarding career (Athletic shoe designer ) and family. Some work related conflicts brought him to take some time off and get to enjoy his time with his friends. Matet De Leon I must say played a very important supporting role in this movie. Without her, I think it would be harder to reconnect serious real life situation to chill and fun. Robi da Rosa’s character was not elaborated in the film as older brother of Sam (Eugene) but made an impression that favoritism in some of the families exists.

Sam’s acting in this movie is also impressive. Aside from his almost fluent tagalog (which I think he is the fastest learner among those who’s willing), he surprised the audience that he was more than the smiling guy. The way he threw a dramatic line is just fine.

The movie also shown how great our country is in terms of tourist destinations. We know Boracay, Palawan and Davao. But Bukidnon and Cagayan De Oro are worth visiting! I fell in love with Tinago falls in Iligan City. A very heartwarming view of smokey and verdant falls is so refreshing and breathtaking that I would want to visit Bukidnon anytime soon. I’ve also learned that the longest Zip line in Asia is in Bukidnon. If I’m not mistaken the movie mentioned about 840 meters!

KC Concepcion and Sam Milby

There may not be kilig scenes at all times but it was forgivable since the plot explains why. The story was narrated in a gracious way and at some point you would feel your dry throat since some of the lines are real life situation. Truth is, I realized a lot in this movie, or should I say I was again reminded of precious things in life that need not to be wasted. I can say that the story is predictable but it doesn’t discredit the movie of how it was being told.

Technically, cinematography has been StarCinema’s masterpiece. It also has a timely musical scoring especially at the latter part of the movie.

Again with the question of Raffy, “Kaya mo bang mahalin ang isang taong alam mong mawawala rin sa’yo?” I am impressed with how Eugene answered it.

“Hindi.. Dahil hindi ko sya hahayaang mawala sa akin..”

Forever and A Day opens Yesterday, June 15 in more 100 theaters nationwide. 4 out of 5 STARS. And on Saturday, June 25 Premiere with Sam Milby 12:00pm at Tribeca Performing Arts, New York!



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  1. It was just tagging along last Sunday at the Town Center and I got dragged inot watching the film. I wasn’t big in non-action pack movies but it change some perception… Some tagalog films are really good like this one. I found this one very realistic. The dialogue and lines were delivered perfectly. It made the story emotionally moving. This one is a keeper, I’ll probably get the DVD when it comes out. Kudos to KC and Sam – a nicely fitted pair for a perfect blend in movie making.

  2. Princess Mheredithe

    I love this movie… It’s really Great.. thumbs Up to all Cancer survivor and to those people whose trying their best in life..

  3. Star Mangahas

    Thanks for the great review, Sir! I’m proud of this movie not because I’m KC’s fan but because I saw how different Sam and KC are in this movie. They really did a great job!

  4. I watched it last night, and I agree with you. Hindi pilit ang movie, hindi sobrang kilig pero hindi mo rin kayang bitiwan, May pagkakataon na hindi mo alam kung maiiyak ka na ba o matatawa. Kahit mga lalake nakita kong nagpupunas ng luha kagabi after ng movie. Congrats sa buong cast at crew! It’s really a good movie

  5. There are two sides of the Tinago Falls, Iligan City and Linamon, Lanao Del norte. They shoot FAAD in Linamon, Lanao Del Norte… see the end credits because I am the T.O of Linamon. If you want to experience what Sam and KC did… the spiral stairs to Tinago Falls belongs to Linamon, Lanao Del Norte.

  6. Honestly I’m having doubts if I will watch the movie or not but after reading your review….. I must watch it!

  7. anthonyandres

    Kuya, Gay ba talaga yung isang bida? ehehehee

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