I will try my very best not to spill anything about this movie review but all I can say is that James Cameron really has the best imaginative thinking as far as fiction is concerned. The movie is the best screenplay so far.

The story is all about distant future where man has spoiled and overpopulated the Earth. there is a place called pandora wherein the real wonder of nature has revealed.

The Avatar program is what humans are using to communicate with Pandora’s natives, the Na’vi (because aliens love names with apostrophes). It’s the movie’s prime gimmick, so let me explain it. Human DNA and Na’vi DNA is fused together to create a clone which is, essentially, a Na’vi with no brain. They call it an Avatar. Human operators then use some sort of linking device which allows their mind to inhabit the Avatar, and then walk amongst the Na’vi and (in theory) better communicate with them. Those series of coincidences send Jake to Pandora to operate an Avatar.

I wont forget this movie as this has been an eye opener for us who dont undesrtand that environment has its own world. We must protect them before we lose them.

3D version or not, still I cant imagine that Cameron can still think of this. Im so overwhelmed. Thats it. It worth watching.


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  1. Yeah, I absolutely loved the work put into creating the Pandoran world, It’s interactions and ecosystem felt real to an extreme.
    I’m almost embarrassed by how moved I was by the film. It shows (to me, at least) how humans feel that they must push and shove everything else into working for them when this ‘alien’ race is able to exist so well in the natural flow of their world.

  2. I liked it too, and I have written several questions about the movie and posted the blog here entitled Profound Questions about Avatar the Movie: http://ow.ly/NX1g Tell me what you think! 🙂

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