Yesterday, on our way to catch the last screening of to greenbelt, people are in the streets and looking in one directions, taking pictures. Oh no theyre not for me! Its the May 16, 2010 Occulation.

Experts says that the place where it got a good view is here in southeast asia. As seen from parts of Southeast Asia, the moon passes in front of Venus at about 10 hours Universal Time today. Unfortunately this is not visible to North American or European observers, but we haven’t lost out entirely. Its a lovely view as you should see a beautiful sight — bright Venus with the waxing crescent moon nearby. You should have no trouble finding either object as long as your skies are clear and you are facing west. Venus is a brilliant beacon to the lower right of the moon.

Look early, as the two set less than three hours after the sun. By the way, the moon is currently said to be “waxing” in the sense that it is becoming a bit more full each evening.

i don’t believe it’s a bad sign or war . i know deep in my heart there is a reason why we all saw it clearly . i think it means Peace in our country not only in our contry but the whole wide world!!

It was really awesome but it was like the flag of the turkey. Maybe its the sign of the war. LOL.


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  1. i saw this from a mountain as I was resting from rappelling 🙂 It was really great!

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