The MERCATO CENTRALE, The Tweetup everyone enjoyed!

Last Saturday, April 16, 2011 I attended another event for twitter friends organized by co bloggers, writers and social networking ‘guru’ as I want to call them. It was called a #MercatoTweetUp as the get together was held in no other than the famous Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio High Street, a place to visit on weekend with unique great tasting foods situated in between 8th Avenue and 34th Street.

The meet up is to simply gain new friends and at the same time enjoy the ambience of grilled, delicious and sumptuous food in different booths every concessionaires is offering. With RJ Ledesma hosting (Literally announcing freebies) for the Mercato Tweet up, the event was actually made to get familiarized with different booths around. I have to admit I didn’t know the what and where of different booths until I experienced it myself by joining the booth hunt. It was a fun filled event since most of the booth are prepared with their samples. (And were enjoying it!)

There’s also a live cooking demonstration by the Culinary Institute of Aristocrat wherein they teach us how to cook Seafood pasta. I’m standing in front of them as if I’m listening but the truth is I’m just waiting for the finish product to be served (hehe).

And then one good item caught my attention, the Oatmeal Raisin cookies by LowCal booth. The cinnamon fruit cake is really inviting that’s why I bought one.

Then I went to the Offburger booth and I saw a very delicious burger with cheese and bacon inside.

As the event goes on, RJ Ledesma, (@rjled) keep announcing freebies by mentioning the participating booth and some password. The first item we won >>> couple of Cocktail Duck Siopao by Classic Roast. But of course before we get our prize, @mercatocentrale twitter account announced that the password for the Classic Roast booth is to say with feelings, “Quack quack quack quack quack! And so there, the cocktail duck siopao!

After few freebies, we decided to join the contest again. And this time, RJ announced that the next participating booth is the Manang’s chicken situated right at the center of the grilled area. The FB and Mercato Centrale twitter account posted “Who wants MANANG’s Chicken!? The first 10 people to visit their booth get free 1 piece chicken with rice when they say the password ANG BAGONG FRIED CHICKEN NG PINOY” And the rest was historical lunch for Free!!

Here is my friend Jomz with another winner who actively participating for the freebies!

And so when we heard RJ announced this: “Who wants free LIQUOR BONBONS? The first 10 people who visit the LICK YOUR BON-BONS booth in the Foodie Fest Test get a FREE Bon-bon each when they say I WANT TO GET WASTED!” we then had a chance to taste of the liquor Bonbons and chat with the owner, Joane Lim. I chose the Absolut Mint Bons and it tastes so good.

The event was up until 2pm but we have to rush for Luis Manzano birthday party at ABSCBN afternoon ELIVE. So we werent able tocheck other items. But Mercato Centrale cant be stopped! They continue giving away FREE Switchfoot ticket and five free Switchfoot posters, snowcones by Edible options, JAM Foods Angus Beef Tapa, Gourmet Pate by Pamora Farms, BANGUS PATE & VIRGIN COCONUT OIL by Gana Vida and a lot more!

Ive got the chance to meet twitter friends with 10 more others. The below photos is a good twitter friend, Ros Juan, an ex-Shanghai halfpat turned entrepreneur, social media disciple and Goddess. Follow her on Twitter (@juanxi).

Mercato Centrale opens on its perating Hours: Saturdays and Sundays 7:00am – 2:00pm. Theres a Live entertainment and Free Wi-Fi! For more information about the Mercato Centrale, visit

The Mercato tweet up was a blast! Follow Mercato Centrale on twitter! @mercatocantrale

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