When Tina is criticized for her goth inspired wardrobe by Principal Figgins, Will decides to inspire the club to express themselves. Twilight is a disease affecting our youth but poor Tina is not one of them Figgins! “My mom won’t even let me watch Twilight! My mom thinks Kristen Stewart seems like a bitch.” Principal Figgins threatens Tina with suspension if she shows up dressed in her current style and we’re forced to see Tina chilling in sweats. You know, in real life i highly doubt he’d be allowed to do that. But whatever.

Finn gets a surprise from his mom when she announces that Burt has asked them both to move in. That was fast. Finn isn’t the least bit thrilled at the news. Not surprising considering Finn now has to share a room with Kurt who has been treating him like a piece of meat lately. Finn and the rest of glee have been getting harassed on a regular basis by two douchey football players with nothing better to do. It’s really sad that people like them actually exist. They call Finn bisexual for being in glee and they basically want to beat it out of him. It’s not surprising that Finn has been avoiding Kurt’s all too obvious advances after all that. I’m really getting annoyed with Kurt’s character. One episode I feel bad for him and the other I want to smack him for honestly thinking he can convert Finn.

Upon learning that Vocal Adrenaline is preparing Gaga for regionals, our glee clubbers set out to do the same. But with MUCH better costumes. I’m in love with Quinn’s pink inspired Gaga grammy dress. Mercedes once again has gotten the crap end of the wardrobe department. The girls plus Kurt put on a flashy performance of Bad Romance, dirty lyrics and all showing how fun expressing yourself can be. The boys however, aren’t feeling the Gaga department and choose Kiss instead. They don full Kiss makeup and costumes and perform Shout It Out Loud. I really just need you all to envision how hilarious these boys in wigs and spandex really is. I’m looking at you Puck. The men expressing themselves doesn’t stop there and Puck asks the guys to help him pay tribute to Quinn with a performance of Beth. Puck, I wouldn’t trust you either. Weren’t you begging Rachel to make out with you like..last week?

Shelby puts on a show for her students while singing Funny Girl and it inspires Rachel to confront Shelby about being her daughter. I guess she just assumed the voice matched the tape she listened to. They share a couple of moments together but just when it looks like things are getting good Shelby pulls away. She tells Will she can’t have children and really wanted a daughter. But basically, since Rachel is all grown up she’s not interested and the magic just isn’t there. With a really awkward duet of Poker Face, Shelby and Rachel agree to go back to the way things were. This whole storyline makes me mad. If Shelby didn’t want to be a mom to Rachel why did she even bother? She went to all that trouble just to let Rachel down? You have to work at relationships!

Back at the house of Burt, Kurt is still showing us just how out of tune he is with boundaries. He’s still in love with Finn and barely hides it anymore. Finn snaps when Kurt redecorates their bedroom and touches Finn’s face. Finn finally voices how he feels about Kurt’s actions. I personally feel he’s doing nothing wrong with wanting personal space. Kurt really needed to back off even if it is a sensitive situation. However, the pressure Finn is under explodes and he lets slip the F word just in time for Burt to hear. Burt tears Finn a new one and kicks him out of the house. I love you Mike O’ Malley.

Again, Finn should never have exploded and used that word but I think i’m still Team Finn here. And Finn is my least favorite character. Kurt never even apologized or seemed to think making Finn constantly uncomfortable was wrong. He needs to understand that acceptance works both ways. It was more of a game or type of amusement for him. I think they each deserve an apology here. But in the end Finn thanks Kurt for showing him the light or whatever and embraces his inner Gaga.


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