And so APPLE can’t be stopped on providing us the best technology gadget, or business partner technology application or whatsoever. Its really great. But I am still on my way of enjoying the operating system of the Blackberry era. Today, here comes the iPad. My twitter has been flooded with all the hulabaloos on the operating system and from one versions to another. Cable news channel also tackled about multitasking and everything. I know you are already aware about the launch of the iPad, so from there lets see how these works for all of us.

I admit I am curious about what this is, being my brother is soo into webbie or tekkie, I tried to learn about the iPad, I have seen several comments on blogs from people who say they plan to scrap their laptop and use their iPad for all their computing needs. Many people have asked if this will replace the personal computer well actually It depends. The iPad can browse the web, it can view and produce documents, and it can store photos and other multimedia. Yet there are some things your computer can do that your iPad cannot. Like if you are more on Creating or editing video, this is now your thing. While most people are perfectly fine with this limitation, if you use a web cam or produce movies on your computer, then the iPad will be unsuitable as a primary computer. It cant also view Flash content on the web. Certain web sites are built with Flash, which is unsupported by the iPhone and the iPad, to the disappointment of many. Some of these sites, like Hulu, may develop apps that allow you to view their content on the iPad, but the lack of Flash support on other sites may be a nuisance. 3rd, It cannot Accept USB connections. READ ME: There is no USB port! There will, however, be accessories for connecting some devices. For example, to connect your camera to the iPad, you will have to purchase a camera connection kit that is essentially a limited USB port. Of course, they could have cheaply and easily built this feature into the iPad, but in typical Apple fashion they are charging you for the accessory instead. Also, it cannot open non-Apple multimedia. Sure, you can buy music from iTunes, applications from the App Store, and books from the iBookstore; but if you want to open and save an mp3 file from the browser, a windows media file or some other non-Apple-sanctioned file type, then you may be out of luck.

If you only use a computer for basic needs and you don’t consider the limitations above limitations at all, then perhaps the iPad can replace your personal computer.

Will I be able to sync apps between my iPhone and iPad? We already know that more than 150,000 apps from the App Store will be usable on the iPad, but if you have already purchased apps on your iPhone, will you be able to use them on the iPad as well without having to repurchase?
Songs you purchase in iTunes can sync across five devices, so I would imagine the same would go for apps. Also, when you download an app, the purchase is stored in your iTunes account so that if you delete it, you can redownload it without having to pay again. Hopefully your purchase history will follow you to the iPad, though this question remains unanswered as of this writing.

So there, Im not that really into iPad, Im still team Blackberry.


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