Have you seen This Movie? If not I suggest you take a look at this. I would say that Ninja Assassin is another one of those great, dumb, loud movies that we’re bombarded over this season. Suffice it to say the Ninja movies has evolved over the years. Its qualified from among the Ninja movies i have seen. From beginning to end–it’s bodies sliced in half. Over and over.

The plot? It’s about this FBI agent ika (Naomi Harris) who is investigating a bunch of murders she believes to be done by ninjas. (I think Ive seen her in the Movie Pursuit of Happiness). Of course–as this film is set in modern day–people laugh at the notion of ninjas. But they exist, alright. And they’re deadly.

Korean superstar Rain is one of the ninjas, Raizo. He’s a good one–one who’s gone rogue and is no longer a part of the secret society. Through cheesy flashbacks we see how Raizo was trained as a kid. It’s similar to those ninja flashback scenes form GI Joe. Oh wait–it’s exactly the same thing–even down to the stereotypical wise old master who speak pretty damn good English.

I can recommend this one to my peers. Especially to those whose watching Hollywood movies as a review material.


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I am a writer, singer, debater, dancer, poet, declaimer, artist, narrator, and actor and recently I discover, I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I never say no when people experiment my capacity to do things that others can do. I give the superb congregation of expectation to people who doubted what I couldn’t do and I always win on convincing them I could.. follow me on twitter

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