In the rehearsal room, everyone is laughing while watching a video that Kurt stole from Sue’s office. It’s her emulating Olivia Newton John by performing the dance from the “Let’s Get Physical” music video. Finn wants to post it on YouTube, but Rachel doesn’t want to incur Sue’s wrath. With a little encouragement from Jessie for them to be “bad,” the glee club decides to post it on YouTube. They think it will go viral by lunch.

As Sue walks the halls, she’s bombarded with student jokes about her video. She appeals to Principal Figgins, confident that it was someone from the glee club that stole her video. She’s ready to file a lawsuit. Will is unconvinced because his glee kids are so good. Sue presents them with a copy of the “Glist,” a ranking of the members of glee based on a hotness quotient of sexual promiscuity. It was created by from a school computer using the password “glee.” Figgins is adamant that whoever posted it will be suspended. If Will doesn’t figure out who the culprit is, the entire glee club will be held responsible.

When Will talks to the team, they begin accusing each other. Everyone is sure that Puck wrote the Glist, even though he denies it. Artie thinks having a bad reputation could be a good thing, but Will assigns them to rehabilitate a song that has a bad reputation.

Sue walks into the teacher’s lounge, sensing that everyone is making fun of her. Even new teacher Brenda Castle thinks Sue is an embarrassment, which further enrages Sue.

Rachel approaches Artie for help from the AV club. She’s ashamed that she was at the bottom of the Glist, and she thinks having a good reputation is no good at all. Rachel wants to use the glee club assignment to change her image to the worst in the school.

Kurt calls a meeting with Mercedes, Artie and Tina to address the fact that they weren’t even mentioned on the Glist. Brittany wants in since she only ranked fourth. Kurt proposes they cause a scandal by being disruptive in the library.

Sue seeks comfort in a visit with her sister, Jean. When Jean was made fun of, Sue would volunteer at the animal shelter to feel better. It reminded them that there was always someone who had it worse than they did.

Emboldened with her new plan, Sue tells Emma that she will become her new therapist. Sue explains how the circulating video has inspired her to give back. She informs Emma that Will has been making out with Shelby, the Vocal Adrenaline coach, and that April Rhodes has been sleeping over. Emma’s shocked. Sue encourages her to defend herself and confront Will.

Rachel convinces Puck to help her with her assignment, explaining that it might help salvage his reputation. She has chosen David Geddes’ “Run, Joey Run.” Puck says that he tries to be good and didn’t create the Glist. Rachel empathizes. They have a moment, and though he threatens to leave when she declines, she convinces him that working on the song together will help both of their reputations.

Sue escorts Emma to the teacher’s lounge so that she can confront Will. Emma hesitantly addresses Will in front of everyone, calling him a slut in front of the entire staff because she knows about Shelby and April. She says she’s through with him.

Kurt, Mercedes, Artie, Tina and Brittany enter the library in parachute pants to perform an MC Hammer tune. Instead of getting in trouble, the librarian asks them to perform the number at her church.

Will grills the glee club members about the Glist, but each of them has a reason why they couldn’t or didn’t post it.

Since they couldn’t change their reputations, Kurt wants to admit to Sue that he posted her video online. Although they might all get suspended, they think it’ll be worth it if the rest of the school thinks they’re bad-asses.

Sue gets a call from Olivia Newton John, who has seen her “Physical” video. Olivia has become inspired to recreate her original music video.

Everyone has heard about Will’s indiscretions. Meanwhile, Kurt admits to Sue that he was responsible for her video being leaked. Surprisingly, Sue thanks him. Curious about her response, they search online and are surprised to find that Sue appears alongside Olivia Newton John in a new video.

Jessie and Finn seem surprised to see Puck as “Joey” when Rachel presents her video. All three guys appear as Joey, and they confront Rachel about triple-casting them without their knowledge. Finn accuses her of making the video so she could look like she had guys fighting over her. He asks her if her reputation is more important than her relationships. All three boys walk out.

Sue visits Jean and tells her how she has returned to the teacher’s lounge as a top 700 recording artist. Sue plans to give all of her proceeds from the video to the nursing home where Jean lives. They read a book together.

Will brings flowers to Emma in apology. He doesn’t want to be the person he’s become. She can’t accept his apology or look at him the way she used to, but this is good for her. If things are going to move forward, then they need to see each other for who they really are. Will leaves, dejected.

Will sees Quinn and realizes she was the one who posted the Glist. She denies it. He knew it was her after he experienced losing his own good reputation. She’s lost so much that she had the most to gain. Quinn confesses and said she never meant to hurt anyone. Principal Figgins interrupts to find out if Will has found the culprit. Will says that no one has confessed, but proposes that, since the Glists have stopped, they should let it go. Figgins agrees.

Jessie approaches Rachel and tells her that he asked around about her before he transferred to McKinley to be her boyfriend. Most people didn’t know who she was. The ones who did thought that the things they didn’t like about her personality outweighed her hotness. Even though most didn’t like her, they all said that she could be trusted. Rachel pleads with him to understand her desire to be popular. Although he does understand in terms of celebrity, yet as her boyfriend, Jessie should have been enough for her. Rachel says that she knew he’d end up breaking her heart. Jessie explains that she broke his heart first.


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I am a writer, singer, debater, dancer, poet, declaimer, artist, narrator, and actor and recently I discover, I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I never say no when people experiment my capacity to do things that others can do. I give the superb congregation of expectation to people who doubted what I couldn’t do and I always win on convincing them I could.. follow me on twitter

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