Its already MAY2010! And its 10 days to go before our National election and local election. I wonder how it would look like since this is our first time to vote and engage with PCOS Machines. Lately I’ven been vocal into a lot of election issues especially on (in TWITTER). I will post the OFFICIAL BALLOT for the National and Local election and some helpful reminders on what are we gonna do on election day.

1. During voting hours, bear in mind that you are allowed to vote only from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the afternoon.

2. Don’t wait until the last minute to cast your vote, as unforeseeable forces (i.e. you’ve inadvertently mixed up your precincts) and by then it might be too late. I think it is expected that long lines is here to stay.

3. Bring a form of identification with you, in case an election official asks.

4. Bring your candidates list. Sample ballots are usually found in newspapers and online before election day, which you can cut out and practice filling up.(I have a sample in attached below).

5. You can also make your own list with your candidates written out and find that voting turns out to be a breeze.

6. Leave your children and pets at home please! Voting precincts are mostly held in parks, covered courts, and schools, and while children and pets may be allowed in some of those places, on election day either you or they may just get overwhelmed.

7. Respect the precinct officers. Remember voting officials and volunteers are performing a duty to their country, therefore, you should respect the job they’re doing. They’ll need your cooperation.

8. As a voter, make sure you conduct yourself in an orderly manner, don’t cause unnecessary attention to yourself or others, and treat other voters with respect. Don’t loiter and once done with your task, leave and make way for other voters to enter the precinct, and bring Sunblock!


Im a registered voter in Pandi, Bulacan and lucky for me I will be voting just in fron of our house!!! follow me on twitter!!! credits to


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  1. Im currently nosebleeding.. Sir we are not a monarch type system.

  2. Election Information
    If the Parliament itself resolves that it should be dissolved, with at least two-thirds of the Members (ie. 86 Members) voting in favour, the Presiding Officer proposes a date for an extraordinary general election and the Parliament is dissolved by the monarch by royal proclamation. In the current Parliament, elected in 2007, this can only happen if supported by the Scottish National Party as it has more than one-third of the Members (47 out of 129 Members equals 36.4%) and can therefore block a dissolution resolution unless 4 of its Members were to join with all opposition members to pass a dissolution resolution.

    However, it does not necessarily require a two-thirds majority to precipitate an extraordinary general election, because under the Scotland Act Parliament is also dissolved if it fails to nominate one of its members to be First Minister within certain time limits, irrespective of whether at the beginning or in the middle of a four year term.


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