CLOSEUP COMMERCIALCLOSE UP has its latest BUBBLE TV commercial is too cute and caught the attention of many through the enchanting intro of COME CLOSER, a track performed by a still unknown artist (it’s not IKLAN because IKLAN means ADVERTISEMENT in indonesian language) and was later remade by a popular and talented Filipino musician, RICO BLANCO. blanco’s version has just been officially released for radio plays and i’m sure a lot of fans are looking forward to a music video of it.

CLOSEUP BUBBLE COMMERCIAL was released last was AUGUST 2008 when the indian version of the same exact concept and setting (in bangkok) as what is being shown here in the PHILIPPINES. but the music is written by a female indiepop singer named SONA MAHAPATRA and the song is entitled PAAS AAO NA (Come Closer Now). this single will be included in her upcoming album this year 2009, entitled “MUMBAI”.

if UNILEVER (close-up manufacturer) will come up with a PHILIPPINE VERSION of this commercial with RICO BLANCO singing in the background, i have no idea! hindi ko po alam. i THINK that artists who were commissioned by unilever were asked to come up with their own words or LYRICS for the same MELODY which is an indian original.

Come Closer lyrics
Rico BlanCo

I can feel you in the air
Like a silent breeze embrace me
I can see you everywhere
From the stars, to the sea

Ahoooo, what you do to me
Ahoooo, what you mean to me

I cannot wait any longer
Come Closer to me now
You smile, and I simply surrender
Come Closer to me now

Every little move you make
Sends my heart in to a different pace
I would gladly dedicate
every beat, to you

Ahoooo, what you do to me
Ahoooo, what you mean to me

I cannot wait any longer
Come Closer to me now
You smile and I simply surrender
Come Closer to me now


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I am a writer, singer, debater, dancer, poet, declaimer, artist, narrator, and actor and recently I discover, I’m a jack-of-all-trades. I never say no when people experiment my capacity to do things that others can do. I give the superb congregation of expectation to people who doubted what I couldn’t do and I always win on convincing them I could.. follow me on twitter

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  1. is the model really is Jay Jetrin? not so alike… but some blogs said that it was him…

  2. thanks for the info. Needed it for something!
    luv the song too!


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