Castaway, Ray of Sunlight, Moments and Annual fun! (Or simply CA-RA-MO-AN)

I’ve been planning to get to wake boarding, white sand on a long drive with friends to happen in one event. And never did I thought that it would happen very soon. Thanks to good friends from my SFC family who planned everything that I had to literally pay for the entirety. Simply, welcome to the once in a lifetime adventure of a less than 20 Castaway, The CARAMOAN adventure!!

Jump to afternoon of Sunday, February 20 of this year (Or simply exactly one month ago), the group decided to separate from the huge Happy Yipee Yehey SFC Makati Chapter family. We checked in to Crown Hotel in Naga where everyone is so excited to put their mala “maglalayas na bagahe” awardee. Sorting some things to bring and rest a bit, we went to experience the Hot Spring. Everyone is soo excited that the thought of Halo halo under the scorching heat of the sun keep the adrenaline going. On our way to the hotspring, We visited and say a little respect to Our Lady of Penafrancia. Beautiful church and most of the devotees are there to pray. We saw some young groups doing the rosary on the church.

HOTSPRING. Upon arrival on the Hotspring (Robert, I forgot the name of the Hotspring) asked for a another discount for 19 of us and luckily they grant us a reasonable entrance fee. While on our way to cottage, we met some nuns who are visiting as well though I don’t know if they also get their feet wet on the pool. Small chat and photo ops and we learned that they are here for some mission. One of them speaks tagalog I guessed she is the host of the other sisters.

During our swimming we play around, hop around and kid ourselves to some 29, 35 or 39 degree pool. Unlimited photos and games and some of us even singing their heart loud. There’s also an unforgettable slide where we tried different strokes on how to slide our way to the water. Sideways, hands up, body tilt and the famous toe tipping was done where we are hounding Theena to try it. At first we didn’t succeed convincing her to do the trick but less we didn’t knew she tried it without our sight. She ended up hurting her cute fingernails. She told us she didn’t regret the experience” Something we won’t forget during the hotspring. Then theres a continuous, literally cold small lake in between the pool. We tried our feet out in the cold while having a photoshoot by our super Tatay Rommel Briones. It was seriously cold and slippery that we kid throwing splashes of water to each and everyone. We even talked and share (Actually some of them) about what, or who is their respective CC. collectively known as conference crush or whatever you may call it. We finished our hot spring experience with a shower. Ooops some of us didn’t! haha!

DINNER, HALO HALO and 3AM call time.
After our happy Hotspring, other group led by the hostess Kareem, who lives there went the other itinerary trips. We went to have our dinner back in Naga and we found ourselves going to Bob Marlyn. Famous crispy pata, sinigang and unlimited, bottomless ice tea crowned the dinner. I remember drinking more than 4 glass (or I don’t know with Chap VJ Posadas how did he enjoyed the eternal supply of Ice tea).

On our way back to the hotel, we dropped by somewhere along the city to fulfill our halo halo experience, the DJC HALO HALO. We bought special ones and Robert, charmingly pursued the cashier to give us a discount and he succeeded! There’s also a black market beside DJC where Edu figuratively favorited upon getting some good buy items like shades and flashlights. I also bought a very reasonable Havaiannas that is almost being sold for 70 % off. The catch is, It’s a glow in the dark slipper haha! Finders keeper. (Or magaling lang ako sa ukay-an talaga) . Upon arrival to the hotel we decided to eat our halo halo on the girls room for extended bonding moments. Less did they know guys planned to have the halohalo consumed to get rid of the kalat.  So as one by one finished their scoops, the remaining was still discussing how tsalap the mixture was. So we decided to have a photoshoot of the famous Halo halo ads for DJC. It was indeed fun as everyone is so game to strike a pose as if they were talking and enjoying the halo halo. Look at their facial expression as if they were really pro! Some if us went to massage and we call it a night to wake up at 3am. I left my Cinderello shoes thank you to the hotel peep for rushing to return.

