Finally, last time I got the chance to watch another feel good Thai film. The rush for me to watch this is that local TV here in Manila is plugging its TV broadcast premiere that I thought would be another Asianovela (series) and felt like Im outcasted with people talking over about it. I didn’t know anything about the movie and its cast. And don’t get me wrong, I’ve been hearing about Mario Maurer before but I don’t know why is he popular or something. Then here comes CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LOVE.

The movie was in Thai language that I had to deal with its English subtitle. There was a not so pretty girl—ok ugly girl (Nam), in school who has a crush on a very good looking highschool guy. She did all crazy stuff so the guy would notice her. They even bought a book about what to do in terms on How a guy would like a girl. But to no avail, the guy was just an average Joe who’s not really into fairy tale story.

But as year goes by, Nam becomes prettier as she turn into a typical teenage girl. (Yeah hormones) and transformed into a beautiful talented lady while keeping the admiration to the good looking guy (P’Shone). The guy’s friend (Top) was attracted to Nam and they become boyfriend and girlfriend. Until such time that they had to graduate from highschool and Nam, with the help of her girl friends decided to tell P’Shone the real feeling she has since first year. The same time when Nam found out that P’Shone already has a girlfriend. And she’s crying for the reality that she will have no chance to P’Shone.

What is shocking is that all the while, P’SHONE IS SECRETLY INLOVE WITH HER! SINCE THE BEGINNING HE’S BEEN SNEAKING OVER NAM, TAKING PHOTOS OF HER EVERYWHERE. BUT WASN’T ABLE TO ADMIT THE FEELING.. Then jump to 9 years later, their path crossed again in a local TV Show.

They realized they still love each other and there!

Then I realized it was big in Thailand and nearby asian countries. Now, Philippines is taking its toll on broadcasting in on TV. As ive said the plug and how they dubbed the movie is superb. Yep, it will be shown on again today, June 20 after Happy Yipee Yehey!

Worth watching guys.



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