JAEVON @18 (The Devon Seron and James Reid 18th birthday party)

Exactly last Friday, I hosted one of my favorite events to celebrate in a year, a BIRTHDAY. But the event was not the ordinary ‘blow your candles-dinner outside-house party’ type. Dubbed as JAEVON @ 18, an 18th birthday debut of Devon Seron, former PBB Teen housemate and a birthday celebration for James Reid, the PBB Big Winner.

The event was indeed brilliant as it was well attended by friends from PBB days. Present were Ivan Dorschner, Joe Vargas, Eslove Briones, and Patrick Sugui, and also Good Vibes co-stars Arron Villaflor, Lynn Oeymo, Chikara Nawa, Coleen Garcia, and Enrique Gil.

The event was in a glamour and eloquence mode with a touch of 1920’s movie inspired theme. Everyone was asked to wear their best of black. Even before I introduced the debutant and the celebrant (JAEVON themselves), friends who already in the venue are into partying mode. Happy to see familiar faces from press and I was able to get to know some of our common friends. After James and Devon’s press interviews, I had to kick the party started! As I went to the introduction, everyone started to settle down to their respective tables.
My expectation to the very memorable serenade entrance got higher as the sword parade added formality to the occasion. And did I mention a harmonic orchestra? Smooth songs as background made me feel mushy during the entire night!

When the door opened, everyone was surprised! Not because James and Devon’s entrance graced the emotion, but it was Ryan Bang (Yes, Ryan you’re late!) who made a very funny entrance dancing and raising his hands in the air. Everyone was laughing and lily lily like the scene. And then there’s James and Devon walking towards the gazebo. Everyone is in awe with how gorgeous Dev was and how Oozing James was with his formal look and catchy smile. The entire Jaevon friends on the right side was shouting their hearts out with “kilig”.

It was really the OHANA who made everything possible that night. Cacai, Rose, Cha and Jhoy gracefully pulled a very great preparation way back months ago. Cacai led the prayer and Jhoy at the beginning of the program welcome the guests and friends. She also acknowledged everyone who helped them through everything. It was indeed so touching knowing friendship within them was built through one goals. I am humbled.

But then during that time I still can’t get over with Ryan Bang. At the beginning he was teasing the debutant and the celebrant to do a “sample”, so I throw the tease back at him and called him on a stage. Game as he was, he really dance his heart out in the front and everyone is really cheering for more. After that I called in Joric, a very dear friend to James and Devon to do a freaking perfect number to them. And he pulled the song very great! It was a night of talent and flair.

And then before I called the 18 roses of Devon, I asked a short messages to both of them. And same with OHANA, they are just very very happy and appreciative for the effort and for friends who come to celebrating birthdays with them. As the smooth harmonic orchestra was playing on the background, the 18 roses of Devon started to dance her. Starting first with her father sonny Seron, whom I got the chance to talk to after the event, was very soft spoken and a very nice man. Then followed by Devon’s friend including those we knew in Television. Teen stars of today and leading man was called one by one. But the final dance was all they are waiting for, James Reid. Everyone is smiling while watching them dancing. And I think I intentionally took their dance longer than the usual. If I’m not mistaken I made the last dance for around 3 minutes.

After the 18 roses, we proceeded with the 18 shots for James. And as everyone was called one by one, friends and family of James also gave their wishes to Devon, and to the both of them. Everyone is in soggy sentimental. James didn’t actually wanted a long mushy message as he’s kind of whispering me to tell them not too long.
But everyone is in dedication mode. I remember everyone’s face drawn with a smile listening to their wishes. It was really memorable.

And comes the blowing of birthday cake candles. We sang a well coordinated “Happy Birthday” with slow and fast version of it. Devon and James simultaneously made their wishes and blow their candles. Everyone paid a nonstop round of applause for the debutant and the celebrant. And while everyone is gracing the look between James and Devon, they made sense that it is just the intro of the upcoming fun, the party has just started!

Before the program started, they already exchange their wishes.Devon said, “Sana matuto na siyang mag-Tagalog! And sana rin more blessings para sa kanya. Magpakabait lagi.” While James said, “ For Devon to stay down to earth. I want her to stay the same. She has a lot of shows now so she’s getting more famous. I hope she will remain humble.”

I fell in love with how good the ambiance was, the music (ofcourse im still in LSS of the Katy Perry and Bruno Mars orchestra). The song still playing on my mind. The party was undeniably a fun way to end the weekdays. To OHANAS, a group hug for a successful affair. Nonstop party and photos for everyone including myself. Ooops how can I forget the JAEVON livestreaming! It is really fun knowing different places are watching all over live! Its like everyone is attending the event too! I got the chance to chat with some friends there and they are very happy to attend the party virtually.

All in all, aside from Ryan Bang and Aaron Villaflor whos really red that night, I drunk too much!

PARTEY has never been this fun! Belated Happy birthday to Devon Seron and James Reid! See you all guys again!


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  1. wow! thanks to you mr.magaro! we love jaevon so much!

  2. thanks for the feature, sir Rod…cool…i was there!!! 😉

  3. @MECharl_lot

    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JaEvon FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rhea Medellada


  4. jaevon ❤

    sana more projects to come.. we love to see you both onscreen.. even if they said scripted..

    we love you forever..

    jaevon is love

  5. Sir rod, thank you so much for this article. We’re glad u had so much fun that night.

  6. Vanessa120896

    JaEvon ❤
    More projects to come … 🙂

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