Fast forward to night of February 17, I still remember Im still in the office at around 8pm where my Status of Account Reconciliation meeting was held. Rushed to home, I took a short shower and proceed to Makati Chapter’s meeting place, Makati Ave where bus leaves at 10pm.

I know in my heart that I’ll be having a good weekend while sitting at the bus going southbound. We arrived at the venue at around 7am. We were assigned at our respective rooms and arranged our stuff. Fell asleep until after lunch then took a shower and proceed to hear mass.

Day 1
Msgr. Jonie Aguirre, gave an inspirational opening mass. I remember from afar im listening to him to love God through others. – to quote “Let us put on the “charity of Christ.” This is what we have to put on as our clothing. Msgr. Aguirre talked about learning “how (to love) as Jesus has loved us.”

I am glad to have seen all Singles for Christ united in all songs. This is one activity that uplifts my faith. My favourite was to sing with them. It really made me glad. More than Governor ElRey announced a free wake boarding for all Delegates, I am more excited to hear Mike Serapio.

Then Session I entitled Call to Arms after the worship was held. Bro Mike Serapio, I remember him speaking before us in my CLP. I am fond of listening to him. His wisdom and sharings are worth my time. During that night he discussed about our battles that happens inside our minds. Some battlegrounds he mentioned are our home, community, schools, church and the workplace. If you saw me giggling with my Phone, im not texting or Facebooking, Im writing every single thing he is saying since the venue was too dark to write through pens. He also mentioned about some dirty tactics in evil. It attacks our mind, our heart, our body and spirit. God Bless our brother Mike Serapio. I hope he will continue to create good songs of praise.

Day 2
I attended a workshop entitled “Cast your Nets”. Not knowing the workshop is all about bringing Christ to the call center industry at all. We decided to keep a promise to help our colleague who has different lifestyle and schedule to become closer to God.

At night, another worship headed by Nino tuyay was held. I remember he said during the worship that he felt like an astronaut when the light was off. He asked everyone to worship their God whose “ultimate plan for us is to make us happy.”

Father Joel Jason is love! There’s this sudden moment in his talk when I feel like its God that is talking to me. With all his lectures and videos, I am overwhelmed. Followed by Christian Aliwanag, Session III is all about Satan who disguises and pretend to be big. Full battle gear was also discussed in the session.
After that all SFC were challenged to stand for something. On bended knees, I cried a lot. Talking to God while asking him to forgive me. I am so touched with the song that I choose to Stand for people near me to help them to become closer to God. That God to use me as a catalyst of his words.

Day 3
With the scorching heat of the Vitamin D from the Sun, a very inspirational mass was given by Msgr. Zosimo Ma. Sañado. Followed by a very heartwarming worship. It was one of the moments when everyone is shouting for joy.

Regardless of the heat, everyone is smiling and giving codes to everyone that we deserved to be happy, that the happiness that time is achieved through collective worshipping. Then for final Session, Bro Noli discussed the March to Victory. We emphasize that we should stand up for Love, Peace for Life and for the nation.

Then Bro shok announced that the next ICON will be held in BOHOL.

All in all ICON is a great opportunity for me to rediscover myself, revalidate my covenant as a singles for Christ. I know i have a lot of things to learn and to experience. But this ICON gave me the chance to see the other side, that everyone around us can be united in praising him. And did i mention that im still on an LSS mode, for “I STAND THEMESONG” Thank you to all my SFC Makati family! A chapter lunch was our finale to our ICON Experience!

I wont forget the message the 18th SFC ICON is trying to relive in us, I STAND!


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I am a writer, singer, debater, dancer, poet, declaimer, artist, narrator, and actor and recently I discover, I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I never say no when people experiment my capacity to do things that others can do. I give the superb congregation of expectation to people who doubted what I couldn’t do and I always win on convincing them I could.. follow me on twitter www.twitter.com/rodmagaru

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