Sue is under the impression that she’s getting her own cover story in a magazine based on her A+ coaching skills. She is devoting all her time to making sure that no one gets in the way of making her look her best and that of course includes glee. She hijacks the auditorium for her Cheerios, making it impossible for the glee kids to rehearse. Will needs to find a new place for them all to practice because the Cheerios apparently can’t stand the wind. Couldn’t they just rehearse in the gym? Wouldn’t that have more room? Anyway, Will’s first idea for a space is the town roller rink. And wouldn’t you know it his old pal April (guest star Kristin Chenoweth) is the new owner. She’s very excited to see Will because she just had a sex dream about him and immediately ropes him into performing a duet of Fire. She’ll do anything for the permed wonder and agrees to allow the kids to use the space. In return she asks Will to allow her to stay with him in his apartment because she’s lonely. Will tries not to let it bother him when she shows up with her own booze but soon enough they’re in the same bed belting out some Burt Bacharach. They’re both lonely and One Less Bell to Answer is the obvious song of choice for the blues.

Sue wants all her Cheerios in top form for when the interview takes place and sets out to critique their physical appearances in the harshest ways possible. She’s annoyed that Mercedes refuses to wear the normal girls skirt with her uniform and Kurt tells her she shouldn’t be embarrassed of her body. Quick to defend herself, Mercedes reasons that she was only afraid to show more skin for fear of starting a sex riot. Hahaha get it girl. Sue isn’t laughing and demands she lose 10 pounds in a week and Kurt can join her. Eesh. Mercedes takes the healthy approach but it’s not good enough. Everyone is pressuring her to do whatever it takes to lose the weight. Kurt tells her to eat nothing but celery and Santana tells her to drink Sue’s weight cleanse drink that’s really nothing but a mixture of a bunch of nasty things to irritate the bowels. I don’t go around talking about bowels being irritated, i’m just quoting Sue here. Mercedes starts to snap at her friends and her mind turns Artie into a piece of cheese cake and Jesse into a hamburger. She faints from starving herself and Quinn comes to her mental rescue. Mercedes doesn’t really want to hear any advice from the “pretty blonde with the white girl ass” and I don’t entirely blame her. But Quinn is right in telling Mercedes she’s beautiful and she should be healthy for her and not someone else. It’s nice seeing Quinn being human. And there’s the baby bump! Mercedes sabotages (although for a good cause) the Cheerio performance and sings Beautiful by Christina Aguilera and most of the school joins in


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I am a writer, singer, debater, dancer, poet, declaimer, artist, narrator, and actor and recently I discover, I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I never say no when people experiment my capacity to do things that others can do. I give the superb congregation of expectation to people who doubted what I couldn’t do and I always win on convincing them I could.. follow me on twitter

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