ABSCBN News and Current Affairs, in its continue tackling related and current issues on our country will stage “Harapan: Divorce Bill, Ipasa o Ibasura? on TV this Independence day June 12, 2011. the debate will be spearheaded and anchored by Ka Doroy awardee and multi awarded broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez, the debate objective is to educate the public on the proposed Divorce Bill.

There was never an event in TV that tackles Divorce in this kind of manner. The said event will be the very first television debate on the controversial bill. ABSCBN will also have a credible panel of pro and anti-Divorce bill who will speak its mind out on the issue. The Divorce Bill was authored by Gabriela Party-list Representative Luzviminda Ilagan. I remember when I was in highschool we had a debate regarding Divorce and I think Im against it (geesh thats almost 12 years ago). We should partake in this kind of intelligent discussion before jumping into conclusion. Perhaps a good read of the bill itself will be helpful.

Don’t miss “Harapan: Divorce Bill, Ipasa o Ibasura?” this June 12, after Magandang Gabi Vice.

Watch the TV teaser here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EB6DLRIXwH8



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  1. para sa akin dapat lang na ipasa ang divorce..

  2. bakit ang catholic my divorce tinatawag na annulment.. hindi ba ganun din ang nang yayari pagkatapos nga annulment ay nagpapakasal..?

  3. dapat ibasura .ano pa ang halaga ng pagpapakasal kung mag didivorce lang naman.nakakainis tlaga!!

  4. I dont agree with the devorce.first of all its againt Gods law. and if devorce happened kids will be affected too much.no matter what you do kids will live on that the rest of thier lives.they will get revenge or do bad things anyway.can they take care of the kids after the devorce?

  5. ipasa ang divorce bill sa dami ng mga hiwalay na mag-asawa.sana si bishop bacani ay lumambot ang puso.

  6. Dapat ipasa ang Divorce, para sa karapatan ng bawat isa lalo na sa mga pamilya na wala ng solusyon para magkabalikan pa,mas mahihirapan ang mga bata kung nakikita ang parents na lagi nag aaway at magkasakitan.

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