I might be outdated. Am I? Well i speak for the blackberry era. this is perhaps one of the most innovative technology mobile ever. We like to call it “The BlackBerry Zone”. And so they say, The BlackBerry family is rowing a lonely boat from the island of suit-wearing business types to the sweet shores of everyday consumers, and it’s making good headway. And as far as I am concern I would love to talk about my newest baby! The blackberry curve 8520. The 8520 should give its kin a boost, thanks to an entry-level price and a solid range of fun features that will tempt even the most die-hard suit-hater.

And before I proceed, My blackberry PIN is 21E50621. just so you wanted to add me. 🙂

To highlight the 8520’s fun-loving attitude, the phone comes in a few different colours though I really love black. They also had the purple version. The black version looks quite appealing. The purple model looks like baby puke.

I am so please with the navigator, Trackpad! The biggest difference between the 8520 and other devices on the BlackBerry bush is its trackpad, which replaces the trackball you may know and love. The trackpad is a flat surface that responds to your touch like a mouse pad on a laptop, but it’s insanely sensitive to make up for its tiny size.

The 8520’s real strength lies in its QWERTY keyboard and messaging features, which make it a great phone for social networkers. You can set up as many as 10 email accounts, and, because the phone supports “push” email, you’ll get messages as they arrive, rather than waiting for your inbox to update itself. I can get as many email as much as everyone wants to send me!

By the way, I got my Globe plan upgraded. You have to avail of the blacberry service data plan in order for you to fully enjoy the experience. Straight-up surfing the web in the browser is OK. It’s better than on a typical phone with a small screen and no trackpad, but worse than on a webmeister like the iPhone. Web pages look clear and accurate, but we hated having to zoom in to click on smaller links. For some pages, it added a couple of clicks where none were necessary.

Most phones rock quite similar user interfaces, but the BlackBerry evolved along its own branch of the phone family tree, so it can take some getting used to if you’re new to it. We found the 8520’s UI generally easy to navigate, although we have a few niggling complaints. For example, the default menu icons are hard to make out, and there will be too many options for some people to handle.

The screens on recent BlackBerry phones have been stunning, and the 8520’s didn’t disappoint either, despite having a lower resolution than the 8900’s — 320×240 pixels, compared to 480×360. Videos are very watchable and photos look good, although you won’t get spectacular snaps out of the 8520’s 2-megapixel camera. There’s no flash, but the camera does shoot video.

For me, I am very satisfied with how I am pleased with all its application. All I can say is, Once you get black, you can nver come back!


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  1. i have always wanted to have one too…..but for now im still using my old motorola for practicality’s sake. haha. nice content btw. 😀

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