An intimate Mass and Tribute for AJ PEREZ.

Last Monday night, April 18, 2011 I visited the wake of AJ Perez at the La Salle Greenhills. My intention was to attend the mass and tribute to him. Thanks to fellow friends in ABSCBN who was there to extend their condolences. The solemn mass spearheaded by Father Caluag and the tribute is so private that i chose not to take some photos for this article. I also live twitting during the Tribute to share the messages and speeches from the people very dear to him.

I remember Sunday morning when I first heard of the news, I got three missed calls, multiple BBMs and DMs on twitter confirming about the news but I was sleeping. People were asking me being a local TV follower of events and have common friends to AJ. Until I woke up by around 3 am and that’s how the news dazed me. I can’t help but cry while reading the news that AJ PEREZ, the one who wears a very optimistic smile, has died due to vehicular accident at Tarlac from a successful Dagupan show.

When we arrived at La Salle Greenhills, I noticed that the Gate 6 was already crowded. Eric John Salut, Ad Prom Head of ABSCBN was the one doing most of the touches for the tribute, of course with the help of some friends and family. Father Caluag’s homily was really heart-warming when he mentioned about temporary life we have on earth. One thing that hit me was when father said, “There’s no such thing as untimely death.” After the mass I was able to see him, AJ. He was just like sleeping peacefully. He was like lying and closing his eyes. My tears fell.

Then at around 7.25 pm, The tribute started. Two friends who took the liberty to stand in front were Robi Domingo and Valeen Montenegro. They were saying that a good friend who made us laugh, fall in love, and cry in the movies and TV, has left us. I admire them for doing the part despite the heavy heart they were having that night, they stood up to do the tribute. Looking at everyone around, I can feel the loneliness inside the chapel, my tears fell.

Then Carla Humphries was called. She was crying even before she said anything. She was sharing the friendship she had with AJ, how humble and very nice guy AJ was.

“He always knew his priorities.. AJ had the best smile “ Carla continued.
“He is my ideal perfect future boyfriend” then she can’t help but continue crying.

Carla remember the time when they always tease each other about how good friend AJ was. She said he will really be missed, definitely.

Then Robi and Valeen called Direk Lino Cayetano to give his speech. He was teasing about the tribute should be a light as possible. But he can’t help but reminisce how passionate AJ was as a young actor. He said “If there are two things that you would remember about AJ, one is kindness and the one is passion.” He remember when the head of the network asked him to do a series for AJ and the rest of the gigger boys. “AJ was a very nice guy. He really has a passion in everything he do.” Direk also mentioned about how proud AJ when he graduated highschool and how excited he was to enter college in La Salle. Everyone is listening silently.

Then it was Sam Concepcion who took the floor to sing. When he started to hit the first few lines of the song Gone Too Soon, everyone is in tears including myself. The song is a real reflection of love and memories. After the emotional rendition of the song, he gave a very tight hug to AJ’s parent. I can really feel how hard it was for Sam.

Then it was AJ’s friends and classmates’ turn from DLSU to speak for him. Headed by Master Carlo Miranda, he shared how ordinary classmate AJ was to them. “Sa aming barkada kahit sya ang pinakasikat, mas mayabang pa rin kami sa kanya. Ganon sya kahumble.” They would always remember AJ as a very hardworking student. From taping to classes, he always make it a point not to miss their subjects. They also prepared a VTR tribute to AJ.

A cousin of AJ also gave his speech telling how grateful he was to AJ. Then followed by an ABSCBN VTR tribute entitled “The rise of a very promising star” where it showed the last interviews they had for AJ and some testimonials from people he worked with.

After the video, Gary Valenciano stood up and share some insights about the situation. He said AJ is a humble, silent “very magalang” guy. And how a simple smile from AJ can make a lot of difference. He also shared a story about how good AJ was to people around him. A good example was when his daughter performed on ASAP the very first time and all AJ did was to say, “You did a good job.” Gary V. believes that AJ has a very good heart in uplifting one another. He applauded AJ’s parent for raising a very wonderful child. Gary V said that AJ is a Halo Kid. But now he considers him as Halo Hero. And then Gary V render a very touching song of his own, Warrior is A Child. He also sang HOME. Gary V on his message that hit me was his emphasis on Jeremiah 29:11 – ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’

Then another mass was held sponsored by the La Salle Greenhills. The tribute was indeed memorable. I am sure he will always be missed. I may not be that close to AJ but seeing him in the hallway of ABSCBN wearing a smile, it gives a lot of encouragement to everyone.

We will miss him.
And after that, the public viewing for the benefit of the fans started.



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  1. iwatchmovieonline

    bye aj

  2. rejean cyril uy

    hay, it is so hard to accept that Aj is really gone. reading this article made my tears fall down. This is the first time I cried since I’ve heard the news maybe because this past few days I was still in denial but now, I just can’t help but cry. If I would just got the chance to go there and see him for the last time i will surely do… I know dami pa jan di nakaka move on, isa nako don. hirap. though i don;t know him personally but watching him on TV you can feel that he’s very genuine, humble, and sincere person… We’ll miss you Aj. Rest in Peace… 😦

  3. Marvi Aniza Go

    I love you Aj.. Napaiyak ako habang binabasa to.. 😦 Paalam Idol,Crush… Di ka namin makakalimutan.. I Miss You Aj Perez..

