Here are the schedule of the 6th edition of the Cinema One Originals film fest, Which will be happening between November 10, to November 16 at the Shangri-La Mall in Mandaluyong City.

I’ll probably be watching on weekend. Personal pick are Celso Ad Castillo. But still curious about what other films wud bring. Will see..

November 10, 2010, Wednesday

12:00 Wanted Border (Special Screening)
2:00 Paano Ko Sasabihin (Special Screening)
4:00 The Cinema of Celso Ad Castillo (Special Screening)
7:00 Confessional (Special Screening)
9:00 Ishmael (Premiere Gala)

November 11, 2010, Thursday

12:00 Ishmael (Regular Screening)
2:00 The Cinema of Celso Ad Castillo (Special Screening)
4:00 Yanggaw (Special Screening)
7:00 Third World Happy (Premiere Gala)
9:00 Dagim (Premiere Gala)

November 12, 2010, Friday

12:00 Third World Happy (Regular Screening)
2:00 Dagim (Regular Screening)
4:00 Ishmael (Regular Screening)
7:00 Astro Mayabang (Premiere Gala)
9:00 Tsardyer (Premiere Gala)

November 13, 2010, Saturday

11:30 Astro Mayabang (Regular Screening)
1:30 Tsardyer (Regular Screening)
3:30 Ishmael (Regular Screening)
5:30 Third World Happy (Regular Screening)
7:30 Layang Bilanggo (Regular Screening)
9:30 Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria (Regular Screening)

November 14, 2010, Sunday

11:30 Layang Bilanggo (Regular Screening)
1:30 Ang Damgo ni Eleuteria (Regular Screening)
3:30 Third World Happy (Regular Screening)
5:30 Astro Mayabang (Regular Screening)
7:30 Tsardyer (Regular Screening)
9:30 Dagim (Regular Screening)

November 15, 2010, Monday

12:00 Astro Mayabang (Regular Screening)
2:00 Dagim (Regular Screening)
4:00 Layang Bilanggo (Regular Screening)
7:00 Tsardyer (Regular Screening)
9:00 Ishmael (Regular Screening)

November 16, 2010, Tuesday

12:00 Layang Bilanggo (Regular Screening)
2:00 And Dmgo ni Eleuteria (Regular Screening)
4:00 Third World Happy (Regular Screening)
6:00 Tsardyer (Regular Screening)
8:00 Ishmael (Regular Screening)
10:00 Astro Mayabang (Regular Screening)

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  1. mas lalo po akong mas excited dahil mapapanood ko na ang original ng cinema one…

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