ONE HEART, Sarah Geronimo’s NEW ALBUM

The long wait is over, our Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo will finally release her new album, ONE HEART!
Sarah Geronimo, who is the record holder for multi platinum record awardee and the multi-media star. Some of the inclusion in her 15-Song album is the smash hit ballad “Sino Nga Ba Siya.” As always, his heart achingly beautiful ballad is delivered with sincerity of emotions that everyone can relate to.

Here is the full tracklist of the ONE HEART ALBUM
1. Sino Nga Ba S’ya
2. Kung Siya Ang Mahal
3. Sa Isip Ko
4. If You Could Read My Mind
5. I Miss You
6. Nag-Iisang Ikaw
7. One Heart
8. Bata (duet with Kean Cipriano)
9. More Than Youd Believe
10. Bakit Pa Ba
11. Fallin’ (Full House OST)
12. Handang Umibig Muli
13. Within
14. Ikaw (duet with Martin Nievera)
15. Bonus Track: Fallin (CMIIL OST)

The song “Kung Siya Ang Mahal” is surely another good OPM song that Im sure will have the potential hit in the radios and music channels. This single is compose by Vehnee Saturno. It’s something familiar yet different at the same time, an OPM ballad peppered with vocal RnB-isms but an emotional love song.

I dont know why I am that excited since i got most of Sarah’s album. Of course Music and Me is my favorite. ‘One Heart’ also includes the soundtrack of her movie entitled “Fallin’” from the box office hit movie “Catch Me…I’m In Love,” as well as Sarah’s version of “Fallin’.” Her new album also features the concert king Martin Nievera in their duet on the George Canseco/Louie Ocampo-written song “Ikaw.” Another duet with Kean Cipriano of Callalily on the tune “Bata.”

Some covers includes “Bakit Pa Ba” (popularized by R&B prince Jay R), and “Sa Isip Ko,” (originally sung by Agot Isidro), to first time originals like the dance track “Handang Umibig Muli,” and Louie Ocampo’s “I Miss You,” to the ear tweaking title track, Sarah Geronimo is definitely make another masterpiece with this new album.

Nevertheless, Im excited!



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  1. ay! gusto ko rin bumili nito! grabeh! salamat at nabasa ko itong blog mo!:) wait for me sarah.. I’ll buy you..…..r album! heheh:)

  2. I’m sure platinum n nman album ni Ms. Sarah Geronimo! More power and Gob Bless you always…stay humble Sarah 🙂

  3. ganda ng album ni sarah ilove it go idol”””’more power

  4. Excited na ak0ng bumili, hehe go sarah g. Fan m0 ko 4ever. . 😉

  5. excited na ako for the album!

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