Guess who’s a proud 100% PANATAG MOM.

After months of hiatus to enjoy motherhood, the young superstar Judyann Santos is back! The recently concluded launch of LACTUM announced Judyann Santos-Agoncillo as the newest addition to the 100% PANATAG MOM.

Ive seen the Lactum 6+ TV commercial in which Judy Ann and Yohan appear. It tells the story of what Filipino moms – Judy Ann included – goes through on a daily basis: that feeding children can be tedious, that it is a struggle, but one nonetheless must deal with it every single day and overcome this daily hardship, no matter how repetitive, because a mother who loves her child will never put her child’s health at risk.

Both 100% nourishment and the food pyramid are the main thrusts of Lactum 6+, her daughter’s milk of choice and a leading brand of staged milk, coupled with three balanced meals a day. These thrusts bring Judy Ann’s involvement close to home — for she is spreading its message of nourishment not so much as a celebrity actress, but as a mother who constantly worries about her child’s nutritional well-being just like any other mom. Add to that the fact that she is also a chef, having taken up culinary studies, which means that anything related to food and feeding is immediately within her scope of concern and expertise. This is why she is passionate when it comes to Lactum 6+ being her partner or “katuwang” in feeding.

The drama actress and her husband are open to accepting product endorsements with their kids. “But I told Yohan we can only make commercials during summer vacations,” said Judy Ann. “Tsaka kailangan gusto niya talaga at ginagamit ang produkto. Ayoko naman ng false advertising,” she added.

And that’s one of the reasons Judy Ann accepted the Lactum endorsement. She said she has become a “Panatag mom” because Yohan really likes Lactum.

Judy Ann also excitedly shares that Yohan loves the taste of Lactum 6+, which the child has told her mom to possess just the right amount of sweetness to make it palatable. She added, “Sugar, after all, is part of the food pyramid; and like everything in the food pyramid, it’s good for the body when taken in proper amounts.” She also acknowledges the reality that sugar contributes to the taste of milk, saying that moms don’t necessarily have to compromise on taste just because they want complete nutrition for their children.

It’s inevitable for moms to face such worries. The most common issue they have to deal with is favoritism: picky eaters tend to choose their favorite food, eating nothing else. Judy Ann attests to this, mentioning that her six-year-old daughter, Yohan, keeps asking for cheesedog and French fries. “Kung puro cheesedog at French fries na lang,” she complained, “walang mangyayari sa nutrisyon niya.”

To tell if her child is getting complete nourishment, Judy Ann always consults the food pyramid. “E sabi sa food pyramid, mahalaga ang vegetables, so I try to sneak vegetables into her meals,” Judy Ann narrated. “For example, gagawa ako ng spinach soup, but I tell her it’s ‘Shrek soup’ para kainin niya.”

“Kids prefer milk that tastes good; mothers prefer milk that is good for their children’s body – thankfully, Lactum 6+ compromises on nothing. On top of that, there is a Lactum for every stage. Kahit may feeding challenges as they grow up, there is Lactum who can be a nutritional support system. Lactum contains the essential nutrients from the food groups found in the food pyramid. Kaya naman, sa Lactum 6+ lang ako 100% panatag,” she said, with a special emphasis on “lang” to indicate that she can find no other substitute that can give her peace of mind.

The actress certainly taps the practical chef in her for solutions. And because the practical chef in her has faith in the food pyramid, she also has faith in Lactum, because Lactum’s formulation of essential nutrients is inspired by the food pyramid.

On the proper sugar levels, Judy Ann agrees that there are standards that need to be met. The World Health Organization (WHO), Institute of Medicine, and FNRI recommends 39grams, 100grams and 25 grams per day, respectively. Lactum 6+ has 9 grams of sugar per serving. “Kaya pasok na pasok ang Lactum 6+ sa batayan ng local and international guidelines for its sugar levels.”

Who knew the recipe for peace of mind could be both nutritious and delicious? And easy on the budget too: the celebrity mom reveals how happy she has become since Lactum’s price went down, with savings reaching up to P92. One certainly cannot help but appreciate Lactum for possessing the right combination of nutrition, taste, and affordability.

“Kaya naman I’m very happy and proud to be a 100% Panatag mom, with Lactum 6+,” Judyann Concludes.

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  1. ang panget ng patalastas ninyo..masyadong trying hard ang pag.iindorso ng lactum..

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