And so we get up early and took our coffee supply then headed to Sabang Port. Upon securing our seats to the Adidas boat (I coined Adidas boat because theres a small comfy room at the back that has an Adidas logo. Not knowing our destiny if our seats is enough to feel good, some of us positioned themselves to the tambucho of the boat, breathing wasted gases (sorry to hear that you enjoyed it?) and some took some photos including myself. Robert the malikot boy ended baby sitting a kid and thankfully blocking the sun from me!

Upon arrival to the Guijalo port, We were welcomed by Kuya Robert our super friendly tour guide. We proceeded to the coaster where someone said “Sosyal naka coaster” then checked in to Rex tourist Inn. Upon assembling and securing our respective room assignments, we travel from Rex Tourist Inn to another boar ride. While waiting for the boat, Tatay Josef Poe announced that it is indeed a foundation day Monday headed by Jen Arienda where she perfectly applied the sunblock on her face. 

And then we finally arrived to Caramoan!
I am so humbled to see how great the entirety! We were like, “WOW” that Mhae Medina cant help but to take a pic of every single place. It’s a breath taking islands to see! As we assembled ourselves the group was divided to two where one decided to have the groundbreaking photoshoot with colorful umbrella’s (nice pose guys) and some of us went to experience the rocky formation where we literally have to climb those rocks to see a wonderful lagoon. Then we checked on the high rocky formation and went to the other side. It was without a doubt a hard mountain slight climb and finally saw a fresh green lagoon outside where according to our Kuya Robert the tour guide is a sand base. We also saw some big bangus and enjoyed photo ops at the top of the rock formation where we can literally oversee the beauty of the entire island.

Then we went to another side of the island where we snorkel, swim and check the corals. I remember Julian was really apprehensive in trying the diving part while Aires extended her swim and joined the rest of the minutes trying without a vest. After the snorkeling we went to another side of the island to have our castaway lunch. During the boat ride, Jules, Jenny and Robert was in front of the boat and welcoming the big waves of the water. Happily shared sugpo, adobong baboy and Manok and gulay with banana on the side, we maintained the clean as you go lunch. Then some decided to get another photoshoot while some took some rest on a bed of white sand. Then after some chitchat we decided to go swimming where everyone is playing taya-tayaan (Ang pinakabagong laro sa tubig daw, never been played haha!)

Then one final photoshoot, a photoshoot that will forever be remembered, last a lifetime. Upon returning to the boatride, everyone is tired yet smiling. Everyone seemed overwhelmed of the wonderful experience we had. On our way to the hotel we saw some fireflies on the trees visibly flying their lights. And then we shared a very good alimasag and sinigang for dinner. After small talks we went for a walk and visited the church. We saw some friends from ICON and Chap VJ was the star for a night when our good friend from ICON ask for a photo ops to him. 

Early breakfast, we were then ready for our final tour. In the front of the condotel theres a school and luckily theres a school parade for elementary student wherein they spectacle the winners of Mr and little Miss Mathematics. We were amazed by different titles as there were Mr and Miss Substraction, Miss fraction and the like. We visited the church nearby again and proceed to our lunch at Red Platter where everyone is playing mindgames. Then we bought some pasalubong as the bus is waiting for us to get back to Manila. On the bus it seems everyone has different businesses going on. Some decided to watch a very interesting DVD, some played cards and some played cards. The crazy version plus the 1,2,3 pass! The one who didn’t get the pair will wave at the back of the bus and wont stop until someone wave back. Then we stopped over atimonan for some short dinner and sadly, we had to bid goodbye to each other.

Upon blogging this travelogue, I can still visit the emotion, the laughter and the exact situation we were in. I wont forget how we successfully pull the trip off! It was without a doubt one of the most happiest, If not one of the most unforgettable. The hotspring, the whitesand, the lagoon, the black market and not to mention our halo halo.

I hope there will be another trip like this. It brought us closer to what we have, a relationship with each other. It was undeniably perfect castaway, perfect ray of sunlight, perfect moments and our Annual fun!



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  1. Nice blog Rod. Keep it up.
    I still remember how much we’ve saved from this trip. haha.
    btw, sama ka ulit sa next adventures para may magboblog ulit. hehehe

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