bagyong ondoy
Manny villar group giveaway relief pack of lunch.

My officemate just got here, Shes from Montalban rizal and shares what happened to her, The rest was history but what really shocked me most was her story about relief goods. They receive a relief from Manny Villar and guess whats inside the pack? 2 pcs of Fudgee bar, One mineral water and a hard boiled egg. This is the relief good? And the staff according to her, they let other people beg from a moving van. Ginagawa nilang patay gutom ang mga tao sa Montalban Rizal? Paging Manny Villar, Do you know any of these?

She is actually thankful to the food that they got from Mr. Villar, But WTF?? this is not even a food for anyone to survive.


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  1. totoo yan binalita na nga sa tv yan.. ganyan bang tao iboboto mo? kaibigan sa kumpanya ni manny villar ako nagtrabaho dati last year.. lam nyo ba paminsanminsan lang nagbabayad ng overtime yan at ito pa hanggang ngayon di naghuhulog ng sss ko yan ngayon sabihin nyosakin kong makamahirap yan o siya nagpapahirap. kung gusto nya tumulong bakit kelangan pang ilagay pangalan nya sa relief good? ibig sabihain ba di siya tutulong kung walang kapalit? pls vote wisely manny villar aykambing na nagtatago sa anyong tupa.

  2. sandra ordiales

    May mga artista rin naming tumutulong at ibino-broadcast iyon…so sila din, gusto rin nilang makilala para sa mga bago and on-going shows nila? para sumikat pa sila?
    Mamadi rin kayang gumawa niyan. yung ABS-CBN at GMA, pati sako nila may network logo. yung BAYANMUNA partylist naka tarp pa yung banner nila nung nagbigay sila sa may amin…
    pero tingin ko din may gumawa lang nyan…kasi isa lang yung packed lunch na piniktyuran e…kung totoo yan dapat at least nga isang boung trak na ganyan dapat ang kinunan ng picture.

  3. Definitely done by a sick prankster with a digicam. Why don’t we just focus our time and energy in aiding our unfortunate countrymen instead of releasing black propagandas and blaming it on the candidate? Can’t we just for once throw politics into the backburner and try to stand united in rallying a good cause? After all, these shennanigans are just a product of crab mentality and people that look at life as a glass half empty instead of half full would rather take pleasure of discrediting a person instead of going out there and helping out. I can even attest that the styro packs do not have any labels since I came and volunteered to help at WCC.

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