  4. christine gachallan

    ……we know that you are gone but,you will always remain in our hearts.i wish you are alright where you are my one and only idol.i always look at the sky when i remember you.Every night i always pray that you are alright.i am sorry if i can not go to your wake because you’re wake is in manila and i live in a far town and that is la union

    from your loving fan,

  5. christine gachallan

    ……we know that you are gone but,you will always remain in our hearts.i wish you are alright where you are my one and only idol.i always look at the sky when i remember you.Every night i always pray that you are alright.i am sorry if i can not go to your wake because you’re wake is in manila and i live in a far town and that is Aringay,la union.lagi akong umiiyak kapag na aalala kita,at totoo yun.i am so emotional when i heard the news,i also not believe in the news.good bye my idol we will miss you.

    from your loving fan,

  6. Christina mendoza

    Hanggang ngaun ndi ak makapniwalang wala n xa.hbang pnapanu0d k lhat ng mga videos nia parng anjn p dn xa at buhay n buhay nakakmiss ang killer smile nia. Sayang…sayang… sayang! Pero alam k0ng masaya ka na at wala ka ng pain n nararamdaman ngay0n. Rest in peace aj perez:-(

  7. i miss your sweet smile,your kindness and all the good character that describes you and what you have in yourself AJ,that always inspires me every time I see you in the television,your my idol,and you always stay alive in my heart and mind,

    May I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the family of AJ,and may you rest in peace my idol,WE LOVE YOU and you will always be remembered.

  8. i miss your sweet smile,your kindness,and all the good character that describes you and what you have in yourself AJ,that inspires me a lot every time i see you in the television,your my idol,and you will always stay alive in my heart and mind forever,.

    May I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the family of AJ,.and you may rest in peace idol,.We love you..and you will always be remembered.

  9. WOW !! .. hindi ku na pansin na may luha na palang tumulo sa mga mata ku habang binabasa ko to ..
    sayang talaga ni aj ..
    mabait , gwapo , bata pa , talented ..
    I LOVE YOU AJ !!!!!!!!

  10. .. ur soo UP there,, buT still ur HUMBLE.. uR HUMILITY is yOur legAcy!!RIP..ANTONELLO JOSEPH SARTE PEREZ ( AJ ) 😥

  11. we love u aj.hope ur happy now.

  12. kasalanan kc nung driver ng van.sana sya n lng ang namatay

  13. sayang talag c aj idol k talaga sya.umiyak nga ako nung nalaman k n namatay sya bakt sya pa!

  14. rhea mae santarin

    hay sayang na mansi AJ bata pa. bakit,, bakit bakit bakit???????

  15. ..if i can only fly frm her(singapore)to manila ill do juz to watch AJ for d last time…thankz for sharing this to us…even f im only a big big fan of AJ bt im so brokenhearted till now..i cnt beliv dat my idol was gone…inaabangan q pa namn sana ung pag.appear nya as one of mara clara’s cast…super excited aq for AJ bt now hes gone…so hard for me 2 convince myself…may u rest in peace AJ,,,

  16. we love u
    may he rest in peace
    sayang ang bata pa nya

  17. awww… once again i cried. sheeet! d ako mka move on.. naalala ko nun una kong rinig s tv n wala na si aj… i cant help but say “wala n si aj perez” with teary eyes.. :'(.. i miss him. :((((((((

  18. This made me tear-up. :'((( Thank you for sharing this to us. AJ will definitely be missed. But let us all remember that he is now in the good hands of our Lord Jesus Christ, happily watching over us. My prayer goes out to his family.

  19. ive been there during he’s first 2 days wake at the christ the king church in q.c. i also attented a mass and cant help but to cry while the priest is blessing aj…my u rest in peace and we all love you antonello joseph perez.. 😦

  20. Jhun Pagcaliwangan

    May he rest in peace…

  21. sobrang bata pa ni aj para mamatay kakapanghinayang lang

  22. Tama!!! teary-eyed din aq nitu!! huhuhuh.. kawawa namn family nah naiwan ni aj nuh.. mamimiss natin xa!!

  23. ang ganda ng shin-are na verse ni Mr. Pure Energy.
    @aitnyc – totoo. kahit di tayo malapit sa kanya, he affected our lives in a good way so his demise is hard to accept at first.

    to my fellow fans – God, through His Time, will heal our wounds. 🙂 Bye AJ!

  24. di ko kasi nakita yung mass sa tv but i was amazed it, we need to prayed his soul i know his in GOD’s hand now…

  25. huhu.. bat gnito.. cnt help but crying.!!! kh8 na isang fan lg .. huhu.. mahal na mahal ka nmin AJ PEREZ.. huhu .. :((

  26. Hindi nga ako makapaniwala na namatay si AJ PEREZ sayang kasing edad ko lng sya malaking kawalan ito sa industriya WE LOVE YOU…

  27. I MISS AJ PEREZ because sya ang IDOL ko hindi ka nmin malilimutan…PAALAM.

  28. sobrang feel ko emotions nila. sayang talaga nawala siya kagad. sa ngayon BIHIRA kasi ang mga artistang totoo on and off the camera. kahit bago pang star, SOBRANG BIHIRA. sobrang sa kanya lang ako sobrang naapektuhan.

    • rejean cyril uy

      Tama ka jan…. I can’t help but cry. naaapektuhan din tlga ako sa pagkawala nya. i don’t know why. i’m just a fan pero kasi u can feel his kindness tlga through his actions kahit na sa pagsasayaw lng. alam mo mabuti xang tao… huhuhu 😦

  29. Can’t help crying while reading this.:((

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