The ROYAL WEDDING on Phil TV: ABSCBN partnership with BBC World!

It seems like every network here in our country are very eager to cover the much Anticipated Wedding of World. And I am in awe to know that ABS-CBN has partnered with the world’s largest broadcasting organization, BBC to give us the coverage of the much-awaited royal wedding of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales to Catherine Middleton with the exclusive telecast of BBC special documentaries and the live coverage of the wedding on April 29.

Some of the TV Special of ABSCBN for the royal Wedding will be first seen on April 24, Before ASAPROCKS. Entitled, “The Royal Wedding of the Century,” the feature is the BBC’s documentary “William and Kate: A Royal Engagement” The program will tell the real-life fairy tale story of archetypal girl-next-door Kate and heir to the British throne Prince William. Find out how the two met, get to know the future British princess, and understand what what this marriage means to the future British monarchy as close friends, historians, biographers, and well known journalists reveal what they know about the royal couple.

There’s also “Harry: The Mysterious Prince,” “How to be a Prince,” “Timewatch: Princess Margaret – A Love Story,” “Diana – Legacy of a Princess,” “Princess Camilla – Winner Takes All,” “Royal London,” “Britain’s Royal Weddings,” and “Untold Stories of a Royal Bridesmaid” on ANC and the Lifestyle Network.

On April 29, Friday, ABS-CBN will launch a powerhouse coverage dubbed “The Royal Wedding of the Century” straight from BBC over the network’s multimedia platforms which cover free-to-air TV, cable TV, radio, and online.

Catch only on ABS-CBN’s coverage the exclusive report on the preparations and events leading to the Royal Wedding from world-renowned broadcast journalist and BBC top anchor Huw Edwards, the presenter of Britain’s most popular television news bulletin, BBC News at Ten.

A true expert on the Royal family with over two decades of experience in BBC, Edwards will be able to give Filipino viewers an insider’s look at the biggest and most anticipated event in the world so far this year.

ABSCBN will also have an exclusive documentary specials on William and Kate through a partnership with global news giant British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).



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